Financial Counselor, Compass Family Self Sufficiency Program

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $38,000
Maximum: $44,000




1608 Walnut Street
10th Floor
United States


Position Summary: The Compass Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a collaboration between Clarifi and Compass Working Capital providing high-quality financial counseling and coaching for participants in the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s FSS program. FSS is a historically underutilized employment and savings program for families who live in federally subsidized housing that allows them to capture a portion of rent as savings when they increase their earnings. The Financial Counselor will provide ongoing, customized financial counseling and coaching for a cadre of clients to help them achieve their goals and reach benchmark targets in five core areas: (1) income and employment; (2) credit and debt; (3) savings; (4) utilization of high quality financial services; and (5) asset development. The Financial Counselor will also help FSS participants optimize their escrow funds toward their financial and asset development goals, including post-secondary education, small business development, home ownership, and credit building. By creating strong and sustainable counseling and coaching models for our clients, this counselor fulfills our mission of creating hope by helping people identify and secure the most important assets in their lives

Financial Counseling and Coaching

  • Participate in intensive substantive coaching and counseling training in financial management, personal finance, credit, and pre-purchase and obtain designated certifications including from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and NeighborWorks Center for Home ownership Education and Counseling, as necessary and within required timeframes.
  • Maintain counselor certification by earning required number of Professional Development Units annually through counseling, continuing education and workshops or seminars.
  • Provide high quality financial counseling and coaching sessions that promote financial stability and encourage access to Clarifi programs that further financial capability.
  • Support FSS clients to achieve their goals and reach benchmark targets in five core areas: (1) income and employment; (2) credit and debt; (3) savings; (4) utilization of high quality financial services; and (5) asset development. Work with clients around goal setting, budgeting, building credit, savings, accessing high quality financial products, pursuing educational and employment goals, homeownership, small business development, and saving for children’s education.
  • Document recommendations in an individualized action plan and effectively communicate with clients so that clients understand their role in their own success.
  • Conduct initial needs assessment, and refer clients to other service providers and other resources as needed.
  • Build and maintain relationships with clients by demonstrating empathy, providing exceptional service and actionable information appropriate to situation. Deliver core elements of a financial plan to families in a way that is professional, culturally proficient, non-judgmental, relevant, and valuable.
  • Follow up with clients to evaluate effectiveness of action plans, documenting both client success and challenges encountered during action plan implementation.
  • Support clients in understanding and utilizing their FSS escrow savings toward their goals. including post-secondary education, small business development, homeownership, and credit building.  

General FSS Program Engagement

  • Program outreach. Support the Program Director in conducting FSS outreach and recruitment activities. This includes providing FSS orientations and informational sessions on-site at PHA and other community organizations. The outreach materials tap into and build upon families’ deeply held aspirations for themselves and for their children. The program will partner and co-brand with PHA to frame FSS as an opportunity to pursue dreams and goals, such as owning a home, obtaining a college degree, starting a business, saving for children’s education, or becoming debt-free.
  • Program enrollment. Help execute FSS Contract of Participation (COP) and Individual Training and Services Plan (ITSP), and ensure that clients stay on track toward program graduation.
  • Workshop coordination. Assist the Program Director with providing high quality, culturally proficient financial education workshops, which are a core component of the program model. Financial education workshops focus on the following topics: (1) goal setting and budgeting; (2) credit building and debt management; and (3) savings and asset building. Workshops help build the financial skills, confidence, and practices that are predictive of future financial well-being. Responsibilities might include communicating with prospective and current clients, coordinating materials and presenters, assisting and/or teaching in workshops, and coordinating the administrative components of running the workshops.
  • Resource development and community partnerships. Identify and refer participants to other resources and services needed to achieve their goals (e.g. social services, legal assistance, job training, homeownership counseling, small business development training, post-secondary education, etc.).
  • General program support, development, and review. Participate, as needed, in overall program development activities, including but not limited to strategy sessions with Clarifi, Compass, and PHA staff and partners to drive and improve overall program performance.

Data Quality

  • Manage confidential client information with a rigorous dedication to organizational security protocols around every aspect of client data. Activities associated with the management of client data include the creation and maintenance of client files, electronic data entry activities, direct communication with clients, and management of survey data
  • Maintain accurate client information in client management systems and document management tools, internal and external to the agency
  • Perform program related data entry with minimal errors
  • Identify and implement process changes to streamline data management efforts
  • Share client and program information with community partners through appropriate mechanisms to advance client service and program evaluation
  • Conduct quality management tasks in client and funder management databases
  • Generate reports, narratives and other documentation to show progress of clients as requested by specific projects

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

High School