Director of Family & Community Engagement

Job Type

Full Time




908 Wahler Place, SE
United States


What You Will Do

The Director of Family & Community Engagement (DFACE) manages the strategic planning, development and oversight of family engagement and community relations across the network of schools. S/he oversees strategic initiatives for outreach, positive engagement and true partnership with families and the broader community of stakeholders to meet targets and objectives related to scholar enrollment/re-enrollment and family satisfaction with their Achievement Prep experience. Such outreach, engagement and partnership efforts include, but are not limited to, local schools, community-based organizations, local and state government agencies, and the surrounding neighborhoods. The DFACE supports campus-based teams in overall recruitment, admissions, and retention efforts to ensure an increase in year-over-year applications for admission as well as high re-enrollment of current scholars. S/he will work with senior leadership to develop enrollment targets and objectives for individual schools, oversee the admissions and registration processes, manage the annual scholar enrollment audit and drive re-enrollment and retention efforts.


Reporting to the Chief of Network Affairs, you will:


Stakeholder Engagement

  • Develop, guide, and monitor implementation of a comprehensive strategy for family and community engagement initiatives within and on behalf of Achievement Prep schools
  • Serve as external face of the organization to the broader community and represent the school at relevant events and meetings
  • Spearhead a vision for, and continue to build an internal culture that values, family engagement, including ensuring Parents as Partners program continues full operation and ensuring proactive, multi-directional, and ongoing family communication
  • Assess the needs of families and collaborate with school-based leaders to implement programming to meet those needs, within the capabilities of the school
  • Oversee network-wide events and sustained programming (e.g. Parent University) that welcome the broader community into Achievement Prep
  • Support Principals and their Campus-Based Leadership Teams (CBLTs) to positively and proactively engage families and community
  • Design and implement tools to track parent/family feedback on metrics related to engagement and satisfaction
  • Work with school leaders to meet quantifiable, school-level family engagement and satisfaction metrics annually
  • Manage and grow partnerships with effective extended care and enrichment providers operating on campus and in the surrounding community
  • Identify and cultivate relationships with community based organizations, service providers, programmatic partners, corporations, cultural institutions, civic organizations, human services agencies (i.e. health care, libraries, other schools), public officials (elected officials, police, community boards, etc.) and volunteer groups to improve scholar outcomes
  • Maintain aforementioned relationships to support ever increasing enrollment at and demand for Achievement Prep


Scholar Recruitment, Enrollment & Persistence

  • Work directly with network and school-based leadership to develop and implement strategic initiatives to ensure fully enrolled campuses across the network – including year-round cultivation and engagement of stakeholders
  • Collaborate with the network leadership and campus principals to set and monitor progress toward goals for scholar recruitment, admissions, registration, enrollment, persistence, and re-enrollment
  • Continuously improve and oversee the implementation of systems and processes for the continuum of scholar recruitment through re-enrollment with a focus on city-wide compliance and ever-changing city demographics
  • Audit and monitor scholar information in online systems related to registration, enrollment, and re-enrollment
  • Serve as network data liaison to MySchoolDC (MSDC), responding to all requests for data and attending all MSDC meetings
  • Liaise with AppleTree @ Achievement Prep as it relates to the continuum of scholar recruitment through re-enrollment for our early childhood program


Annual Enrollment Audit

  • Oversee the annual enrollment audit conducted by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)
  • Meet the annual goal of 100% clean audits for each school
  • Ensure all scholar enrollment documentation for the network is accurate and up to date at all times
  • Ensure all paperwork in the enrollment audit is correct, in conjunction with school-based FCCs
  • With the Director of Data to reconcile all enrollment numbers and demographic information from PowerSchool for submission to the Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLED)
  • Manage all data submissions and feeds to SLED
  • Support special education team with tools and information necessary to submit accurate, timely child count documentation
  • Conduct trainings and lead regular meetings with campus FCCs to prepare for the enrollment audit


“Wind In The Sails” Support for Schools

  • Communicate proactively and frequently with families
  • Be on campus from at least 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily
  • Provide leadership to all staff and scholars in establishing a positive, structured, and achievement-oriented school culture 
  • Participate regularly in projects and initiatives that integrate Network Office staff into schools
  • Support “all-hands-on-deck” times of for schools: beginning of school year, standardized testing, all school assemblies, etc.
  • Maintain a culture centered on our ethos and core values of Determination, Respect,Enthusiasm, Accountability, and Mastery
  • Exhibit an unwavering commitment to high academic achievement and character development in our scholars
  • Receive continuous feedback from peers and school leaders on your practice and be expected to give the same
  • Manage time, tasks, deadlines and responsibilities in a fast-paced environment and hold others accountable for the same


Be willing to take on additional responsibilities as necessary to fulfill Achievement Prep’s mission for our scholars 


You Must Have

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3+ years of experience in an urban school setting
  • Experience implementing complex systems and processes
  • Experience in external relations and/or strategic partnerships
  • Experience in enrollment processes (admissions, outreach, registration)
  • Ability to work some nights and weekends


It Would Be Nice for Your to Have

  • Master’s degree
  • Experience with PowerSchool and/or student information systems


Who You Are

You know and understand the power of education and have seen, first hand, that power manifested either in your life or in the lives of others. You are committed to serving historically underserved communities knowing that your work is part of a larger ecosystem committed to change. You believe in a quality public education for all and are determined to serve every child that comes your way. You are unapologetically mission driven and will do whatever it takes to advance the work and ensure scholar achievement. You are excited about not just the work, but doing the work at Achievement Prep. You are familiar with our community and are not afraid of or by all the beauty and challenges that come with living in impoverished communities. You value and respect everyone and demonstrate that respect in words and actions.


You know that only if we have our parents (and all guardians) as partners will we be able to achieve our mission in the lives of our scholars. You see family and community engagement as something that doesn’t just happen during seasons when the school needs something from external stakeholders, it is an authentic and ongoing process that ensures that we are able to continuously address all of the needs of our scholars. You respect timelines and know that meeting the same are not optional or to be taken for granted. You are open to feedback, eager to grow, and bring your best to everything you do. You know the work isn’t easy and don’t expect for it to be. The grind of our mission ignites you. You are not only capable of performing but thrive in circumstances involving ambiguity and nuance. You look for or create the joy in your day-to-day and want to work with others who do, too. 


What We Value

  • 100% Scholars: You prioritize what’s best for scholars first.
  • Results Without Excuses: You set, track and achieve ambitious goals; and you own the mistakes.
  • Sweat the Small Stuff: You pay attention to the smallest details to ensure smooth, predictable, and effective outcomes.
  • Community Matters – Mightily: You show care and respect for others – even when the work is taxing.
  • Unapologetically Mission-Driven: You have a “whatever it takes” mentality in achieving the mission.
  • Many Minds, One Mission: You value and partner with parents and the community for the good of scholars.


What You Get

  • Development:
  • Ongoing weekly or bi-weekly coaching and development from direct supervisor
  • Regular internal professional development tailored to the requirements of the position and staff needs
  • Opportunities to participate in external professional development that increases effectiveness in the role
  • Compensation & Benefits:
  • Achievement Prep offers highly competitive compensation and benefits
  • Medical, vision, dental benefits
  • Flexible spending accounts for transit, dependent care, and medical expenses
  • 401k with automatic immediate employer matching up to 4%
  • It Pays to Stay:
  • Upon completion of 2 full school years of service, employees become eligible for annual loyalty incentives
  • Gifts and Achievement Prep swag
  • Bonuses

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement