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September 18, 2020
September 11, 2020
At least $75,000Salary range starts at $75,000 and will be awarded depending on experience

Reports to: Washington FFA Association Board of Directors

Works in close partnership with: State Agricultural Education Pathway Supervisor/FFA Advisor; Washington Association of Agriculture Educators, Washington State University staff and faculty, Washington FFA Foundation, Washington FFA Alumni & Supporters, National FFA Organization, National Association of Supervisors of Agricultural Education, and others as directed.

Employment Status: Exempt Employee

Location: Headquarters Office is in Olympia Washington, working from a home office is permitted

Minimum Requirements

Education: Bachelor’s degree preferred in agricultural education or related field, or relevant experience.

Experience: at least 2–3 years of nonprofit management, or project management experience; 1 to 3 years of management/supervisor/leadership development experience preferred


The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

1.    Administration of State FFA Association

a.    Serve as administrative officer of the Washington State FFA Association.

b.   Maintain effective internal and external relationships through management, leadership, and communication to achieve economical, productive performance, forward-looking programming, and constructive growth of the Association.

c.    Ensure that the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and officers are kept fully informed of the conditions and operations of the Association and of all important factors influencing them. 

d.   Recommend, for the approval of the Board of Directors, basic policies, and programs that will further the objectives of the Association. Develop and administer, for purposes of day-to-day operations, specific policies, procedures, and programs to implement the general policies established by the Board of Directors.

e.   Manage and supervise association employees, contractors, and vendors.

f.     Communicate regularly with chapter FFA advisors to provide technical assistance; communicate event and program guidelines and rules; provide regular updates on Association activities; and serve as an advocate for FFA and agricultural education through information dissemination including but not limited to the following channels: Washington Association for Agricultural Educators (WAAE) and FFA Advisor listserves, Washington FFA website, and social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

g.   Maintain Association 501(c)(3) status for non-profit organizations by filing proper documentation with the Washington Secretary of State and IRS, ensure taxes are filed on an annual basis.

h.   Maintain insurance coverage as required

i.     Manage all chapter membership rosters, dues, and manage chapter charters

j.     Develop the state association operating budget and prepare regular reports to the board of directors.

k.    Oversee the accounting and financial management of the Washington State FFA Association

l.     Apply for and manage public and private grant opportunities including financial management, programming, and reporting. This includes state and federal iGrants among others.

m.  Collaborate with WAAE FFA Committee in the planning and scheduling of statewide activities.

n.   Ensure that all awards, degrees, and other applications due to National FFA arrive on time, are quality representations of the state, and are complete.

o.   Identify fundraising/sponsorship needs and opportunities including sponsor recognition and communicate those details with the Washington FFA Foundation Executive Director.

p.   Identify volunteering/community needs and opportunities and communicate those details with the Washington FFA Alumni & Supporters association leadership.

q.   Manage the association’s brand identity and public perception including facilitating state FFA officer team in development of annual theme, theme logo, and graphics.

r.     Keep a record of and manage association assets, materials, and technology.

s.    Other duties as assigned

2.   State Officer Program

a.    Provide supervision and weekly or daily contact with state FFA officers

b.   Provide training and leadership development of state FFA officers

i.    Coordinate with National FFA to produce in-state trainings for state FFA officers (e.g. Base Camp, Checkpoints, and Capstone)

ii.    Participate in national, regional, or state trainings

iii.    Coordinate other trainings and retreats as needed (e.g. Cornerstone, winter retreat, convention prep week)

c.    Coordinate state officer travel for the following:

i.    National FFA Convention

ii.    Chapter visits

iii.    State Officer Summit

iv.    State FFA Convention

v.    Visiting state conventions or National Ag Day

vi.    Other association programs and events

d.   Coordinate state FFA officer involvement in planning and delivering the state FFA convention

i.    Develop session scripts and programming

ii.    Retiring addresses and speeches

iii.    State service project

iv.    Delegate business

v.    Visiting state and national officers

e.   Develop and facilitate district leadership activities and training

f.     Coordinate state FFA officer scheduling with Washington FFA foundation for business and industry tours, up to three weeks during officers’ year of service

g.   Manage state officer schedule including chapter visits

h.   Provide for selection of state FFA officers including state officer nominating committee and election process. The Executive Director shall have no vote in and shall remain impartial in all election proceedings.

i.     Facilitate national FFA officer candidate training

j.     Coordinate legislative visits for FFA and/or CTSOs

k.    Facilitate state FFA officer team in development of annual theme, theme logo, and graphics.

l.     Train state FFA officers in professional communication, presentation skills, and brand management.

3.   State Events

a.    Develop, facilitate, and maintain the state FFA calendar to include all state-level events and chapter visits.

b.   Coordinate and implement statewide leadership conferences and programs including, but not limited to state and national leadership training including Emerge, Evergreen Tour, and District Officer Training.

c.    Coordinate and implement state FFA convention of nearly 3,500 members and guests. Responsibilities may include:

i.    Develop the convention budget as part of the association general budget and present to the board of directors for approval.

ii.    Negotiate contract with host location including arranging for rooms, meals, and facilities.

iii.    Develop convention schedule, program of activities, and session proceedings. Provide for Washington FFA Foundation sponsor recognition.

iv.    Supervise Program Manager in coordination of state-level CDEs and LDEs during convention

v.    Supervise Program Manager in coordination of convention volunteers, staff, speakers, and guests

vi.    Supervise Program Manager in procurement of event supplies, awards, and other consumables

vii.    Supervise Program Manager in coordination of convention registration and housing

viii.    Provide for the safety and security of convention attendees

ix.    Work with WSU faculty/staff and CAHNRS faculty/staff on convention proceedings.

x.    Coordinate state FFA officer activities including:

1.    Pre-convention training and preparation

2.   Develop session scripts and programming

3.   Retiring addresses and speeches

4.   Delegate business

d.   Supervise administration of award and degree programs including State FFA Degree, Washington Star Awards, proficiency awards, American FFA Degree candidates, National Chapter, Agriscience, and others.

4.   National FFA Convention

a.   Coordinate with National FFA on National FFA Convention activities

b.   Oversee and manage Washington FFA housing blocks from National FFA

c.    Arrange for state officer activities, housing, and transportation

d.   Serve as state representative to National FFA Convention and NASAE

e.   Assist with certification of delegates, CDE/LDE teams and other national-level participants with National FFA

5.   Career and Leadership Development Events

a.    Serve as the association’s primary representative to WAAE FFA Committee

b.   Be responsible for state rules and guidelines for all state-level career and leadership development events (CDE/LDEs) and award programs.

c.    Identify and communicate sponsorship levels and recognition as well as fundraising needs for CDE/LDEs with Washington FFA Foundation Executive Director.

d.   Select and manage the coordinators for state-level CDE/LDEs and award programs

e.   Supervise the Program Manager in executing the state-level CDE/LDEs and award programs throughout the year

f.     Support the Program Manager in delivering procedures and guidelines to chapters and the State FFA Board of Directors

6.   Travel Requirements

This position requires approximately 40% travel (approximately 30% of total time is overnight travel). The following events require participation:

a.    State FFA Board of Directors and Foundation Meetings, various locations within WA, alternating between Westside/Eastside locations – 4-6 times a year.

b.    Meeting with State Advisor, monthly. Travel may not be required.

c.    WAAE Updates: Spring/Fall Exec – 2 days, various locations in central WA

d.    State FFA Convention in Pullman, 14 days in May

e.    Training for newly elected state officers, location TBD within Washington, 3 days in June

f.     National FFA trainings for state officers, 5–12 days in late June

g.    State Officer Summit, Washington, DC, 7 days in July

h.    District Officer Training (DOT), location TBD within Washington, 4-5 days in August

i.     Emerge Leadership Conferences, 3 days in February, 3 days in March, various locations in Washington

j.     State FFA officer Evergreen Tour to all 9 FFA Districts, 8–9 days in September

k.    NASAE and National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, 8–9 days in late October/early November

l.     State Officer In-State Leadership Trainings – locations vary, as needed

m.  Legislative visits, 1–3 days, Olympia, WA

n.    Travel to each state-level CDE/LDE at least once every two years, 16 events per year (some are full-day, others occur on the same day with other events). Various locations.

Other travel requirements depend upon financial approval of the board of directors, including but not limited to:

a.    National Ag Ed Summit, 4 days- typically Feb.

b.   Occasional training or task force hosted by National FFA, dates vary

Required Qualifications:

a.    Must be able to communicate effectively with, positively interact with, influence, and work with a diverse group of internal/external people including students, teachers, and staff.

b.   Must have excellent interpersonal, listening, written and verbal communication, presentation/public speaking, and project management skills.

c.    Must be able to effectively prioritize, organize, use time-management skills, and be adept at multitasking and demonstrate a strong ability to meet deadlines.

d.   Ability to use QuickBooks accounting software and accounting practices.

e.   Proven history in planning and organizing events, managing teams, and coordinating vendors and volunteers.

f.     Must be able to provide excellent customer service to internal and/or external stakeholders.

g.   Must be accurate, detailed oriented, and able to problem solve/analyze.

h.   Must be computer proficient including remote meeting facilitation and technology; website, email, and social media; and be able to make and receive phone calls.

i.     Proficient in G Suite (Gmail and Association email management, Google Docs, Drive, Google Calendar, Google Forms, etc.) and Microsoft Office.

j.     Must be fiscally responsible and comfortable making decisions that support the longevity of the association.

k.    Must have a passion for student leadership development and understanding of the FFA association.

l.     Demonstrate prior efforts to address the impacts of equity, diversity, access, and inclusion on students and the education system.

Preferred Qualifications:

a.    Demonstrated skills in leadership training

b.   High-quality presentation skills

c.    Experience with Washington agriculture and FFA programs

d.   Familiar with FFA structure at state and national level

e.   Experience with career and technical education (CTE), career and technical student organizations (CTSOs)

f.     Academic experience in the agriculture field

g.   Understanding of the FFA Awards system

h.   G Suite Certification

Work Environment:

a.    Able to work in an office environment either at home or in an office. Must have consistent access to high speed internet and quality cellular phone service.

b.   Requires some overnight travel (approximately 30%).

c.    Able to plan expenses for travel and other costs.

d.   Some lifting required of items less than 50 pounds, occasionally more than 50 pounds.


a.    Salary range starting at $75,000, depending on experience

b.   Competitive benefits, vacation, and leave program

a.    $500 per month for health benefits, to be spent at the employee’s discretion

b.   10 paid holidays

c.    2 weeks medical/family/sick leave

d.   15 paid vacation days, with additional time awarded for years of employment

c.    Annual retirement contribution: matching up to $3000

d.   Professional development costs will be paid for by the association with prior board approval.

e.   General equipment and consumables to support the duties of this position will be provided in the association budget, including cellular phone and computer.

f.     Travel Compensation: mileage, meals, and hotel expenses will be reimbursed according to the association’s reimbursement policy.

Reports to: Washington FFA Association Board of Directors

Works in close partnership with: State Agricultural Education Pathway Supervisor/FFA Advisor; Washington Association of Agriculture Educators, Washington State University…

Details at a glance

  • On-site Location
  • Full Time Schedule
  • Contract
  • 4-Year Degree Required
  • Managerial


$500 per month for health benefits, to be spent at the employee’s discretion

10 paid holidays

2 weeks medical/family/sick leave

15 paid vacation days, with additional time awarded for years of employment

Annual retirement contribution: matching up to $3000

$500 per month for health benefits, to be spent at the employee’s discretion

10 paid holidays

2 weeks medical/family/sick leave

15 paid vacation days, with additional time awarded for…

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluent English required

Fluent English required


Olympia, WA

How to Apply

This position will remain open until filled. Screening of applicants begins September 4th, 2020. To apply, submit a detailed letter of application addressing the required and preferred qualifications, a current resume, and the names and contact information for three (3) references to:

Denny Wallace

State FFA Advisor

This position will remain open until filled. Screening of applicants begins September 4th, 2020. To apply, submit a detailed letter of application addressing the required and…

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