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ACMP wishes to be more dynamic and more inclusive in order to better meet the needs of the worldwide community of those who play chamber music for pleasure and to better serve chamber music culture generally.


In order to go forward in ways which will maximize ACMP’s impact we plan to conduct needs assessment to determine:


a)   What needs exist among the international non-professional chamber music community that are currently not being met

b)   What needs could be met by ACMP

c)   What additional programs and services ACMP could provide to meet those needs

d)   How these findings could be incorporated into ACMP’s long-term strategic plan (by ACMP)


ACMP will hire a consultant through a RFP process to conduct needs assessment within the chamber music and classical music fields.


The following groups will be the primary subjects of the needs assessment:

Chamber music players who are not ACMP members, including

  • Players participating in Chamber Music Meet-Ups
  • Players engaged in Chamber Music other than through Meet-Ups, e.g., local amateur player organizations, workshops and community music schools
  • Amateur/community orchestras
  • Chamber music workshop organizers
  • Conservatories/college & university music departments
  • Music teachers/coaches

Tasks to be Accomplished


The selected consultant will conduct needs assessment, with input from ACMP staff and interns, and submit a report.


The needs assessment, set out on a timed schedule, will include:

  1. Review of existing literature and surveys,
  2. Development of research instruments which might include surveys, focus groups and other methods (to be approved by ACMP),
  3. Analysis of demographics and response numbers needed for successful results,
  4. Plan for outreach, including names and types of international and domestic organizations and other outlets for securing responses,
  5. Survey release and collection of responses,
  6. Collation and statistical analysis of responses
  7. Preparation of a draft report for ACMP review and describing elements items 1-6 above, the study process, and statistical results,
  8. Finalization of report, following ACMP review.


Contract Details


Period of Project – July 2018 to February 2019, with initial report presented to December 2018 board meeting and final report presented to February 2019 board meeting.


Payment – a fee will be provided in the range of $15,000, with payments scheduled throughout the duration of the project. 

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

Please submit the following no later than April 15, 2018 to Jennifer Clarke, Executive Director, ACMP: with “Needs Assessment Proposal” and the applicants name in the subject line.


1.   A technical approach, describing how you will carry out the tasks outlined above

2.   A summary of recent and relevant projects

3.   A confirmation of the fees to be charged and an estimate of expenses that would be incurred

4.   Resumes of all consultants that would be involved in the project if more than one person

5.   Names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of individuals at three non-profit organizations who have been your clients during the last eighteen months and whom we can contact as references.

Please note that location is flexible.