Finance and Operations Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $37,000
Maximum: $42,000
Details: The hiring range for this position is $37,000 - $42,000, and the salary will be commensurate with experience.



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Application Deadline



North Carolina
United States


EmcArts seeks a Finance and Operations Coordinator in Winston-Salem, NC who will be responsible for supporting the programs and activities of EmcArts in all sites, as well as liaising administratively as needed with the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts at the UNC School of the Arts. They will manage the financial operations of the organization, will work with an external agency to reconcile monthly income and expenses, and will coordinate the annual external auditing of EmcArts and the preparation of annual accounts. In addition, they will manage all daily office functions, procedures, and policies as well as act as an information resource for other staff and external constituents.  The Finance and Operations Coordinator reports to the Managing Director and will work alongside the Program staff as well as the various contractor partners (facilitators, financial services agency, auditor, etc.).


About EmcArts

Inspired by the arts, driven by a world in transition, EmcArts works alongside people, organizations, and communities as they take on their most complex challenges. 

Through advancing processes and practices of innovation and adaptive change, EmcArts strengthens the resilience of individuals and organizations in the arts and social sectors. Through carefully designed and facilitated workshops, coaching, and labs, we create space and conditions to navigate uncertainty, test innovative strategies, and build adaptive cultures. Our practice is deeply influenced by the artistic process, which we believe has a unique power to unlock entrenched beliefs and open up new ways of seeing. Since 2006, teams from over 300 organizations from all artistic disciplines have participated in our adaptive change programs, both in the U.S and in Canada.

EmcArts believes that highly effective teams bring together people with many points of view and engage those differences. Furthermore, EmcArts strives to create an innovative learning environment, where voices from all perspectives can engage with each other and be vulnerable together in order to make progress on our shared purpose.

In September 2018, EmcArts announced its affiliation with the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts at the UNC School of the Arts. Read more about the partnership here.

Job responsibilities

The Finance and Operations Coordinator will enjoy the support of current EmcArts staff (including Richard Evans, President; Melissa Dibble, Lead Process Facilitator; and Liz Dreyer, Lead Process Facilitator), Jonathan Halsey, new Managing Director, and an onsite Program Coordinator and Program Manager. We anticipate the work of knowledge transfer will take place over the first six months of the job. When fully developed, the duties of the Finance and Operations Coordinator will include, but are not limited to:

1.    Running the EmcArts office in Winston-Salem; taking care of all office functions, equipment, communications, and supplies; administering established policies and procedures; and helping to ensure compliance along with the Managing Director.

2.    Managing the financial operations of the organization, including forecasting, budgeting, and tracking; working with an external accounting agency to oversee bookkeeping; and producing routine financial reports.

3.    Managing and administering contracts and/or grant agreements for both programs and independent consultants.

4.    Working with the accounting agency to reconcile monthly income and expenses (will not have check-signing authority).

5.    Coordinating the annual external auditing of EmcArts and the preparation of annual accounts with the Managing Director

6.    Administering payroll and benefits to EmcArts staff.

7.    Making all travel and accommodation arrangements for EmcArts staff and independent consultants, as they visit program sites and undertake business development efforts.

8.    Supporting the Managing Director by arranging all organizational meetings, taking and preparing minutes, keeping records, and other tasks as needed, including preparation of documents and arrangements for quarterly EmcArts Board of Directors meetings.

9.    Managing and updating EmcArts’ contact databases.

10.  Maintaining all office technology (hardware, software, email, video-conferencing, etc.) including the  and websites (in partnership with the Program Coordinator).

Qualifications and Skills

·      Experienced organizer with a passion for detailed planning and careful implementation.

·      Strong time management, analytical, and investigative skills, with the ability to assess competing timelines and priorities and a real gift for getting things done accurately and efficiently, upholding high standards.

·      Experience in weekly review of financial data for multiple programs in a variety of expense categories and with QuickBooks Online.

·      Advanced computer systems skills, including Microsoft Office (especially experience and high-level of comfort with Excel) and financial management software; the ability to use web design tools; web research fluency; and the curiosity and ability to learn and manage various information system technologies.

·      Experience with program budgets as well as overall organizational budgets; ability to create various budget scenarios and adjust them as program timelines and scopes shift and develop.

·      Demonstrated initiative, motivated, and able to work without heavy continuous supervision; a self-starter who is eager and quick to learn and make decisions.

·      Energetic team worker and good communicator, who is comfortable in a fast-paced environment where self-directed and continuous learning is expected, also with an eye for detail and the ability to review and edit documents.

·      Interest in organizational development, characteristics of innovation and adaptation, and organizational change processes. Competitive applicants will have experience working within the non-profit structure and field.

·      Commitment to EmcArts’ approach, including its vision, goals, and beliefs.

·      Minimum 3-5 years of professional experience in a similar or equivalent position.

·      Bachelor’s degree is preferred; associate’s degree, or equivalent, will be considered with relevant work experience.


Competitive benefits include medical and dental coverage, retirement contribution, 10 paid holidays, 20 vacation days, and sick leave. We are open to experienced candidates that would prefer a 32-hour a week schedule, that is either four days a week or shorter hours/across five days.  

The Finance and Operations Coordinator is normally expected to work a 40-hour week during standard business hours although from time to time, flexibility may be necessarily. Busy times might entail some evening and weekend work with advanced notice. 

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter that succinctly and specifically describes why you are interested in working at EmcArts in this role and how your experience is relevant to this position. 

Applications MUST be saved as a single PDF document (both cover letter and resume) with full name in the document title. Please submit your application online here.

Deadline to apply is October 12, 2018.


Qualified candidates can expect one phone interview and up to two rounds of in-person interviews. Applications will be reviewed beginning October 15th. We hope to fill this position by November 2018.

Please no phone calls or inquiries. Incomplete applications will not be considered.