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Position Overview

The Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls School Assistant Principal understands and promotes the school’s mission, vision, objectives, and policies both within and outside the immediate school community. Reporting to the Principal, Executive Director and Board of Trustees, the Assistant Principal will provide instructional leadership and administration which will guide and monitor instructional and student support personnel to strive for rigorous performance under the direction of the Principals or as directed by the Board of Trustees. This position will take on a variety of responsibilities such as gathering and analyzing school data to drive student achievement.


* New York State Administrative License

*1-3 Years Experience as an Assistant Principal, and

* 2-4 years of pedagogical experience


·      Substitute for either of the Principals when they are out of building or absent.

·      The assistant principal shall be held accountable for academic decisions and recommendations, as well as its implementation and results of such.

·      Direct and evaluate teachers in their instructional practice, especially as it relates to issues of discipline, relationships with students, classroom management, and school culture

·      Assist in the analysis student data to create individualized student achievement teaching plans for every student.

·      Assist Principals in the evaluation of teachers and coaching staff

·      Promote, teach, and build effective relationships with students and parents

·      Guide , mentor and evaluate the role of the coaches and in supporting teacher instructional development and in the creating curriculum maps, unit plans and daily lesson plans, and promote the school’s culture.

·      Assist with setting clear, measurable, outcome-oriented academic goals for the year and plan professional development opportunities around those academic goals

·      Assist in evaluate instructional staff through formal and informal observations and write thorough, thoughtful, actionable feedback for all teachers and teaching assistants in grades K-8 four times per year.

o  Informal Observation: At least 2 teachers daily

o  Formal Evaluations: Round 1 completed by November 15th, Round 2 Completed by February 28th, Round 3 completed by April 15th and Round 4 completed by June 15th.

·      Engage in clear, constant multi-directional communication with all stakeholders

·      Communicate regularly with teachers, parents, and students both informally and through weekly staff and parent memos about academic initiatives, school events and changes affecting the instructional program

·      Conduct regular school culture walkthroughs to maintain a high bar of excellence

·      Bi-monthly monitor progress across all measures of school and staff performance

·      Assist with developing action plan with smart goals including instructional, academic priorities and benchmarks consistent with the school’s mission, approved charter , NYSED data and charter selected assessment data

·      Assist with establishing protocols and best practices to ensure that teachers communicate regularly with parents

·      Assist with research, design, supplementation and implementation the Charter and Board approved academic curriculum for grade K-8 in all based on the requirement and expectations of the NYS Common Core State Standards.

·      The Assistant Principal will prepare, oversee and submit all required reporting and applications required by BGLIG on behalf of the Middle School and Elementary School with the input of the Principals.

·      Assist in setting clear, measurable, motivating goals at the beginning of the year for every grade/subject and every class; ensure team is bought into the goals and feels motivated by and accountable to them; keep goals front and center and regularly assess student progress toward them; never make excuses when goals aren’t met but rather rally the team to improve and recommit to achieving them

·      Support PTO activities

·      Assist in the coordination/ execution of student recruitment to maintain student enrollment at full capacity in every grade.

·      Cultivate positive relationships with parents and the local community

·      Lead teachers and school staff in developing a school culture that nurtures the school’s mission and values

·      Maintain robust personal organization system that ensures all tasks or “To Do” items are captured, prioritized, and ultimately accomplished; plan each day and week to ensure that top priorities are addressed and accomplished on time

·      Model great instruction practice as your develop the assistant principal, teachers and teaching assistants through professional development

·      Model the school values and set the standard for exemplary conduct, throughout the day

·      Proactively circulate throughout classrooms and hallways during the day to gain valuable context on student behavior, teaching practices and help support positive school culture

·      Reflect on actions and adjust personal behavior and systems accordingly; ask regularly for feedback; model humility and admit mistakes; seek out thought partners

·      Represent the school to a variety of audiences and support all functions for school success

·      Serve as the point person for dealing with behavioral crisis-intervention and acute behavioral issues of students

·      Conduct a self-evaluation and self-reflection on the academic progress at the school which needs to be submitted to the academic committee by April 15th of each year.

·      Assist in the Design and implement high-quality standards based professional development sessions for Grades K-8.

·      Create a yearly school calendars with the Principals and Business Manager to be shared with the academic committee prior to the start of the school year including professional development.

·      Oversee implementation and maintain knowledge of special education services to students, including IEPs and 504 plans

·      Assist teachers, students, and parents in the effective creation and implementation of individual behavior plans

·      Coordinate student health services; monitor student health and safety for any unusual/disconcerting trends; coordinate with site nursing staff to ensure that students receive appropriate care

·      Participate in the design and implementation of systems to assess student achievement

·      Plan and implement a behavior management system with meaningful incentives to reward good behavior and with effective consequences to correct misbehaviors

·      Adhere to budgeted teacher spending allocations and the budget approved by the Board of Trustees; systematize and equalize expeditions for each classroom.

·      Approve and place orders of all instructional materials needed for the implementation of the schools approved curriculum prior to summer vacation; cooperate with the Business manager for an effective and timely ordering process.

·      Participate in Parent Teacher Conferences, Board Meetings and other Administrative meetings as needed

·      Plan and manage logistics and preparations for school events and activities as needed

·      Provided all necessary information for the Business Manager to Manage the collection and maintenance of student, personnel, and school information

·      Organize staff events and prepare materials for staff workshops/trainings

·      Participate in an annual summer staff orientation, training and professional development


·      Provide prompt response to all emails, voice mails and letters related to BGLIG

·      Be highly present and visible during school hours, relentlessly ensuring the school has an exceptional school culture

·      Ensure that the physical environment of the school reinforces school culture and facilitates student achievement

·      Recruit, select and hire all academic and student support staff for grades K-8

·      Ensure that BGLIG instructional staff is New York State Certified and Highly Qualified

·      Perform other related duties as required and assigned

  • Analyzes reasons behind results, takes actions to address failures and seeks to improve outcomes
  • Never accepts excuses for breaches of ethics, values or regulations and confronts potentially unethical behavior in others & self
  • Coaches employees and team members on ways to enhance their level of performance and develop their skills
  • Encourages constructive feedback and a culture that provides opportunities for development. Attracts, assesses, develops, motivates and retains a diverse workforce that drives results
  • The Assistant Principal shall advise the Principals for approval of summer vacations for by email 6 weeks prior to said vacation dates. Assistant Principal must stay in communication with the school and the Board during vacation to address any Curriculum and Instruction issue in preparation for pre-service professional development and the new school year.
  • Assistant Principal must advise the Board Chair/Vice-Chair, Business Manager and the Principals of sick days, personal days, of- campus professional development days, absence from the school or when leaving the building for any period of time.

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluent in English and Spanish

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree