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POSITION PURPOSE: The English teacher is the primary person responsible for delivering a rigorous blended learning academic environment for our youth. One that sets high expectations, data-driven, and effectively blends individualized online curriculum with student-centered project-based learning.

Organizational Expectations of Employee

• Adheres to organization policies and procedures that align with the vision, mission and goals ("helping urban youth become economically independent adults")

• Adheres to value statement when making decisions that may affect our youth (Youth First, Trust, Respect, Outcomes, Integrity &Team Work)

• Acts as a role model internally & externally; maintains a positive and respectful attitude

• Works effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences by creating an inclusive non-judgmental environment

• Consistently reports to work on time fully prepared to perform duties of position, and works his/her assigned hours

• Utilizes automated and other data systems effectively and efficiently

School Core Philosophies

• Core Philosophy 1: Youth must be given the appropriate supports, both within and beyond academics, in order to succeed.

• Core Philosophy 2: Students must be active participants in their own learning.

• Core Philosophy 3: Technology is a critical 21st century skill, and must be incorporated into every aspect of the school model in order to adequately prepare students for post-secondary success.

• Core Philosophy 4: High quality teacher instruction is crucial for students at every stage of learning – particularly for students who are struggling or behind in skill attainment.

• Core Philosophy 5: Students must never move back, only forward.

• Core Philosophy 6: Assessment is an ongoing part of good teaching & learning and data is vital in creating a positive and effective school environment.

• Core Philosophy 7: Continuity is the key – more time in school leaves less time to fall behind.

• Core Philosophy 8: Parent and community engagement is critical to student success, both within and beyond high school.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Teach approximately six periods, as directed by the Principal;

• Plan and deliver engaging, rigorous lessons, according to students’ needs and the provided curriculum, where applicable;

• Maintain a positive, safe, and organized learning environment;

• Update grade book on a weekly basis;

• Inform students and families about students’ progress;

• Implement school-wide student management policies within classroom;

• Actively participate in all teams, including grade level, content team, and other teams as designated by the Principal;

• Make parental contact by phone and/or conduct home visits when necessary;

• Attend parent meetings and conferences;

• Chaperone local and out-of-state field trip;

• Conduct morning, lunch, and afternoon duties during assigned times;

• Complete and submit all necessary paperwork in a timely manner;

• Partner with YDS for the individualized coordination of school-wide programs and services for each student (i.e. tutoring, mentoring, parental engagement, workforce development, and post-secondary educational plans, etc.);

• Demonstrate knowledge and support of Schools’ mission, values, standards, policies and procedures, confidentiality standards, and code of ethical behavior;

• Ensure compliance with all state and federal laws, local board policies, administrative guidelines, and the CT Educators’ Code of Ethics;

• Serve as appropriate role model for school’s colleagues, students, staff, and parents;

• Conduct self in a professional manner during all school meetings;

• Accomplish tasks as appropriately assigned or requested.


The ideal candidate will possess the following:


Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year educational institution.


CT High School teacher certification/license: English, and other subjects a plus.

Skills and Mindsets

• Belief in and commitment to the mission and core value of the school

• Openness to giving and receiving frequent feedback

• Demonstrated ability to work on a team

• Dedication to learn, grow, and develop as a professional

• Belief that every student can and will achieve in your class

• Ability to work urgently in a fast-paced and results-oriented environment

• Strong written communication skills

• Ability to juggle multiple tasks and initiatives at once

• Detail-oriented and self-directed

• Initiator, problem-solver, and creative thinker

• Ability to maintain emotional control under stress

Physical Demands/Environmental Factors

• Frequent prolonged and irregular hours of duty;

• Some light manual labor;

• Endure inclement weather conditions to provide for student safety.

Commitment and Compensation

• Length of Work Year: Extended school day and year; occasional evening and weekend commitments will also be required; occasional travel through the state and region

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply



Submit cover letter and resume to jobs@opp.org.