High School Lead Teacher (9-12th Grade) for the 2019-20 SY

Job Type

Full Time


Details: Commensurate with experience




District of Columbia
United States



KIPP DC is a non-profit network of high-performing, college-preparatory public charter schools in Washington, D.C. Our sixteen schools and The Learning Center recruit and educate more than 6,300 students on six campuses in the city’s most educationally underserved communities. At KIPP DC, we empower students to access opportunities that lead to a choice-filled life. Highly skilled teachers and leaders, more time in school, a rigorous college preparatory-curriculum, and a strong culture of achievement and support help our students climb the mountain to and through college and career.  


At KIPP DC, we believe that the quality of instruction directly influences student achievement. Therefore, teaching and learning is at the core of everything we do, and we view our lead teachers as a critical component of our mission and success. As an organization, KIPP DC makes a commitment to their teachers. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled professional development and leadership opportunities. In addition, we seek to create a staff culture that is ambitious, intentional, and joyful. We acknowledge the demands of the teaching profession, and are continually seeking to improve sustainability and benefits.

As part the KIPP network’s 224 schools, we share best practices and innovations with our peers across the city and across country.



We are looking for highly dedicated educators who will bring an unwavering commitment to helping students succeed. KIPP DC’s teachers are responsible for delivering effective, high-quality, rigorous instruction in their content areas, producing unmatched academic results and student growth. KIPP DC gives its students an intensive foundation in the core academic subjects with an emphasis on developing the knowledge and skills necessary for success in school and in life. The KIPP DC community holds itself to high standards, cognizant that success can be achieved by all, regardless of challenging circumstances, through team work, tenacity and focused dedication.


KIPP DC College Preparatory (KCP) prepares its students for college completion and leadership. At KCP, students develop the knowl­edge, skills, and strength of character needed to succeed in college and life. All students are enrolled in rigorous coursework, ensuring that each student receives a college preparatory education. At KIPP DC, we are passionate about partnering with students and families to ensure college and choice filled lives for all of our students. 


KIPP DC has an 18-year track record of preparing students in educationally underserved communities for success in college and life. Each year, KIPP DC students achieve some of the highest scores on local and national assessments. Additionally, one of the best indicators of our success is the rate at which our students are graduating from high school, matriculating to college, attaining college degrees, and going on to fruitful careers. With the support of our KIPP Through College & Career program, our students are graduating from college at five times the national average of students from similar backgrounds. A great education transforms lives.


We are looking for hardworking, team oriented, and experienced teachers for 9th- 12th grade in English, history, math, science, special education, and electives. While students receive instruction from 8:00am-4:00pm, KIPP DC teachers are on duty in school Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm three times a week, and 7:30 am to 4:45 pm twice a week; with most arriving before and staying after these hours. Many KIPP DC teachers take on additional roles within the school, including working as department heads or mentoring a resident teacher. KIPP DC students have an extended school day and year, this extra time allows KIPP DC to develop innovative and highly effective instruction for all of our students. 


Though they face demanding schedules, all KIPP DC teachers are strongly supported by experienced and dedicated leadership and staff. We value sustainability and are continually assessing how to promote wellness amongst our teaching corps. Our high school lead teachers get ample planning built into the school day and have dedicated time to content and grade level collaboration. KIPP DC also has a team of academic and content coaches, school leaders, and pedagogy experts available to coach and develop all teachers. In addition to school-based support, we also build in professional developments and wellness days throughout our school year.



  • Believe deeply in the mission and values of KIPP DC and subscribe to KIPP's Differentiators
  • Display an incredible work ethic and a passion for being part of a team-oriented, mission-driven school culture
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment and adept at developing relationships
  • Commit/contribute to constant professional growth and development
  • Create and teach challenging and engaging lessons linked to state standards
  • Implement the school-wide student management policies within classrooms and everywhere on campus
  • When applicable, mentor a Capital Teaching Resident (CTR), if assigned to your classroom, by modeling excellent teaching, gradually releasing classroom teaching responsibilities, and implementing weekly coaching/feedback conversations
  • Perform morning, lunch, and afternoon duties as assigned
  • Perform clerical duties, as required, relating to textbooks, instructional supplies, student reports and records, attendance reports, etc.
  • When applicable, attend staff meetings and remain on call in the evenings (via KIPP DC cell phone) as required by the individual school
  • Pass a criminal background check, as required by law
  • Additional responsibilities may arise during the school year. This could include but not limited to: attending staff and student field trips, open houses, parent-teacher conferences, home visits, and other events involving parents and students as needed. They will be communicated to all employees with as much notice and flexibility as possible.



  • Bachelor’s degree (Required) 
  • KIPP DC prefers all teachers to be “Highly Qualified”, which includes a Bachelor’s degree and passing the appropriate Praxis exam(s) (prefers)
  • Commitment to working with students from educationally underserved communities (Required)
  • Bachelor’s degree in content area (Preferred)
  • Experience/strength in content area (Preferred)
  • At least two years of teaching experience in a public school (Preferred)
  • Experience teaching in a predominantly African-American environment (Preferred)



KIPP DC offers an extremely competitive compensation and benefits package:

  • Salaries for staff are competitive with added compensation for KIPP DC’s extended day and year, along with additional bonuses.
  • KIPP DC offers its employees competitive rates for medical, dental, life, and long-term disability insurance.
  • KIPP DC also offers its employees a 403(b) retirement account with employer contributions and matches vesting after 3 years.
  • Teachers are also supported with on the job professional development, a laptop computer for work, and access to a discounted cell phone plan for staff/student/parent calls.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply



Please apply immediately, as applications are accepted and roles are filled on a rolling basis. All interested applicants should visit http://www.kippdc.org/applyand click “High School Lead Teacher” job posting located under “Instructional Positions.” If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Team via e-mail at careers@kippdc.org