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The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is inviting proposals from qualified candidates for temporary website content management services. The successful candidate will support and supplement communications and media relations team for a six-month term (extensions may be possible), assisting with webpage design, content creation and review, tagging, editing, and management.


LSC is a federally established and funded, yet private and independent, 501(c)(3) grantmaking organization that supports civil legal aid providers across the country. Its mission is to expand access to justice by funding high-quality, free attorneys for low-income Americans in basic civil matters like divorce, child custody, and eviction. It does not provide direct legal services itself.

LSC is headed by a bipartisan board of directors, whose 11 members are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Senate. Much like federal agencies, LSC receives an annual appropriation and is subject to ongoing congressional oversight. But as a private nonprofit, it enjoys greater independence and flexibility than federal agencies.

LSC awards grants to independent legal aid providers through a competitive process. LSC grants almost 95% of its total funding to legal aid providers. LSC currently has 132 grantees with more than 800 offices covering every county in the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Micronesia.

LSC performs robust oversight of its grantees, conducting audits and on-site visits to evaluate grantee quality and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and various funding restrictions. LSC also provides training and technical assistance to grantees. LSC encourages its grantees to leverage limited resources by partnering with state and local governments, Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts programs, state access to justice commissions, the private bar, philanthropic foundations, law schools, and the business community.

LSC grantees are independent 501(c)(3) organizations. They provide services based on the unique and pressing needs of the communities they serve. The most common practice areas, however, are family, housing, income maintenance, consumer, health, and employment law. The types of cases frequently encountered by LSC grantees include evictions, debt collection, foreclosures, divorces, child custody, spousal abuse, child abuse or neglect, access to health care, and benefit claims such as unemployment, disability, food stamps and public assistance.


To accomplish its mission, LSC promotes public awareness through its website. LSC’s key website audiences include:

·      Grantees, who are interested in LSC’s work, grant opportunities, and links to LSC’s grant application portal;

·      The United States Congress, which is LSC’s primary funder;

·      The press;

·      The public (a key strategic component of LSC’s mission is to communicate clearly the need for civil legal aid to those who require but cannot afford it);

·      The legal community;

·      Advocacy organizations and individuals who share LSC’s mission of supporting equal access to justice; and

·      Potential donors.

LSC’s existing website was designed and developed on the Drupal 7 platform, using a default theme, a taxonomy, and a responsive design for the site, but LSC is in the process of developing a new website, which is expected to go live in March 2021. The new website is being designed and developed on Drupal 9.

LSC has an in-house web developer and one additional IT specialist who works full-time on the website, as well as a few people who spend a third to half of their time on it. Twenty to thirty staff produce website content; department heads copy-edit and LSC’s Web Content Manager approves submissions and publishes them. But developing a new website and migrating our existing web content to it has greatly increased LSC’s web content management activities. Thus, LSC seeks a web content management consultant to assist its Web Content Manager with the following tasks:

·      Developing, coordinating, editing, and publishing compelling organizational web content for LSC’s website;

·      Reviewing all new and migrated webpage content (pictures, videos, text) for any grammatical, punctuation, or stylistic errors, and for correct tagging, formatting, and links, and ensuring that the content is current, accurate, and consistent with LSC’s web content guidelines;

·      Developing and maintaining content for various new project-based webpages (e.g., LSC’s new Eviction Study, Justice Gap Study, and Opioid, Veterans, and Housing Task Force initiatives need to have their own webpages to promote events, publicize findings, and share related resources);

·      Addressing website accessibility issues and maintaining ADA compliance for web content; and

·      Developing tags to use on web pages to improve search capabilities.

All content produced must be written in plain English, in accordance with AP Style guidelines, and free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and other errors.

LSC expects the successful candidate to work closely with the Web Content Manager, the Director of Communications and Media Relations, and LSC principals and staff, making all content changes as requested.

This engagement will require approximately 15-20 hours of web content management services per month (although it may ebb and flow), is limited to a maximum of 120 hours over a six- month term.


Please email any questions about the project, services needed, or this RFP to Rebecca Weir at Answers to any questions submitted will be posted on LSC’s website at





December 17, 2020

RFP Issued

Open until filled

Proposals will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis, and interviews will be scheduled if a proposal is selected for further

consideration. The RFP will close once the position is filled.


Residency. Must reside and eligible to work in the United States.

Experience. 3-5 years of web content administration experience; 3+ years of experience in digital content management. Hands-on experience with content-database integration and a range of database platforms, including some experience with computer graphics and multimedia design.


·      Understanding of and commitment to LSC’s organizational mission and goals

·      Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·      Customer service oriented

·      Experience with web content management solutions, preferably Drupal

·      Familiarity with knowledge management and technical article systems.

·      Experience with 508 compliance requirements

·      Experience with developing website performance metrics

·      Experience selecting, creating, and guiding visual content for the web (photos, advertising banners, video, etc.)

·      Knowledge of monitoring tools on web servers or web sites

·      Advanced knowledge of web content management technologies, protocols, and development tools

·      Experience creating and manipulating graphic design and other forms of multimedia

·      Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and/or Adobe InDesign

·      Highly self-motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail

·      Good analytical and problem-solving abilities

·      Ability to manage competing interests and meet deadlines

·      Ability to work as part of a professional team and to collaborate effectively with LSC principals and high-profile stakeholders.


Cover Letter. Concisely explain (in 2 pages or less) how your experience, education, skills, and engagements qualify you to successfully support LSC’s Web Content Manager with developing, coordinating, editing, and publishing compelling organizational web content for LSC’s website and other digital platforms.

Also specifically address:

·      How you will manage your schedule to submit all deliverables on time or ahead of schedule. Identify other projects that you will be working on or anticipate working on during the engagement term and explain how you will manage them so that they do not affect your ability to perform LSC’s work;

·      How you will update LSC principals on your progress;

·      How you will raise potential issues, delays, or changes to LSC principals; and

·      How you will ensure that high-quality web content management services are provided to LSC.

Cost. State your compensation requirements, which should include all direct and indirect costs and expenses (overhead) and profit. No travel for this engagement is required. LSC will consider hourly or fixed rates.

Resume. Provide a resume for the consultant or firm principal who will be working on LSC’s project. LSC verifies educational credentials and prior experience.

Writing Sample. Submit 3 examples of previous work (websites or graphic designs) for which you were the primary creator.

References. Provide three professional references that can speak to your performance on comparable projects.

Other Information

You may provide other information or material that you believe is relevant to our evaluation.


The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is inviting proposals from qualified candidates for temporary website content management services. The successful candidate will support and supplement communications and media…

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3333 K Street, NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20007

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Please view proposal instructions here:


Please view proposal instructions here:

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