Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $30,000
Maximum: $35,000



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6001 Germantown Avenue
Education Building, 2nd Floor
United States


The Natural Creativity Center is seeking a new facilitator in response to the growth of our community population. Our facilitators assist young people who are pursuing their own interests in a safe and supportive environment, and our wish for all members of our community is to contribute to the sense of partnership and self-direction. 

Our facilitators act as dependable stewards of our physical and emotional environment. They facilitate youth access to resources; exemplify the mature practice of creativity, compassion, and collaboration in their own work, their interactions with others, and their efforts in the broader community; and demonstrate an on-going commitment to partnership and perseverance in pursuit of one’s goals.

Young people at NC do not follow a predetermined curriculum; whereas each individual youth decides the content she wishes to explore, our staff members facilitate the development of shared processes that contribute to individual growth in problem solving ability and collective expression of our shared values. To that end, what follows is a list of both required and bonus qualifications to be considered throughout the application and hiring process. Please note: full-time facilitation to us consists of three days with young people, one day of tasks related to improving the program, and a half day of professional development.

Required Qualifications

  • ·     Belief in the natural inclination within each of us to figure things out, to grow in our interests, and to connect with others
  • ·     Understanding of NC’s core values and approach, including: Synectics Creative Problem Solving Process, Non-Violent Communication, Conceptual Development, Real Work, and Self-Direction
  • ·     Experience working with youth of a wide range of ages
  • ·     Reliability, punctuality, and commitment to continuous improvement in one’s practice
  • ·     Demonstration of high levels of professionalism, personal maturity, and authenticity
  • ·     Excellent communication and literacy skills, including abilities to express thoughts in writing; tailor communication levels to different age and developmental levels; and interact effectively with youths and adults from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • ·     Be interested, interesting, engaged, and passionate
  • ·     Strong self-management skills, including high levels of initiative and ability to authentically and effectively prioritize
  • ·     Ability to work in an environment with frequent distractions
  • ·     Ability to maintain confidentiality of youth and family data
  • ·     Willingness to pursue tasks outside of regular facilitation duties to help the organization grow
  • ·     Commitment to on-going professional development, including daily process review and weekly coaching and system improvement sessions
  • ·     Complete a state and federal criminal background and child abuse check

Bonus Qualifications

  • ·     Passionate experience (or expertise) in one or more of the following content areas: Visual or performing arts, mathematics, creative writing, history, a foreign language, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, engineering, woodworking, coding or web design, collaborative games, or something else
  • ·     Experience with grant writing, marketing, or other sustainability efforts
  • ·     Experience with social media promotion of an organization
  • ·     Experience working with young people outside of compulsory schooling


Facilitators at NC receive deep and sustained training and coaching in several key facilitation areas, including creative group problem solving, non-violent communication, conceptual development, and self-directed education. Facilitators also have the opportunity to develop in other professional areas important to them. As a relatively new and small organization, we are currently unable to offer health insurance or retirement benefits, but we do offer a supportive and fun work environment, as well as opportunities for advancement within our community.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply


·     Email resume with references to info@naturalcreativity.org

·     Include a cover letter with answers to the following questions:

o  How did you hear about the position and what most resonated with you about the opportunity?

o  What skills and interests do you believe you will bring to our community?

o  Describe any relevant experiences, including employment, that you have had that you believe has helped prepare you for the position of facilitator at Natural Creativity.  Which authors have significantly Influenced your thinking?

·     Interview and site visit may follow upon review of application

Candidates from all cultures and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Natural Creativity is committed to maintaining a racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse community at all levels of the organization, and as such does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, religion, nor national or ethnic origin.