Program Officer for Russian-Language Journalism Training (Russian speaking)

Job Type

Full Time



Application Deadline



1630 Crescent Place Northwest
District of Columbia
United States


Specific duties and responsibilities for developing and implementing short term study tours include:

  • Develop a detailed proposed budget reflective of the specific requirements of the funding authority and submit a detailed proposal for project activities (if required);
  • Establish the concept for each exchange program using guidance provided by the client. Determine what is required, balanced and appropriate content, including suitable pacing and geographic balance, for each program;
  • Coordinate the development of the program in cooperation with the client, participants, interpreters, and English Language Officers;
  • Arrange a Washington, DC schedule of professional appointments and cultural activities;
  • Oversee and monitor local programs carried out in other cities around the U.S. by members of Global Ties U.S. network and other partners;
  • Maintain open channels of communication during each program with the client, informing them of all significant developments;
  • Provide supervision, guidance and professional counsel to a Program Coordinator who carries out the administrative support functions;
  • Review check requests and expense reimbursements for accuracy, budget compliance, and appropriate account code allocation. Signatory authority on check requests up to $5,000;
  • Conduct basic research and identify program resources such as relevant speakers and institutions;
  • Work effectively under the pressure of time constraints and the high visibility of this program;
  • Provide on a regular basis short descriptions and write-ups, photos, videos and updates on upcoming and ongoing projects for Meridian’s website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.);
  • Maintain a constant communication with the Meridian Social Media coordinators and with the GlobalConnect representative in the Meridian’s Communications Committee to timely inform them of upcoming projects, media coverage for existing programs and to discuss new opportunities to enhance Meridian’s web presence;
  • Monitor all fiscal and administrative matters related to grants and project budgets ensuring fiscal responsibility through close supervision of project expenses and budget tracking; reconcile final accounting and prepare final budget for invoicing;
  • Review cost sheets on a monthly basis, including G&A expenses, confirming that the entered budget is the client-approved budget, that month-to-date expenditures are accurate and match project records, and that expenditures are within budget;
  • Report cost sheet discrepancies and request corrections (reallocations) as needed;
  • Monitor grant cost share commitments on a monthly basis;
  • Monitor grant sub-recipient performance and reporting, ensuring timely submission of reports, both technical and financial information, including cost share requirements;
  • Monitor overall project cost share commitments, ensuring that cost share is provided in a timely manner and that back-up documentation is complete and auditable.

Business Development

The Program Officer is also responsible for a broad range of business development activities. Working closely with the Director of Program Development, the Finance Manager, and a Program Coordinator, the Program officer will oversee the development of competitive proposals in line with GlobalConnect’s Business Development Plan and reflective of Meridian’s broader goals and objectives. As required, the Program Officer may also assist with the development of project proposals by other divisions within Meridian.


The specific duties and responsibilities are:

  • Represent Meridian at client and potential client meetings domestically and abroad in order to raise awareness of its offerings and capabilities, and more specifically those of the GlobalConnect Division;
  • Research opportunities and network with potential funders including existing and new public and private sector clients;
  • Conceive and write project proposals, including serving as the proposal manager on assigned opportunities;
  • Developing partnerships and identifying subcontractors and partners for proposal responses;
  • Obtain the cooperation or participation of a wide variety of individuals in governmental and private organizations throughout the U.S.;
  • Work cooperatively with the Director of Program Development, the Finance Manager, and a Program Coordinator to develop proposals that align with Meridian’s specific objectives and which meet the institution’s financial goals;
  • Ensure the timely submission of the proposal and conduct the necessary follow up with the funding authority.


Longer Term Grants and Development Projects

The Project Officer is also responsible for the implementation of a number of multi-year projects and/or international development grants. These projects are reflective of Meridian’s goal of expanding and diversifying its funding sources by development and implementing projects abroad or (components of) multi-year exchange grants. 


Specific duties and responsibilities associated with the implementation of longer term grants and international development projects include:

  • Supervise program implementation and direct the full range of project activities;
  • Coordinate with local staff to effectively monitor program progress and field implementation of the program’s tasks and objectives;
  • Development of budget and financial oversight of program segments;
  • Provide training and guidance on financial maters to local partners and subgrantees to ensure complience with the specific requirements of the funding authority;
  • Support partner relationships, including identifying potential sub grantees and trainers/specialists and developing the appropriate contractual agreements;
  • Coordinate the recruitment and selection of participants;
  • Develop program materials, marketing and social meduia content and provide partner guidance for specific training workshops;
  • Communicate with sponsoring agency and/or program participants to relay timely program developments;
  • Working with the Development Division to develop and implement strategies and proposals to secure financial or in-kind support from foundations, corporations and other private funders;
  • Meet all funder deliverables and ensure the timely submission of quarterly and final narrative and financial reports reflective of the specific reporting requirements of each grant/program.

Minimal Qualifications


  • Graduate degree in relevant field and at least three years of experience in international education, exchanges or training programs, OR Bachelor’s degree in relevant field and at least five years of relevant program experience in international education, exchanges or training programs, OR any equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the essential functions of the position
  • Experience with USG-funded exchange programs a plus
  • Overseas study or work experience preferred
  • Experience in a fluctuating work environment with constantly changing needs and demands; proven ability to problem solve with staff and to encourage consistent, solid performance


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Capacity to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Administrative experience including supervisory skills to direct and manage the work of assigned PC(s)
  • Broad knowledge of American society, culture, history, geography, economy and government; well-informed regarding current events
  • Demonstrated ability to develop solid working relationships with overseas and domestic partners
  • Proven ability to take responsibility, initiative, be flexible and work independently
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks, coordinate activities in multiple locations, and to be responsive, meet deadlines, and act decisively in daily work
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to play an active role in team environment essential
  • Excellent written and spoken English and Russian language skills
  • Strong inter-cultural communication skills. Maturity, cultural sensitivity and tact suitable for working with individuals of influence and prestige from around the world
  • Excellent computer skills to include the entire Microsoft Office Suite
  • Effective oral and written communication skills, tact and sensitivity to foreign cultures
  • Ability to work independently, accurately and under pressure
  • Desire and ability to represent GlobalConnect and Meridian International Center to external audiences
  • Willingness to assume additional tasks such as, but not limited to, handling SEVIS, Communication portfolio, GC’s Translation Equipment and Supplies’ requests

Level of Language Proficiency

LEVEL 3 Russian

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Subject line should read “GC_PO Russia” only and a cover letter, with salary expectations, and resume should be attached. Only candidates being considered for this position will be contacted. Submissions that do not follow the above instructions will not be considered as applicants. NO PHONE CALLS in reference to this position will be accepted.