Human Resource Manager

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $50,000.00
Maximum: $80,000.00




3220 16th Street NW
United States


Position Overview: This management position within DCI’s Business Department is responsible for managing all aspects of Human Resources, including recruitment hiring, onboarding, benefits, etc.. The position also will manage the student enrollment and registration process and supports other school operational projects as needed.

Essential Responsibilities: Duties outlined in this section represent essential management responsibilities within the business department. DCI reserves the right to change, update, and/or reassign projects among Managers as needed.

Manage major human resources functions within the organization. Duties may include:

  • Manage several staffing processes, including but not limited to: human capital planning, recruitment, selection, hiring, contracts, onboarding, and termination processes.
  • Coordinate with appropriate personnel and accountants to ensure payroll is completed accurately and timely.
  • Lead the process to updated benefits, compensation, etc. on a yearly basis.
  • Ensure that personnel files are complete, up-to-date, and confidential.
  • Provide accurate and timely staffing reports to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Lead the H1B visa and green card process to ensure timely and accurate applications.
  • Coordinate employee training and development. Collaborate with management to identify staff training needs, plan and implement employee training programs, evaluate training effectiveness.
  • Facilitate staff performance evaluations, such as developing performance appraisal metrics; coaching managers on performance evaluation; facilitating and managing employee discipline and termination processes & procedures; advising on rewarding and promoting high performers.
  • Manage employee relations: coordinate grievance systems; lead conflict resolution, interpersonal and group interventions; serve as staff cultural liaison; identify and improve staff morale; develop and maintain the employee handbook.
  • Collaborate with facilities team to create and implement an effective employee safety program, reducing on-the-job accidents and hazards and ensuring the general health of the workforce.
  • Serve as the school’s ethics officer, playing a central role in creating a code of ethics and ethics centers to protect employees and ensure fairness across the board with human resources practices.
  • Review DCI’s HR policies and update them annually.
  • Support the school in talent management, such as employee and leadership development, career planning and development, etc.


  • At least a Bachelor's degree.
  • 1 to 3 years of experiences in business operations. Management experience preferred.
  • Appreciation, experience, and understanding of cultural diversity. Secondary Language skills are a plus.
  • Strong project management, organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills.
  • Good time management skills and the ability to effectively work under the pressure imposed by the high volume of work.

Collaborates and Consults With:

  • All levels of management

Terms of Employment: 12 Months

Physical Demands: The physical demand described below are representative of those must met by an employee to successfully perform the essential responsibilities of the job, and are not meant to be all inclusive. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential responsibilities of the job.

Unless reasonable accommodation can be made, while performing this job, the staff member shall:

  • Use physical strength to lift, move, carry, pull or push equipments and/or student(s).
  • Sit, stand, walk, and run for required periods of time.
  • Speak and hear.
  • Use close vision, color vision, peripheral vision and depth perception along with the ability to focus vision.
  • Communicate effectively in English, using proper grammar and vocabulary.
  • Reach with hands and arms and use hands and fingers to handle objects and operate tools, computers and/or controls.

Environmental Demands: The environmental demands described below are representative of those must met by an employee to successfully perform the essential responsibilities of the job, and are not meant to be all inclusive.

  • Exposure to a variety of childhood and adult diseases and illnesses.
  • Occasional exposure to a variety of weather conditions.
  • Exposure to heated/air-conditioned and ventilated facilities.
  • Exposure to a building in which a variety of chemical substances are used for cleaning, instruction, and/or operation of equipment.
  • Function in a workplace with high level of noises at times.


Health, Dental, Life, Disability, Metro and paid leave.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Email cover letter and resume to Please reference the position.