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About InterAction:

InterAction is the largest alliance of international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the U.S., with over 190 members working in every developing country. Members are large and small, faith-based and secular, with a focus on the world’s most poor and vulnerable populations. The U.S. public, foundations and governments support the work of our members who collectively invest and manage over $18 billion a year. InterAction’s own funds come from dues and generous grants from others, such as foundations, corporations and governments. Using its collective voice, InterAction seeks to shape important policy decisions as wide range of foreign assistance, relief, development, environmental and other issues that advance human dignity.



Position Title: Consultants – Arabic and Spanish Translators

Position Type: Consultant

Location: Home based

Travel: 0

Reporting to: InterAction Shelter Advisor

InterAction is undertaking the translation of the existing Shelter and Settlements online training course. We are seeking the services of Arabic (Standard) and Spanish (LAC Region) translators. Consultants can be individuals or organizations.



Please see list of tasks below and proposed schedule HERE: 


The current course in divided into 5 modules and available and can be accessed from InterAction. InterAction will provide the original content in English in MS word format.


Translations will be carried out in phases as described in the attached schedule (see below). It is estimated the overall level of effort would be about 20 days. Initial translation of text and slides (PHASE-I: tasks 1 and 2) must be carried out in a timely manner and within the first month after signing of the contract. PHASE-II (Tasks 4, 6 and 7) will be carried out in conjunction with the E-learning consultants upon the development of the draft version of the online course as described in the schedule.



Qualifications and experience:

·        Must be fluent in English and the target language (Arabic or Spanish), preferably native speaker.

·        knowledge of the culture in the relevant countries and the region gained by living and working there. Clear understanding of regional cultural, social and political sensitivities related to usage of terminologies.

·        Clear understanding of humanitarian assistance and familiar with the S&S and related sectors.

·        Able to reproduce the text clearly, accurately and in the style intended by the original author. Research legal, technical or scientific terms and consult with experts to make sure the translation is accurate and easily understood by intended audience (InterAction will assist and facilitate access to technical experts as needed).

·        Able to meet strict deadlines and adaptable to slight changes in schedule.

·        Bachelors or higher degree. Certificate in professional translation is preferred.

·        Preference will be given to individuals or organizations currently working in humanitarian settings and has carried out formal translation work.

·        This position is home based but preferably available for occasional in person meetings in Washington DC for orientation and consultations with appropriate S&S experts.


Work must start within a week of signing the consultant agreement and the first two tasks must be completed within one month. 50% of the contracted amount will be paid upon completion of PHASE-I and 50% upon completion of PHASE-II.


Please see list of tasks below and proposed schedule HERE:


Translation - Task descriptions and approximate schedule


Work Description [ESTIMATED DAYS]

A.     Translation of the current English curriculum into the chosen language: [10 DAYS}, that includes: Review of English language content and clarifications of 5 Modules in English; Translation of five module; Cross checking and ensuring consistency of terminology across all modules. (All texts will be provided in MS Word by InterAction)       


B.     Review, clarifications and editing to be done with InterAction and E-Learning Consultant: [2 DAYS]


C.     Development of the E-Learning Course (E-Learning Consultant/Separate contract)


D.     Review and edit the draft online course (pre-audio): [3 DAYS], that includes: Review and edit pre-audio version of five modules of e-learning course; Provide edits as track change on MS Word file in target language


E.      Development and incorporation of audio (E-Learning Consultant/Separate contract)


F.      Review and final edit of the course (with Audio) [3 DAYS], that includes: Final review of audio version x 5 Modules (Synthesized version); Final review of audio version x 5 Modules (Live version)


G.     Complete E-Learning course and upload (E-Learning Consultant/Separate contract)  


H.     Additional edits as needed [2 DAYS], that includes: Additional edits and corrections, if needed, after uploading to websites


Separate applications are required for Arabic and Spanish languages. Please apply attaching a resume (Max 2 pages) clearly stating previous translation work and expected renumeration for the entire effort by email to


Please apply by COB September 7th, 2018 and applications will be reviewed as they are received. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The work is pending funding approval and expected to start Sep/Oct 2018.



This consultancy is home-based. There are no extraordinary physical requirements for the performance of the essential functions of this position. InterAction will make reasonable accommodation to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.


Please apply attaching a resume (Max 2 pages) clearly stating previous translation work and expected renumeration for the entire effort. Consultants will be selected based on qualifications and experience based on bid analysis.




Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Please email your resume and cover letter to with subject line containing: Consultant – Arabic Translator OR Consultant - Spanish Translator. Separate applications are required for each language. Position will remain open until filled but applications must be received before September 7th, 2018 and will be reviewed as they are received. Only finalists will be contacted. Questions regarding the tasks and schedule of work can be addressed to before 31 August 2018.