Program Manager

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $58,000.00
Maximum: $58,000.00



Application Deadline:



San Francisco
United States


Job Description: Program Manager


At The Crossroads (ATC) is continuing to expand our services to homeless and unstably-housed youth and young adults, and we are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic Program Manager to supervise an amazing team of outreach counselors! We are excited to be expanding our management capacity by adding an additional Program Manager position to help oversee our direct services. You’ll have the opportunity to support our work with clients, both directly in a limited capacity, and behind the scenes.

As one of our Program Managers, you’ll help oversee the day-to-day management of ATC’s direct service programs, which include nighttime outreach, one-to-one counseling meetings, visitations with incarcerated clients, and working with our more difficult to reach clients. This position will help hire, train, and supervise up to five Outreach Counselors. The Program Manager will help organize and facilitate group meetings that help create a culture that emphasizes continuous growth and learning. Although nobody is expected to have all the answers to every situation, this position will support the program staff in crisis or challenging client scenarios, and help them find the expertise they need when additional resources are required. The PM will help ensure that we stay focused on the most disconnected clients and continue to prioritize youth that are the hardest to reach.

Our primary focus is youth in the Downtown/Tenderloin neighborhood, where our client base is about 80% African-American, 15% White, and 5% other. We also work during the daytime with youth in the Mission, (where our office used to be located and where we sometimes visit during the day), where our client base is about 40% Latino (about 25% of these youth are monolingual Spanish-speakers), 25% African-American, 25% White, and 10% other.

Since ATC is not a peer-based program, applicants coming from a street background must have been off the streets for at least two years. ATC staff must embrace a harm-reduction philosophy. We are looking for people who will support clients in generating their own goals and solutions, not those who give advice or use their own lives to instruct others.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

●     Supervision and Support of Outreach Counselors

●     Hiring and Training of Outreach Counselors

●     Direct Client Support

●     Safety and Crisis Management

●     Program Administration

Reports To: Program Director

Schedule: Full-time, 40 hours/week, including going on outreach up to one night a week (M, T, Th or F) in the Downtown/Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. On evenings when you are on outreach, you may be working as late as midnight.

Compensation: $58,000/year, comprehensive benefits incl. full health, dental, and vision coverage, health and wellness benefits, commuting benefits, 24 paid vacation days, and 10 floating holidays

Application Deadline:​ Tuesday, March 14th, at at 11:59pm


At The Crossroads reaches out to homeless youth and young adults at their point of need, and works with them to build healthy and fulfilling lives. Our model focuses on young people who do not access traditional services and are disconnected from any type of consistent support. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. We remove common barriers to service by bringing our counselors onto the streets, and by shaping our support services around the needs of each individual client. Our goal is to help our clients build outstanding lives, not just lives of subsistence. Learn more at


There is a lot of laughter in the office, and yet we take our work very seriously. We are informal, but with a high degree of professionalism. We work hard, care a lot about details, and work both independently and as part of a team. If these seem like impossible contradictions, then you might not like us. If this makes sense, we might be the right place for you.


Supervision and Support of Outreach Counselors:

●     Supervise up to five outreach counselors with weekly one-to-one supervision and ongoing team support meetings

●     Ensure that outreach counselors are guided by our organizational core values and our boundaries, and are prioritizing our hardest-to-reach clients

●     Promote self-accountability on the counseling team around communication and follow through

●     Help strengthen the way we supervise outreach counselors, particularly in the areas of project management and leadership development, to encourage staff longevity and satisfaction

●     Foster a spirit of teamwork, motivation, self-care, and fun!

Hiring and Training:

●     Coordinate hiring of all outreach counseling staff with the support of the Program Director

●     Organize trainings of all ATC employees around direct service protocols and procedures, with our core values and philosophy at the center of the teaching and learning process

●     Partner with Volunteer Coordinator to ensure office volunteers have necessary program training

●     Encourage, support, and evaluate the professional skill development of counseling staff

Direct Client Support:

●     Meet with clients one-on-one in a limited capacity

●     Go on nighttime outreach every one to two weeks, providing services to clients on the streets

●     Act as occasional back-up support when program coverage is needed

Safety and Crisis Management:

●     Facilitate communication regarding safety planning and necessary details with staff and volunteers

●     Provide and/or facilitate connections to support staff during serious emergencies, seeking professional consult when necessary  

Program Administration:

●     Oversee and facilitate scheduling for specific programs (outreach, jail visitations, office hours, etc.), and help counselors coordinate last-minute coverage

●     Oversee day-to-day program spending and support Program Director in creating a program budget

●     Oversee staff use of client databases, communication, and ordering systems with support from Program Director

●     Monitor clients supplies and inventory (clothing, hygiene, snacks for outreach, etc.), with purchasing assistance from the Administrative Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

Other Responsibilities:

●     Oversee, manage and execute responsibilities for ATC client holiday parties

●     Attend various All Staff, Management, and Program team meetings as scheduled



●     Relevant direct service or non profit experience (minimum of three years required)

●     Supervision/Management experience (minimum of one year required)

●     Strong group facilitation skills

●     Comfortable working with youth from a diversity of ethnic, racial, and ideological backgrounds

●     Understanding and comfort with street realities, and enthusiasm around supporting work with very challenging clients

●     Ability to work effectively and efficiently in an often busy, sometimes chaotic environment

●     Open-minded with a strong philosophical alignment and commitment to our mission

●     Strong aptitude for creating and improving internal organizational and communication systems

●     Excellent verbal and written communication skills

●     Comfort and familiarity with computer skills and commonly-used software and programs

●     Strong project management skills, follow through, and time-management

●     Great listening and interpersonal skills, including patience and sensitivity

●     Ability to think critically to solve problems

●     Comfortable giving and receiving feedback

●     Strong sense of one’s personal strengths and weaknesses

●     Detail-oriented with a high standards of professionalism

●     Physical ability to lift and carry up to 40 lbs, and this position requires lifting, twisting, reaching, standing, and sitting


●     Experience working with incarcerated individuals

●     Able to pass a background check in order to obtain jail clearance


comprehensive benefits incl. full health, dental, and vision coverage, health and wellness benefits, commuting benefits, 24 paid vacation days, and 10 floating holidays

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

●     Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 14th at at 11:59pm

●     Submit resume and answers to the additional questions (below) to -- you do not need to submit a cover letter

●     Applications will only be accepted via email, and only in .doc, .docx, or .pdf formats – no exceptions

●     The subject line of your emailed application MUST be: Program Manager – [Your Name]


Please limit your answers to one short, concise paragraph for each question.

1) Why are you applying for the Program Manager (PM) position? What appeals to you about ATC? What resonates with you personally about our philosophy or mission?

2) Tell us about your previous experience working with homeless youth, or other relevant populations, and what it was like for you?

3) Imagine that one of the counselors that you supervise had the following situation arise with a client:

There’s a young adult who the counselor seen on outreach a few times. He smokes pot regularly, has snorted speed and has smoked heroin occasionally. He tells the counselor that he’s planning on trying injecting for the first time, but doesn’t really ask for your opinion.

How would you support that counselor? What questions or thoughts come up for you? What about this situation do you feel comfortable and/or uncomfortable with?

4) What do you think are the qualities that are most important to succeeding in this position (whether or not they are your strengths)?

5) What makes you a good candidate for this position? Tell us how your skill set and previous experience match up with the PM job description, and ways in which they don’t. In the areas where they don’t, how do you envision your growth?

6) What will your biggest challenge be in this position, and how will you address it?

7) What is your experience supervising people, either staff or volunteers? How would you describe your style as a supervisor? What are the biggest lessons you have learned from the experience of supervising people?

8) Have you led or managed and projects in your previous roles, and what was that like for you? If so, what did you learn from the experience?

9) References:

Please give us the names and contact information for three people to whom you are not related, whom you have known at least one year. Please include at least one supervisor from employment and/or volunteer work (two or more is preferable). If you are currently employed and do not want us to contact your present employer, please indicate this and choose an alternate reference. 

Please include their:

●     Occupation

●     Relationship to you

●     Email

●     Phone number

At The Crossroads is an equal opportunity employer.