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Teachers who thrive at Brooke High tend to be entrepreneurial instructors and hungry learners who crave frequent, high-quality feedback on their practice. They also have a great deal of passion and expertise in their content area that they are eager to share with students.

At Brooke, teachers design their own curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards and are solely responsible for the academic achievement of their students. The founding High School Physics teacher is responsible for creating a classroom environment that develops in each student an awareness and appreciation for the role of physics in everyday life and the world around us, as well as the inter-connectedness of mathematics and the sciences.

By the time they enter high school, Brooke students have spent years cultivating the ability to use inquiry to construct knowledge in mathematics and the sciences. Through posing an interesting problem and crafting a thoughtful discussion, Brooke teachers guide students through the process of discovering principles for themselves. Scholars remember the content more readily having participated in its discovery, and are able to make deep connections through their school careers, both within and across content areas.

Every Brooke High teacher is also responsible for serving as an advisor. Advisors serve as student mentors, parent communication liaisons, and college counselors for a small, single-gender group of students. Advisories meet twice daily; each day begins with a short check-in and ends with a 25-minute advisory session. Additionally, advisories engage in long-term work around character education and college.

Teachers’ hours are 7:45-4:00 daily, with the student academic day running from 8:00-2:05 on Mondays and 8:00-3:45 on other days. Teachers may elect to lead an after-school extra-curricular club or coach a sport for an additional stipend. In the summer of 2018, new teacher PD will begin on July 16, and the school year will begin in late August. 

A Successful Brooke High Founding Physics Teacher will ensure that all Brooke scholars feel challenged and known.

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