Organizer of Online Classes

Job Type

Part Time




Details: Approximately 5 hours per week @ $15 per hour



Application Deadline



New York
United States



1. Organize the Focusing Highlights classes

  • - In consultation with the Executive Director, identify members of the Focusing community to teach.
  • - Actively approach those people, and generate interest.
  • - Get class descriptions and bios from the volunteer hosts.
  • - Recruit skilled volunteers to act as “Tech Hosts,” who will be in classes alongside the Organizer of
  • Online Classes (OOC), and should be nurtured to be capable of hosting classes should the OOC
  • be unavailable upon occasion.
  • - Share information as needed with other staff, especially for timely advertising.

2. Organize the Focusing Highlights International classes (same format as Focusing Highlights classes, but in languages other than English)

3. Organize Special Online classes (classes offered by teachers which might meet for one session or several, but are not otherwise part of a series such as Focusing Highlights).

4. Attend weekly online staff meetings.


  • - Must have at least a basic knowledge of Focusing.
  • - Great people skills; comfortable approaching potential teachers all over the world, many of
  • whom have English as a second language. Contact is through e-mail initially, then on Skype or
  • Zoom calls.
  • - Comfortable maintaining boundaries, so that teachers and participants work within our policies
  • on how classes are conducted.
  • - Very comfortable with videoconferencing (Skype and Zoom) and aware of changes as the
  • technologies are updated.
  • - Patient, kind, and able to explain technology to those who are not proficient with technology.
  • - Self-motivated; we will depend on the OOC to see that the classes are being offered on the
  • schedule agreed upon.
  • - Great team player.
  • - Outstanding written and oral English language skills, and sensitivity to communicating clearly
  • with those for whom English is difficult. (Must recognize immediately when others need to be
  • spoken to slowly, and in simple sentences.)
  • - Proficiency in a language other than English is strongly desirable, but not necessary. 


$15/hour; approximately 5 hours per week

Level of Language Proficiency

Must speak and write fluent English. Additional languages are a plus, but not required.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

Please send cover letter and resume or cv to: