Assistant Director of Homefinding

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Full Time




315 Wyckoff Avenue
4th Floor
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Innovative Community Based Organization Seeks Energetic, Committed, and Highly Experienced Individuals. SPANISH/BILINGUAL (PREFERRED). Exc. Benefits & Salary/EEO

Summary of the Agency:

The Coalition for Hispanic Family Services is a multi-service agency serving children and families of North Brooklyn. These include foster care, adoption, youth development, primary health care, mental health, community health education and outreach, in-service internships and after school education.

Position Objective:            The Assistant Director is a member of the FBH management team. The Assistant Director is responsible for supervising homefinding and home recruitment staff.  The Assistant Director monitors the productivity for meeting the outcomes of neighborhood based recruitment and certification of foster homes. The Assistant Director ensures that licensed foster homes remain active, including homes with existing vacancies.


Reporting Relationship:  Assistant Director of Foster Care Services




1.     Provide scheduled weekly supervision of staff to ensure the recruitment of prospective foster parents in accordance with PAMS and APA neighborhood base outcomes.   


2.     Ensure foster homes remain active with a timely recertification. A timely recertification will include that home meets safety requirements, and complete submission of documentation by the foster parent.


3.     Ensure the certification and expedited home study of kinship foster homes in a timely fashion.


4.     Track and monitor the response required by OCFS when the finger print of a household member identifies criminal history.


5.     Provide a strategic work plan that will target recruitment of geographical areas on a monthly basis. The work plan will be consistent with ACS established guidelines for recruiting homes that will meet the placement needs of children in care.


6.     Responsible for coordinating monthly orientation of applicants and ensure a timely prescreening of the home.


7.     Provide monthly data of screened applicants with status of their certification process, including pending documentation, SCR clearance, etc.


8.     Collaborate with the MAPP training efforts of new applicants, and ensure representation of the unit in MAPP sessions for the collection of documentation that will be conducive to the licensing of the home.


9.     Monitor the rotation of placement overnight coverage and ensure that staff is informed of homes that will meet specific needs of children upon placement.


10. Ensure monthly updated vacancy control information in CONNECTIONS for the purpose of ACS identifying a viable placement with the agency.


11. Collaborate with supervisory staff in identifying placement of children requiring a transfer, and in accordance with ACS expectations submit a 10 day notice of removal to the foster parent.


12. Monitor the photolisting of freed children in need of a pre adoptive placement, and ensure the recruitment and certification of an agreed upon placement.


13. Participate in the monthly Foster Parent Association meetings, including co leading a core group of foster parents that will meet monthly to plan and develop incentives, rapport, and activities that will foster a sense of community among all foster parents.


14. In conjunction with the supervisee, complete performance appraisals including a professional development plan, prior to the supervisees’ completion of their probationary period, and on a yearly basis thereafter.


15. Attend training as assigned by supervisor, training director or as identified in performance appraisal.


16. Submit weekly calendar to supervisor to reflect all scheduled recruitment, prescreening, and/or home certification activity.

17. Attend weekly foster care management meetings and actively participate in the team’s effort to meet PAMS and APA outcomes and plan effectively for the administrative functioning of the program.


18. Review bi-annual quality assurance foster parent case record review findings and prepare a corrective action response on a timely basis. Work collaboratively with QA to assist in periodic and on going audits of record documentation.


19. Attend monthly meeting Director of Foster Care and/or Assistant Director to report on the progress of placement, recruiting, and certifying homes.

20. Participate in the rotation of the administrative coverage system to ensure that coverage is available at all times.


21. Maintain the Supervisor abreast of high profile homes that may require higher level administrative intervention.


22. Complete other assignments as needed, or as designated by the Supervisor and/or Program Director.

Skills and Expectations:      

§ The Assistant Director will utilize a family centered approach in order to recruit and orient applicants for working in partnership with birthparents and their children.

§ The Assistant Director will utilize critical thinking in order to address crisis situations.

§ The Assistant Director will model professional behavior at all times, utilizing tact and diplomacy with staff, foster children, foster parents and birth families.

§ The Assistant Director will serve as a role model for positive, productive, and cooperative relationships with staff, foster children, foster parents, birthparents, and the community. 

§ The Assistant Director will be innovative, exercise critical thinking, and demonstrate flexibility, in order to contribute to the successful operation of the foster boarding home program.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Master’s degree with 5+ years’ experience required. Knowledge of child welfare and understanding of systemic approaches for the supervision of staff. Possess strong oral, writing, and organizational skills. Must be effective in negotiation skills and ability to develop effective working relationships. Must have the ability to work under pressure and meet short term deadlines.



Low $60,000 - based on experience. 

Excellent benefits package, ample vacation and sick days.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree