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Vice President, Financial Services and Administration


National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)

Published 13 days ago

Classification: Exempt 

Reports to:  President and CEO

Team: Financial Services and Administration/Leadership Group


NACUBO is committed to diversity because it enriches and strengthens how we advance our mission, just as it does for institutions of higher education. We are fully focused on equality and believe deeply in diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin and all the other fascinating characteristics that make us different. Our goal is to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to stay and do their best work.

Creativity and cross-team collaboration drive NACUBO’s achievements and contribute to individual success. All staff members are encouraged to think creatively about how they and NACUBO can address mission, member needs, and challenges that will inevitably arise from time to time. They are also encouraged to develop and nurture strong partnerships throughout the association. These partnerships help individuals, teams, and the association accomplish the activities, goals and strategies of the organization and of individual positions. 

Imagination, innovation, and curiosity are welcome, and all require some risk taking. NACUBO encourages staff to engage in bold thinking, to put forward new ideas and proposals, and to openly debate the risks – upside and downside – associated with new ideas. 

Each member of the NACUBO staff is responsible for creating and sustaining esprit de corps across the organization.

To accomplish all of this, staff will need strong communication and strategic thinking skills. NACUBO is committed to nurturing these skills in all staff members. 

Position Summary

The Vice President for Financial Services and Administration at NACUBO reports to the President and serves as a member of the Leadership Group. With other members of the Leadership Group, he/she is jointly responsible for organization-wide decisions and the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals and priorities. He or she shares responsibility for NACUBO’s performance and results.

He/She recognizes the importance of encouraging cross-boundary collaboration, cultivating success at every level of the organization, and creating esprit de corps across the organization. He/She balances the short - and long-term goals of NACUBO, and demonstrates organizational thinking focused on opportunity, mission, and goals and based on in-depth knowledge of higher education and membership associations. 

The Vice President for Financial Services and Administration is the chief financial officer and as such is responsible for NACUBO’s overall financial operations, policies, and plans, including financial plans for general operations and strategic initiatives. He/She is expert at translating organizational goals and plans into financial plans. He/She oversees finance staff, a facility manager, and the Human Resources manager. This position ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the use of NACUBO’s assets, and leads the association’s use of data for decision making. 

Essential Functions 

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

• With the Leadership Group, creates a financial vision for NACUBO, and creates and implements a plan for achieving it. 

• Serves as a thought partner to the President and Leadership Group for longer-term strategic plans and decisions affecting the mission and future of the association and its overall agenda. Provides strategic financial input and administrative leadership on issues affecting the organization.

• Ensures the creation and management of the association’s overall financial plans and policies, with oversight from the President.  

• Provides regular, timely, and actionable information on the association’s financial, budgetary, and investment trends to critical audiences: the President, the Leadership Group, the Board of Directors, and budget managers. Includes forecasts and risk assessments.

• Provides strategic leadership of Human Resources Management to ensure that NACUBO follows best practices to attract, support, and retain high-quality staff to achieve its mission.


• Oversees and directs treasury, budget planning and operations, audit, tax, accounting, and long-range financial forecasting for the organization.  

• Leads the annual and multi-year budget processes for operations and strategic initiatives. Responsible for the continual improvement of budgeting processes through education of budget managers on financial issues affecting their budgets.

• Responsible for the staffing and work of the Financial Services area, including the procedures and computer application systems necessary to maintain proper records and to afford adequate accounting controls and reporting services.  

• Performs the treasurer functions in activities such as custodian of funds and securities, asset management, billing and receipts and disbursement operations of the organization.  

• Annually evaluates and oversees the renewal of the general liability and other insurance products to ensure NACUBO is adequately covered.

• With appropriate members of the Leadership Group, analyzes operational issues affecting both functional groups and the organization as a whole, and determines their financial impact. When necessary and with the appropriate members of the Leadership Group, proposes changes for the overall financial health and efficiency of NACUBO.

• Participates in the evaluation of opportunities for business partnering and collaboration.  

• As appropriate, maintains contact with NACUBO Board of Directors, its Finance and Audit Committee, and pertinent financial institutions.

• Provides support in the grant seeking and grant tracking processes.

• Oversees the daily work of the Financial Services team and participates in NACUBO’s regular Performance Assessment process.

Human Resources Management

• Provides active oversight of Human Resources management, including participation in strategy setting, to ensure excellent employee relations, compliance, and planning for human resource needs of the organization.

• Facilitates and monitors the implementation and operation of human resource processes at NACUBO.

• Ensures that Human Resources systems, policies, and procedures comply with applicable Federal and District Labor, ERISA, and other applicable laws and regulations.

• With HR and legal counsel as needed, ensures that the association has a streamlined policy and procedure framework and current policies. 

• Annually, oversees and assists in the renewal of health, dental, life insurance, disability, and worker’s compensation insurance for NACUBO.

Facilities Management

• Oversees the coordination of office space allocation to ensure that NACUBO’s overall assets are appropriately deployed. Oversees and directs property management functions as needed.  

• Manages building maintenance issues, renovation projects, maintenance of common space, mail room management, and print services. 

• With the appropriate members of the Leadership Group, reviews, advises, negotiates, and manages (as appropriate) contracts (except hotels) into which the organization may enter. Consults with the president on financial matters associated with the implications of entering such contracts. 

Performs other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor’s degree required, with Master’s degree in finance or other related area preferred. 

• 10-15 years’ progressively responsible experience in the accounting/finance and business administration fields.

• Association experience and/or knowledge of the higher education environment a plus.

• Confidentiality. Must be an individual of integrity who knows how to handle confidential and sensitive information appropriately. 

• Strong interpersonal skills. The ability to relate to people at all levels of an organization and excellent communication skills. Must be able to communicate financial information and data clearly to non-technical as well as technical audiences.

• Good negotiation skills and experience with contracts.

• Strong attention to detail.

• Strong organizational skills including the ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.

Classification: Exempt 

Reports to:  President and CEO

Team: Financial Services and Administration/Leadership Group


NACUBO is committed to diversity because it enriches and strengthens how we advance our mission, just as it…

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  • On-site Location
  • Full Time Schedule
  • 4-Year Degree Required
  • Executive


1110 Vermont Avenue Northwest, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005

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