Faith-Based Community Organizer

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $45,000.00
Maximum: $50,000.00



Application Deadline:



4305 University Avenue, #530
San Diego
United States


The Community Organizer is responsible for training and developing low and moderate income leaders to effectively organize to improve conditions in their neighborhoods, schools, and communities. This requires that the Community Organizer learn the principles and practices of PICO’s model of faith-based community organizing, integrate them into his/her work, and develop the ability to teach them to clergy and lay leaders.


Responsibilities and Expectations:

v Training congregation and community members in the principles and concepts of grassroots congregation- based community organizing.

v Conducting one-to-one visits with grassroots community members and influential, external leaders on a consistent and regular basis. 

v Assisting grassroots leadership in defining vision and goals for Local Organizing Committees 

v Conducting outreach, research, and strategic planning to move communities to social action 

v Coordinating large community action meetings 

v Participating in local and national staff development sessions 

v Participating in fundraising, administrative, and coalition activities as required 


If interested in this position, please forward your resume (or CV), cover letter and/or writing sample via email, fax or postal mail to:


Recruitment Contact:

San Diego Organizing Project, Attn. Eric Wilson

4305 University Avenue, #530, San Diego, CA 92105

Fax: 619-924-6764 / Email:

Please, no phone calls.


SDOP offers a range of benefits including major medical, prescription, dental, long-term savings and paid time off. Some benefits do have service-length requirements. Salary is commensurate with experience and education.

Level of Language Proficiency

The successful candidate will possess and/or demonstrate:

v Previous experience in faith-based and/or relational organizing;

v A genuine interest in developing meaningful and productive relationships with community leaders & motivated by their growth and development 

v An ability to challenge others and a willingness to be challenged 

v A comfort with organized religion 

v A calling to work for social change and justice 

v An ability to work with diverse religious, racial, and ethnic communities 

v An ability to work as part of a strong staff team, as well as independently 

v Strong analytical, writing, and public speaking skills 

v Strong interpersonal skills 

v A willingness to be a part of an ongoing learning culture 

v The capacity to motivate, agitate, laugh with, capture, and move groups of people toward a common vision 

v The ability to build, management and grow teams

v Fluency in English and Spanish preferred

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply