Staff Nurse (RN)

Job Type

Full Time



Start Date



180 Bloomfield Avenue
New Jersey
United States


Qualifications include:

  1. Full agreement with and willingness to uphold the Statements of Faith & Principle and all policies of First Choice Women's Resource Centers.
  2. Hold a current Registered Nurse’s license and be in good standing with the State Medical Board.


  1. To provide ultrasound exams, STI screens and appropriate medical recommendations for each client in an atmosphere of warmth and compassion.
  2. To provide accurate information and education on adoption, abortion, prenatal care and sexual health.
  3. To follow all policies and procedures regarding ultrasound, STD screens, counseling, helpline, and office flow-through.
  4. To offer counsel, material resources and referrals appropriate to a clients’ situation.
  5. To appropriately follow-up with clients according to the policies and guidelines of the Center.
  6. In scans, identify all markers of a viable pregnancy (i.e. heartbeat, crown rump length and gestational sac).
  7. In STI screens, provide intake procedures, sample collection and processing, appropriate counseling based on results, follow up and discharge procedures and state required STD reporting.


  1. To record all client contact in client files and eKyros software.
  2. To keep current on statistics and information relating to ultrasound techniques, pregnancy, abortion, sexual health and adoption through in-services; magazines; journals; and newspaper articles.
  3. To keep current on the information in the First Choice Women’s Resource Centers referral book.


Benefits include health and dental insurance.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

Cover letters and resumes should be submitted to Rhea Borbotti, Director of Health Services,