Recycling Bins design and Installation Consultant/ Recycling Principles Workshop Consultant

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Collateral Repair Project
Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
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Job title: Recycling Bins design and Installation Consultant

                 Recycling Principles Workshop Consultant 

Type of contract: Consultancy contract

Languages required: Arabic 

Consultancy starting date: 1st week of October, 2021

Duration of assignment:  6-7 weeks


About CRP

Collateral Repair Project (CRP) supports Amman’s refugees and host communities through two vibrant community centers in Hashemi Shamali and Downtown Amman, serving a population of over 6500 families. 

Our holistic approach focuses on positive growth and change. We provide families with humanitarian assistance and offer them educational, community-building, and psychosocial activities through a wide variety of programs that prioritize skill-building and resilience. Our programs are led by volunteers and leaders from the community and abroad. We prioritize hiring individuals who are creative problem solvers, dedicated and enthusiastic, and actively take initiative to develop our programs and move our work to the forefront of best practice. 

About the Project

The Enhancing Self-Reliance and Inclusion Prospects for Displaced-Affected Communities (Vulnerable Iraqi and Host Communities) is a one-year project in which CRP is in partnership with UNDP. Part of the Heart of Amman initiative and funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), it focuses on community leadership and advocacy development among Iraqis and Jordanians living in neighborhoods close to downtown Amman. The project consists of four “stages”: 

  1. Identifying and training 30 community leaders in leadership and advocacy skills
  2. Working with community leaders to determine their community’s advocacy priorities, facilitate meetings with local leaders and Amman Municipality representatives, and produce an advocacy position paper
  3. Selecting 220 community members and overseeing their selection, planning, and implementation of 10 urban revitalization initiatives; and
  4. Training 12 community committee members on coaching, health, wellbeing, and PSS to become health and wellbeing champions within their communities


Consists of four parts; (1) Theoretical training, (2) Costing, (3) Practical Training, and (4) Preparation & Implementation

1.1 Theoretical training: Provide a workshop for 220 volunteers and CC members on the following:

  • Give an overview of recycling and principles involved;
  • Factors to consider when recycling, types of materials recycled
  • An overview of the environmental impact of not recycling
  • What can recycling do for your local community
  • How to engage your local community about recycling, train volunteers how to become better advocates.  Design a spreadsheet of questions that can be used to ask local community members and improve their general knowledge of recycling and its importance  

  • Brainstorming with a sub-group of 40 volunteers (8 x groups of 5)
  • Obtain design ideas from Volunteers as to the build of recycling bins
  • Discuss what materials will be needed and where to source
  • What tools will be needed and where to source

1.2 Costing: this must have a high degree of accuracy

  • Cost estimation for each bin structure.  A total of 8 sets of bins need to be manufactured, painted, and installed.
  • Creation of a Bill of Quantities (BOQ);  a list of all needed materials per structure.

1.3 Practical Training: on use of materials and tools

  • Training of the larger group of 220 volunteers on how to advocate for recycling in their communities, determine a listing of questions and data 
  • Training of 40 volunteers in small groups on the use of materials (drills, wood cutting equipment, types of screws and securing methods, and preparation, and other materials).
  • Training of volunteers in safety and the use of PPE safety equipment.

1.4 Preparation & Implementation of Bins: as follows

  • Preparation
  • Sourcing the materials needed in collaboration with CRP, ensuring the correct tools are sourced and available.
  • Ensuring correct PPE sourced and available

  • Implementation
  • Creation of design drawing of the bins
  • Supervision of supply and preparation of materials.
  • Supervision of the manufacture of the bins i.a.w the prepared designs.  Sealing and painting of the bins and introduction into the field.
  • Supervision of volunteers that will be used to advocate for recycling in the local community and the collation of data recovered from the volunteers from their field visits.
  • Final touch-ups on structures, as quality control and managing the installation of structures in the field.

  • Sustainable ongoing responsibility
  • Manage the clearing of the bins that are installed in the community on a weekly basis.


In cooperation with and under the supervision of the project manager, the consultant’s scope of work will be as follows:

  1. Conducting workshops for 220 volunteers and CC members on the following: brainstorming and general education on the topic, including coming up with design ideas with the selected group that will manufacture the bins, and training on materials (as per 2.1 and 2.3 above).   It is envisaged that there will be 3 Workshops a day (1-2hrs each) over a 2 day period.
  2. Creating a digital preview drawing for the proposed recycling bins. It does not need to be detailed and can be in black and white.
  3. Supervising and supporting the work of all teams and the creation of 8 recycling bins in the Jabal Weibdeh area.
  4. Delivering and installing the bins.
  5. Managing the clearing of the bins on a weekly basis.



Area & Number

Jabal Weibdeh

From Paris Circle as per diagram

8 x triple recycling bins

  • All structures need to be completed within a period of 6 weeks, as described in the timeline below.


The consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables upon the below-identified dates:



Due Date

1 -Conducting 2 days of workshops for 220 volunteers on the following: brainstorming and general education on the topic, including coming up with mural ideas, and training on materials (as per 2.1 and 2.3 above). /1st week of Oct 2021

2 -Creating digital preview drawing of the design superimposed on a photograph of the location in street view if possible as an example. / 1st or 2nd week of Oct 2021

3- Supervising and supporting the work of all teams and the creation of 8 recycling bins in: Jabal Amman Weibdeh/ 2nd week of Oct to 2nd week of Nov

4-Delivering completed recycling bins/ 3rd week of Nov

5-Managing the ongoing emptying of recycling bins/ Ongoing




1.Portfolio: please include pictures of some of your wood/carpentry design work that show your strengths 


  • Have to have conducted an educational workshop about the topic previously
  • Have to have a participatory approach in your workshop, where attendees get to express themselves and bring out their ideas and work with their hands
  • Please send us a CV that tells the story of your wood design and training and any relevant experience, which could help your proposal.

3.Language Requirements: Fluency and Arabic. English is a plus.



CRP invites interested experts to submit the following documents by 2 October 2021, to 

  • Written Expression of Interest (EoI) outlining how the trainer/facilitator meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the ToR
  • A summarized description of the scope of work as well as a tentative work plan including activities and timeframes
  • Portfolio or links showing previous work, and CV outlining relevant qualifications and experience
  • Itemized financial proposal: please note that the amount submitted should reflect the fee for performing services and should not include the cost of paints or tools used in the project.

Job title: Recycling Bins design and Installation Consultant

                 Recycling Principles Workshop Consultant 

Type of contract: Consultancy contract

Languages required: Arabic 

Consultancy starting date: 1st week of October, 2021

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Amman, Jordan

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