Development Director

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $85,000
Maximum: $115,000



Application Deadline



64 Division Street
United States



Waterbury PAL is a not for profit organization which promotes partnerships between youth, law enforcement and the community through educational, athletic and recreational programs designed to encourage team building and foster positive relationships.

The Goal of Waterbury PAL is to enable all young people, regardless of race, religion, income, or disability, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Waterbury PAL has earned national recognition through its innovative programming. With the aim of progressing the organization to new heights, the Board has authorized the hiring of the first Development Director. The Director shall serve as the day to day manager of PAL, including its staff, volunteers, and participating community organizations. The Director will dedicate a majority of their time in serving as the primary point of contact and liaison with donors and supporters. The Director shall report to the President of PAL, who in turn will oversee the Director’s activities and establish the parameters of authority and proper governance.  

1.     Fundraising:

a.     The Director is primarily responsible for the establishment, coordination, and implementation of all fundraising activities with the cooperation and support of the Board.

b.     Measurements:

                i.    A comprehensive fundraising plan will be established with the support and approval of the Board and implemented by the Director with a goal of making Waterbury PAL financially sustainable with an endowment that ultimately fully and perpetually funds the operations based on a conservative draw rate of four percent (4%) over the upcoming three years.  The PAL Endowment is in its infancy.


ii.    A goal shall be established for years one, two and three with the cost of the Director position fully covered by annual fund contributions within 18 months.

iii.    The organization shall maximize its grant potential to fund its programmatic goals.

iv.     There will be a comprehensive stewardship program for all grantors, corporate sponsors and donors. 

v.    A program shall be instituted within the first 3 months to capture and track a series of key metrics that measure the performance of PAL.

vi.    The grant goals shall be established annually.

2.     Member and Community Engagement:

a.     The Director is responsible for developing and coordinating all community outreach activities, initiatives and engagement.

b.     The Director shall be engaged in the local community and its respective organizations, collaborating, building consensus and participating in maximizing community resources and efforts.

c.     Measurements:

i.    The City of Waterbury Education Department and Law Enforcement Leaders support the programming and fundraising efforts of PAL as detailed in the Annual Plan.

ii.    The number of active Members meets the annual targets.

iii.    The number of program participants meets the annual targets.

iv.    The retention rate of Members meets the annual targets.

v.    The list of active corporate sponsors and donors meets the annual targets. 

3.     Leadership and Team Development:

a.     The Director is responsible for the implementation of PAL’s Strategic Plan developed by the Board in conjunction with the management Team.

b.     The Director will coordinate the development of specific Annual Plans consistent with the Board developed Strategic Plan with specific key initiatives broken into four (4) quarterly plans having specific priorities aligned with all individual team members’ priorities and functions.

c.     The Director is responsible for the overall supervision and management of all PAL team members, including the full time Program Coordinator and PAL staff members, and all PAL volunteers.

d.     Team member are properly trained and developed to meet the standards and criteria for their role.

e.     Team member are fully engaged and is provided routine feedback to provide a healthy work environment fostering continual improvement and goal attainment.

f.      Measurements:

i.    Individual Team members all have their own Plan aligned with the goals of the Annual Plan with specific measurements and dates and are provided feedback routinely.

ii.    Each of these plans are broken into quarterly plans with specific actionable items that are reviewed routinely and each team member is held accountable for their performance.

iii.    Quarterly and Annual Goals including initiatives are accomplished.

iv.    Employees, and team members are fully engaged as measured by an annual engagement survey.

4.     Programs:

a.     The Director is responsible, in conjunction with the PAL Program Coordinator and PAL staff, for the ongoing development and execution of programming activities consistent with the Mission of PAL, overseeing the PAL activity coordinators and volunteers.

b.     Measurements:

i.    Programs are part of a comprehensive programming plan that meet the established objectives for PAL and collectively meet the Mission individually and collectively on an annual basis as determined by the Board.

ii.    Programs are routinely evaluated for their effectiveness and to ensure that they are the appropriate use of organizational financial and personnel resources, to insure that all PAL operational standards are met and improvements routinely implemented to meet the ongoing needs of the PAL objectives.

iii.    Program participation shall be measured and surveys taken of participants during and upon conclusion of the program to determine the effectiveness of each program.

5.     Annual Plan and Financial Management:

a.     The Director, with the engagement and approval of the Board, is responsible for the establishment and oversight of the Annual Plan including the Financial Plan to insure that the organization operates within the financial parameters of the approved Annual Plan.

b.     Measurement:

i.    The Annual Plan and Financial Plan will be broken into quarterly and monthly plans with specific targets and objectives. The actual performance will be compared to these plans.  

ii.    An Annual Plan is created and finalized for Board approval a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of each fiscal year. The Annual Plan includes the financial budget and the detailed plans for each function of the organization.


1.     Lives the Core Values of the Organization and meets the highest ethical standards and codes of conduct, building and protecting the PAL brand.

2.     Charismatic and strong leadership skills- coaching and mentoring  including youth related educational, recreational and athletic activity programming and character development skills

3.     Passion for service of others and the community

4.     Strong decision-making skills and judgment - organized, plans, schedules and executes- action and result oriented

5.     Highly motivated and High Standards of Performance

6.     Embraces and drives continual improvement

7.     High emotional intelligence and sales skills- Strong communication skills- listening, speaking and written

8.     Strong positive attitude

9.     Persistence, Determination and strong self-esteem

10.  Strategic Thinking

11.  Multi-tasking skills

12.  Calm under Pressure

Experiences and Education:

1.     Law Enforcement background, preferred, not required

2.     Financially literate

3.     Sales and Fundraising Skills

4.     Grant Process experience

5.     Connected to the Greater Waterbury community

6.     Non-profit and/or volunteer experience consistent with the Mission of PAL

7.     4 year college degree - preferred, not essential

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement