Director, Probation and Parole Initiatives

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The Director of Probation and Parole Initiatives will be a Senior Staff Associate appointed to oversee and support the work of the newly established Community Corrections Administrators for Justice (CCAJ) project at the Columbia Justice Lab. CCAJ will add the voice of probation and parole administrators to calls for (1) reducing returns to incarceration of people under probation and parole supervision; (2) reducing the number of people under probation and parole supervision by half; and (3) eliminating or curbing probation and parole fees. Through it, we will convene the nation’s leading community corrections administrators to review the research on and experience with community corrections and effective strategies to reduce the overuse of probation and parole and the excessive use of violations and fees. The project will marry research with practice to produce research and policy articles, webinars, conferences and briefings on effective approaches to reducing the footprint and negative outcomes of community corrections. The project will also provide rapid-response media engagement and short-term technical assistance at opportune moments for policy change.

We are seeking a highly qualified project director who will support a variety of tasks related to research and program development, developing working relationships with and convening the nation’s leading probation and parole administrators; developing position statements and papers for the project, holding convenings/ webinars, preparing opinion pieces; and managing all project deliverables. Convenings will include, but not be limited to, community corrections professionals; people who were formerly on probation or parole; policy makers; judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys; advocates; philanthropy; professional associations; and the academic community. This position will support the projects by conducting, integrating and coordinating the assignments of the team and specific research tasks. The incumbent will also write research and policy papers, which will examine evidence-based and promising methods for reducing returns to incarceration, reducing the community corrections footprint, and reducing or eliminating fines and fees. This will entail collecting and analyzing data and laws/policies from jurisdictions across the United States, interviewing key stakeholders, reviewing media accounts, drafting and publishing articles on the basis of that research, presenting findings to key stakeholders, and coordinating communications efforts to effectively disseminate the research.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

Please apply through the Columbia University Jobs website by clicking on the link.