COORDINATOR for social project in the ANDES of PERU

Job Type

Full Time


Details: minimum salary of 30% based on the total collection of said position in the organization, real salary, no puns, or discounts. Possibility of considerable increase.



Start Date


Application Deadline



Huancayo and Cusco


We are a non-profit local organization legally constituted, since 2009 is developing community development work, support for children and women in areas of extreme poverty in the Andes of Peru, this work is driven by volunteers, with training and professional experience in socio-economic areas, the result of this work our organization has achieved a solid base, reputation and experience, at this time we are in expansion and we need socially motivated people to help this work.

Roles coordinator:

  • Direct and assist volunteers in various projects.
  • management and direction of various projects of the organization, in the field as in the office.
  • represent the organization in various official activities, visits and agreements with other institutions or populations.
  • Tasks of information and training to volunteers who come to the project
  • General coordination tasks as maintaining contact with volunteer candidates, provide information about the organization and answer the questions of the volunteer.
  • Help in making contact with prospective volunteers, and participate in the process of acceptance / selection of candidates
  • Check the welfare of volunteers
  • Supervicion house volunteers
  • manage the funds and resources of the organization
  • Assist in the advertising of our volunteer opportunities.
  • direct and implement in coordination of the team of new activities and social, academic or economic projects of the organization

This role is aimed at people with a great motivation of social help, who are willing to adapt to a socio-cultural environment where they will work, positive and energized person, who loves to work as a team, and who is agree to get involved, both professionally and from a human-friendly point of view, in a multicultural team.

Although it would be valued, you DO NOT need previous experience in this area, we take care of the training and guidance, in summary, for us it is very important a positive predispocicion, be open to develop and experience a work experience, mutual support and multicultural coexistence and group accepting challenges in their role and their personal life to achieve common objectives.


  • level of advanced English.
  • have a capacity for empathy, understanding and patience.
  • Possess a positive, adaptable and open mentality.
  • management of basic computing and social networks.
  • having the patience, ability to treat and work with small girls and womens of the projects,
  • Some level Spanish language (optional)
  • 20 to 55 years
  • have a practical and fluent capacity for communication and human interrelation in a European or North American environment, Citizen of the European Union, Europe of the East, North America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
  • persistence, energy and resolution to meet personal and work challenges in the organization.
  • Degree in technical or university education in psychology, education, sociology, journalism, law, medicine, social work, marketing, public relations, mass media, as well as anyone wanting to participate in a project of this nature.
  • Minimum commitment of 3 months +
  • It is not necessary to have previous experience in the area
  • Ability to work in multicultural team


Our organization is directed by people with real motivation, training and experience in humanitarian and social areas, our work has more than 9 years of intense social work, this gives us the necessary experience and offers a genuine work, where you can develop your skills, experience professional and achieve a rewarding form of personal growth, their skills are integrated as part of a team, we are not improvised in this matter, we do not offer artificial scenes full of "great poverty mixed with paradisiacal beaches, surf and Bachata" (Peru is a essentially Andean and Amazonic country), ours is direct social work in areas where there is a great need for help for people in extreme poverty (focused mainly in the Andes of Peru) and where the true culture of Peru still survives, the Andean culture , cradle of the Inca civilization.

We also combine this with an intense and fun cultural exchange experience, excursions to many interesting places in the mountain / Andean jungle and practical courses: from native languages ​​or culture to food, dances and native cocktails.If you are one of the people who want to do a real and rewarding job in places and towns where you can still see the living culture of Andean Peru Inca, this is your place.


  • Lodging FREE in the house of the organization
  • After your confirmation as coordinator in the field, you can have access to a salary amount that goes from 30% with the possibility of considerable increase ,this amount is calculated in relation to the total amount collected or achieved in the various collection activities, courses or activities of the organization, which is much higher than a minimum wage in Peru or offered by any organization.
  • Real salary amount, no "puns", undercover tricks or discounts.
  • dedication and exclusive immersion in this work and organization
  • have the opportunity to be an integral part of our organization. (even legally if this is considered
  • Training and ongoing counseling quite personalized and professional taught by people with enough experience and practical and university training.
  • Training in areas of: Andean history and culture, Spanish and Quechua language, knowledge travel (tourist-recreational) and expeditions to areas in the Andes and jungle of Peru.
  • formation on food, cakes and cocktails of Peru.
  • (optional) training and experimentation of the cosmovision and forms of mystic ancestral Inca energy.
  • To obtain experience in the area of ​​international cooperation, management issues and volunteering with a legally established local organization with proven experience.
  • certificates and official documentation issued by a non-profit organization recognized and legally constituted.
  • You can validate your experience with internships related to their professional training.
  • develop extra activities with economic rewards in the organization (fundraising, collection campaigns, teaching English/spanish, various courses, etc.)
  • Once you are accepted as a member of the organization, you can direct projects, have the role of director, represent the organization, be considered for other projects and other positions of trust.

To start the selection process, send us the Application Form that is on our website:

For more details and answer any questions, write to:

This role is very trustworthy and requires proof of real social or professional validity, it can also give us the id of your professional or personal network, It would also be appreciable and it would help to have a contact by social network like Facebook, here our page there:

as well as a communication via Skype.

Thank you.

Level of Language Proficiency

  • English
  • basic Spanish or more
  • German (optional)

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

A- To start the application process you must send us the application form that is on our website with the required information. (you can give as much data as possible)

B- contact with the social network with a credible profile. here our Facebook address:

C- Skype communication or similar means (if necessary)

D- After we will ask for your resume, letters of motivation or recommendation and additional documents,