Senior Manager, K-8 Programming

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Full Time






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What do you do all day?

As a member of NMSI’s Teaching and Learning team, the Senior Manager, K-8 Programming identifies and helps implement engaging programs that excite younger students and their teachers in STEM as a lever for students’ long-term academic and career success. The Senior Manager will work in close collaboration with members of NMSI’s Teaching and Learning, Program, and Strategic Initiatives teams to drive improvements to NMSI’s Laying the Foundation (LTF) program to expand K-8 student access to high quality STEM instruction. The Senior Manager will support the effective alignment of NMSI’s K-8 programs with existing NMSI programs, including the UTEACH pre-service teacher preparation program and NMSI’s College Readiness Program, which supports high schools in implementing and expanding their Advanced Placement course offerings. The Senior Manager also will seek external partnerships to expand NMSI’s services to elementary and middle school students, with a specific focus on piloting math, science, computer science, and literacy programs for students in K-2 and on developing in-school and after-school programs to support STEM education across K-8 grade levels.


What are the details?

Lead the planning, coordination, and delivery of NMSI’s K-8 products and services.

  • Identify, pilot, and evaluate new products and services to enhance NMSI’s ability to offer districts a full suite of K-8 STEM solutions and to support NMSI’s mission to provide all students with high quality STEM instruction.
  • In collaboration with the Teaching and Learning team, oversee the development of exciting, innovative K-8 teacher training, curricular materials, and Train-the-Trainer models that reflect current best practices in adult education and facilitation;
  • Identify and assist with the cultivation of external partners or agencies who can support the design and delivery of NMSI’s K-8 STEM solutions; help NMSI teams manage K-8 partner relationships. 
  • Support the development of a grades K-2 strategy, with a focus on bringing high-quality literacy, science, and math professional development and student supports to districts needing a robust K-12 STEM pipeline.
  • Assist with the design and delivery of in-school and after-school student programming to build students’ STEM knowledge, skills, and dispositions.
  • Use technology to extend NMSI’s reach, deeply considering how to bring NMSI’s programs into K-8 schools in rural, urban, and military settings.
  • Research best practices in elementary and middle grades education; support the Teaching and Learning team’s understanding and knowledge of current research in the field.
  • Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders on cross-functional K-8 pilots and projects; develop and execute on communication plans to inform diverse audiences about NMSI’s K-8 programming.
  • Manage complex project deliverables for multiple audiences with the support of the Teaching and Learning team’s Project Manager; create project proposals, charters, and work plans to support pilot implementation.

Develop and execute against a strategy to align NMSI’s Laying the Foundation program with its College Readiness program as part of a K-12 STEM solution strategy for districts.

  • Drive LTF strategy and program innovations by collaborating with the Teaching and Learning’s Design and Strategic Initiatives teams to rethink current design and delivery models.
  • With the Teaching and Learning’s Team, effectively align LTF with NMSI’s College Readiness Program; develop new LTF products and services to support K-12 STEM preparation for districts.
  • Support the design and delivery of LTF trainer preparation, coaching and evaluation processes.
  • Support the alignment of LTF design and delivery strategies with the UTEACH teacher preparation program; collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to effectively integrate LTF into UTEACH programs as a pre-service/ induction support for new teachers.
  • Evaluate LTF program effectiveness by developing a rigorous data collection and analysis process; analyze data to inform training design and consultant support.
  • Assist with quality review protocols to ensure NMSI teacher and student materials are among the best in the nation; maintain and update LTF materials on online platforms.

Other duties as assigned.



 What are we looking for?

  • Education & Experience – You have a Master’s in Education or related discipline (science or math preferred) with at least 3 years of K-8 teaching experience. You have 3+ years of proven experience designing educative curricula for K-8 at the district/network/national level, school administration experience, or nonprofit experience (preferred).
  • Learning & Development Guru – You have a deep understanding of student learning and skill progressions as well as expert knowledge in teacher development and adult learning strategies.
  • Organized & Productive – You are a master at project planning and managing multiple priorities. You don’t let distractions prevent you from meeting goals.
  • Expert Communicator – You can tailor your communication to multiple types of audiences; you are a concise, compelling writer.
  • Data Geek – You love data, especially how it relates to teacher and student learning progressions and development; you can recognize trends and correlations better than most people and you use data to drive decisions.
  • Tech Savvy – You can design teacher professional development or curricular resources in a variety of modes and platforms, with evidence of success designing materials for delivery online.
  • Growth Mindset – You learn from failure and crave feedback because you know that it makes you better; you are also eager to give feedback to your manager, team, and colleagues.
  • Reliable – You can work effectively with minimal supervision, but you also know when to ask for help.
  • Flexible – You are comfortable working in an ambiguous environment with competing priorities.
  • Inclusive – You can work effectively with people regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or job type—or any other factor that makes us unique!
  • Sense of Humor – You don’t take yourself too seriously; work hard play hard is your mantra.


Want to learn more?

The National Math and Science Initiative is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming math and science education in today’s classrooms and ensuring that all students have the knowledge and skills to thrive in the global economy of the 21st century. Founded in 2007, NMSI began by dramatically improving student participation and success in rigorous Advanced Placement math, science and English courses in 85 courses across seven states. Today, NMSI has scaled its proven program to serve more than 1.5 million students, 50,000 teachers, 1,000 high schools and 45 universities across 40 states, and is having a demonstrable and lasting impact on student outcomes. NMSI Next, our five-year strategy plan, deepens our commitment to transform our current programs. In doing so, we will also launch a bold approach to partnering with school systems that drive outcomes not only at the student and school system levels but also at the regional and national levels. NMSI Next is anchored on the concept that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts and that our teamwork and program work go hand in hand. Additionally, we believe that our impact on the school system, regional, and national levels will reinforce itself to ensure population-level outcomes.


We believe STEM education is the greatest lever to accessing opportunity and is unmatched in unlocking student potential.

Specifically, NMSI Next will implement the following strategic levers so that all students, especially those furthest from opportunity, thrive and reach their highest potential as problem solvers and lifelong learners, pursue their passions and tackle the world’s toughest challenges.

  • Catalyze bold thinking and enduring solutions for all students nationally
  • Collaborate with regional stakeholders to drive sustainable changes
  • Provide school systems a world-class K-12 solution set
  • Build a strong, sustainable, and nimble organization positioning us to deliver exponential impact

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

Master's degree