Professional Foster Parents

Job Type

Full Time


Details: The daily rate of compensation for the Professional Foster Parent will be $284.43



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6301 Greentree Road
United States


NCCF seeks Professional Foster Parents (PFP), independently licensed or credentialed professionals, to become licensed foster parents who are available around the clock in their homes to stabilize children or youth at immediate risk for repeat hospitalization, group/residential settings or incarceration.


PFP’s will possess professional and clinical foundation for this critical and demanding role and will seek to establish a relationship with youth who are vulnerable to extreme emotional and related behavioral dysregulation. The PFP will provide a family milieu that promotes attachments and parental connections that allows a child or youth to begin their healing process, master their developmental task, and establish a life-long permanent family connection. In addition, the PFP will serve as a high-power advocate for the child or youth in all of the external systems, including educational, social service, mental health, community and the biological family system. The PFP’s goal is to help the young person (1) feel safe (2) increase their personal mastery and therefore their self- worth and (3) acquire a lifelong attached connection to a family member or a trustworthy adult.


It is expected that the PFP serve the child or youth until the child achieves permanency by working closely with youth’s identified permanency resources, NCCF’s social work team, the Foster Family Support Team and specially tailored community resources and supports.  


Professional Foster Parent Criteria:

Professional Foster Parents will possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in one of the following fields: social work, nursing, education, psychology, occupational therapy and/or counseling and a minimum of 3 years employment experience working with populations that have experienced traumatic loss, mental health challenges or special needs.


Target Population:

The children or youth placed in these foster homes will be over the age of seven (7) who present with extensive histories of unsafe behaviors, disrupted attachments, and significant trauma. These youth typically have had multiple foster home placements and are at risk for repeat hospitalizations, group/residential placements or incarceration.

NCCF’s Professional Foster Parents provide full-time care and at least one parent must not have any other employment.  


This is a stipend, and not a "salary" and foster parents are not employees of the NCCF. 

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish may be helpful.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To submit cover letter and resume and/or to request additional information, contact Krystal Holland, NCCF Administrator of Training Management and Program Fidelity at or 301-365-4480 x112.