Facilities Housekeeper/Cook

Job Type

Full Time


Details: Compensation for this position is $13.50/hour.




P.O. Box 24709
United States


Job Description

The primary responsibilities of this position are to ensure the cleanliness, physical maintenance, and well-being of a women and children’s shelter facility, as well as to oversee and assist clients in meal preparation and ensure proper food item storage. The Facilities Housekeeper/Cook must be skilled in cooking and cleaning. Other responsibilities include:

·        Planning and supervising the preparation of nutritious meals.

·        Supervising clients during meal preparation.

·        Preparing menus two weeks in advance and post them weekly.

·        Keeping an accurate inventory of food and ordering/shopping as needed.

·        Upon food delivery or purchases, rotating all food items and labeling each item based on what it is and the date it was received.

·        Keeping accurate records of food items ordered and costs associated with those items.

·        Facilitating weekly life skill groups for clients to choose food preparation tasks and determine what clients want for meals.

·        Responsible for cleaning the facility, including the restrooms, pantry, closets, bedrooms upon client exits, etc.

·        Washing laundry for the shelter facility (sheets, towels, comforters, etc.)

·        Training clients on life skills (how to clean bedrooms and bathrooms, prepare meals, etc.)

·        Responsible for maintaining and cleaning the kitchen facility (i.e. deep cleaning freezers/refrigerators, oven, organizing cabinet space, etc.)

·        Ensuring that all safety alarms, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, extinguishers, etc. are working properly and are up to code, as well as ensuring the physical structure of the shelter is up to code (with the assistance of staff maintenance worker).

·        Conducting fire drills and tornado drills weekly (alternating between fire drills one week and tornado drills the other week)

·        With shelter staff assistance, responsible for cleaning common areas.

·        Sweeping and mopping shelter facility as needed.

·        Preparing intake care packets, which include toiletries, linens, etc. for newly arrived clients.

·        Purchasing needed toiletries to prepare intake packages for new client arrivals.

·        Purchasing household supplies (cleaning supplies, pots, dinner ware, etc.)

·        Ensuring proper disposal of garbage.

·        Attending bi-monthly staff meetings, workshops and trainings.

·        Shop for needed food items, toiletries, and other supplies as needed.

·        Work with the maintenance person to ensure that necessary repairs are made.

·        Other duties as assigned.


·        High School Diploma or GED required.

·        Must have culinary skills and be able to prepare menus. Previous housekeeping experience necessary.

·        Occasional use of personal vehicle required. Private automobile required. Understand that any offer of employment is contingent on candidate’s ability to be covered by auto insurance. Mileage traveled will be compensated.

·        Must be able to lift and carry boxes to bring in food delivery items.

·        Food Service Sanitation Certificate a plus. Must be able to successfully complete the course and obtain certification.

·        Basic computer skills to create/maintain housekeeping documents.

·        Knowledge of issues pertaining to the needs of battered women and their children is a plus.

Work Hours

The schedule per week consists of 40 hours.



Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

High School