Director of Operations

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $40,000.00
Maximum: $85,000.00
Details: This position may be a part-time position depending right person. Salary depending on experience. May have the opportunity to increase salary with fundraising



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United States



The Director of Operations is a key partner in the management team for Gabriel Homes providing oversight and overall management for strategic planning, facilities, finance, community relationships, marketing, communications, and in fund development. The Director of Operations assumes a leadership role in the community by partnering and collaborating with businesses, foundations, government officials, other nonprofits, and supporters. Together with the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, the Director of Operations works to establish the vision, policies, strategic focus and priorities. The Director of Operations works in tandem with Executive Director providing input, and guidance for fundraising, facilities, strategic planning and all other Gabriel Homes activities.


Bachelor's degree in Business, Finance, Management, Human Service or Fund development. Minimum 5 years’ experience working in one of these fields; Minimum of 3 years management experience with interpersonal, and excellent communication skills. Experience working with the developmentally disabled.

Duties and Responsibilities:


• Work with the Board and the Executive Director to ensure the organization operates with a clear mission and a long-range strategic plan that is consistent with the mission.

• Work collaboratively with The Board of Directors and the Executive Director to strengthen capacity to provide resources.

• Develop yearly a work plan for the board to carry forward the strategic plans of the organization.

• Act as liaison between county representatives and organization with the Executive Director

• Keep the Board fully informed on conditions, opportunities, issues, and challenges so that the Board can carry out governance, financial oversight and leadership duties.

• Maintain connection with local churches and other faith based programs with the Executive Director


• Responsible for all policy and procedures reviews and updates with input from the Executive Director

• Establish and maintain digital records retention (bylaws, employee manual, county documents, mortgages, property titles, car registration/inspection document, vehicle and property improvements/repair records)

• Advocate in the community for clients with employers, vocationally and independently; help secure resident employment and ensure job coaches manage communication

• Work with the Board and the Executive Director on all legal concerns with employers, residents and the organization

• Complete and submit annual Cost of Service summaries to the county

• Submit County census

• Submit annual reporting requirements (Country contract)

• Participate in Provider and county meetings

• Review minutes to county meetings and ensure how decisions impact our residents with input from the Executive Director


• Help create yearly budget with the Executive Director for submittal to the Board of Directors for approval

• Monitor the budget to ensure the organization stays on target

• Oversee all accounts payable and account receivables for the organization

• Collect client’s fees and ensure support deposits are processed

• Process quarterly county invoices

• Review bi-weekly payroll, in collaboration with assigned staff

• Renew annual insurance plans (Liability, Auto, Workers Comp, Theft, D&O, Health etc.)

• Facilitate annual financial audit and worker’s compensation audit

• Complete grant reporting requirements as appropriate


• Supervise the administrative and back office staff for the organization

• Initiate hiring of new employees and conducting initial interviews and providing top candidates to Executive Director for final consideration

• Provide Human Resources point of contact for staff

• Work with the board to facilitate grants including Porto Caravan, KOVAR, Roofing donations, Remodeling projects at all homes, work Sunday groups, Mount Vernon Knights of Columbus, Akamai, Sprint, Sheraton and other businesses in Reston/Herndon area

• File the yearly State Corporation Commission Documentation

• Review and Manage all contracts

• Submit the DMAS filings

• Reply and manage the County RFP process

• DMAS Waiver certification, recertification process, complete billing submissions

• Help facilitate bi-annual mailing process, labels, letter printing and mailing, thankyou preparations (some tasks have been delegated in recent year)

• Assist with technology maintenance of computers, software updates and phone equipment


• Responsible for the oversight of maintenance of all Gabriel Homes properties

• Inspect homes monthly, incorporate staff input on home needs

• Inspect home equipment maintain annual schedules for HVAC service, gutter cleaning, roof inspections, boiler inspections, sump pump inspections, hot water heater, winterizing

• Inspect vehicles, facilitated routine needs and maintenance as needed

• Inspect exterior of properties, landscaping etc. and ensure it meets expected standards

• Prepare homes for weather related needs (winterize faucets, winter snow care, etc.)

• Facilitate volunteer "friends" of GHI and connection with client needs

• Obtain in kind donations for items such as cabinets, plumbing supplies and carpet install sure repair maintenance are addressed (outsource, staff or work crew)

• Ensure compliance with Reston Association Property rules and regulations

• Respond to community and cluster concerns if they arise


This position offers Personal Time Off, Health Insurance and flexible working hours.

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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