English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher

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6401 The Paseo
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The Ewing Marion Kauffman School is a three-school campus (two middle schools and a high school) of mission-driven college preparatory schools in Kansas City, MO focused on student achievement and strong character. The school’s mission is summarized in three words: create college graduates.

The Kauffman School was named 2015 Missouri Charter School of the Year. The schools serve a student population of which 87% qualify for free and reduced lunch and 90% identify as person of color. Students are accepted by a lottery that prioritizes the six highest-need zip codes within the district. Students entering Kauffman School in fifth grade typically scored in the bottom third of the state on their fourth grade exams. After four years at Kauffman School, 8th grade classes score at the very top in state exams; in 2015-2016 Kauffman School 8th graders ranked #1 in math, #3 in science, and #12 in ELA in the state of Missouri. Our founding freshman class was the #1 ranked district in Biology and the #2 ranked district in Algebra on Missouri’s end of course exams. Year after year, Kauffman School students outperform their peers across the state at every single grade and subject level.

Kauffman School students’ results demonstrate their incredible brilliance, passion, creativity, and work ethic. Kauffman Students are empowered by their identities and place in the community and develop a critical consciousness of the world around them. Kauffman School staff actively partner with families to be a school, not just in the community, but of the community.


The Kauffman School seeks an English Language Learner teacher Teachers in the Kauffman Schools are not classroom teachers, but rather subject teachers in subject teachers who focus on a content-specific subject matter. Because we are a growing charter network, our application and interview process identifies candidates who would be great teachers, no matter the content or grade level. Know that your grade-level preferences will be a point of discussion in future conversations and interviews, and we value teachers being flexible in both content and grade preferences.


Curriculum Design, Instruction, and Student Assessment

  • Develop curriculum aligned with state and common core standards
  • Design assessments and use data to refine curriculum and inform instructional practices
  • Approach practice with a sense of urgency, maximizing every minute with student
  • Collaborate with content and grade-level teams to promote an environment of critical thinking and academic rigor
  • Differentiate plans for individual students based on their unique learning profiles so that all students are engaged and challenged
  • Deliver content and instruction to students with purpose, passion, and a willingness to do “whatever it takes” to help students succeed
  • Assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the Principal

Building School Culture

  • Use your own authentic teacher persona to build strong relationships with students and engage students in deep learning
  • Believe deeply in the mission of the Kauffman School and that all children can meet high academic expectations
  • Discuss, celebrate, and reinforce the school’s PREP (Perseverance, Results, Empathy, Passion) values
  • Work with a strong grade and building team to uphold consistent behavioral systems and student expectations
  • Be accountable for student’s mastery of academic standards
  • Embrace feedback and constructive criticism in the spirit of constant improvement
  • Demonstrate maturity, humility, professionalism, confidence, and a strong work ethic inside and outside the classroom

Program Management

  • Identify and place enrolling students in the correct ELL program
  • Own the ongoing assessment of proficiency of ELL students, using tools including WIDA-APT, ACCESS, and other interim assessments
  • Create and maintain strong communication structures with families of ELL students, from initial notification of language screening, ongoing academic performance, and annual placement decisions
  • Work with EMKS data team to manage correct reporting of ELL students in state and federal data submissions
  • Implement and deliver English Language Development instructional model
  • Evaluate effectiveness using research-based practices, student performance in all interim assessments, and summative exams 


  • An undergraduate degree is required, while an advanced degree is strongly preferred.
  • A minimum of 3+ years of relevant operational experience is recommended
  • ESOL Certification
  • Must be fluent in English and any other language used for instruction, though need not be fluent in all ELL’s languages
  • Possess an understanding of second-language acquisition and the role that students’ first language plays in learning a second language;
  • Have a familiarity with the cultural backgrounds of their students and how to identify instances where it would be helpful to provide background information about American culture
  • Use of a repertoire of strategies to help ELLs access the content delivered in English
  • Ability to differentiate instruction for ELLs based on first- and second-language proficiency and content knowledge
  • Capacity to create environments that foster second-language acquisition
  • Ability to communicate with parents, who may not be literate or proficient in English
  • Prior experience working in schools, urban communities, non-profit, military, private sector, and/or a fast paced entrepreneurial environment is preferred
  • High comfort level with children and youth is required
  • Demonstrated project/program management experience is necessary. Must possess experience successfully managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experience working in cross-functional teams and collaborating with external vendors to develop and implement systems and processes to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a growing organization is essential
  • Effectively prioritize work and meet deadlines; organized; manage multiple assignments; follow assignments through to completion; respond quickly to requests for information and assistance
  • High organizational and analytical ability
  • Results-driven with experience driving operational excellence
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities
  • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office; Power School, Outlook, Word, and Excel are necessary
  • Given the longer school day at Kauffman School, this position requires extended work days and hours



  • Commitment to and complete belief in the Kauffman School’s mission to create college graduates as well as in the School’s organizational success
  • Desire for daily feedback on projects and willingness to immediately implement
  • Entrepreneurial energy, hands-on approach, and ambition necessary for a start-up school
  • Personality should project enthusiasm, professionalism, and growth mindset
  • Ability to maintain a calm, professional demeanor in the face of competing demands and external pressures
  • Should be highly adaptable and flexible, with the ability to thrive in an ambiguous environment
  • Ambition and desire to work both autonomously and collaboratively
  • Commitment to getting the job done right and willingness to do whatever it takes to create and maintain an orderly, effective school organization
  • Acute attention to detail coupled with the ability to think and act strategically
  • Strong time management skills; ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and meet tight deadlines
  • Demonstrated strong communication and interpersonal skills with students, parents, colleagues and community members
  • Must have a strong personal value system that encompasses high integrity, honesty, a solid work ethic, high professional standards, and strong moral character



The Kauffman School offers a competitive compensation package commensurate with anticipated duties and experience. This position is eligible to participate in the school’s benefits program.


Interested applicants should complete a formal application through the Kauffman School Careers page at http://www.kauffmanschool.org/In your cover letter please address the following topics:

  • Share any significant academic gains you have achieved with students, citing specific evidence and/or data
  • Highlight your experience working with low-income, minority, or historically underachieving students
  • Provide specific evidence of your alignment with the Kauffman School’s mission of “creating college graduates” and/or the Kauffman School’s PREP Values (Perseverance, Results, Empathy, Passion).

The Kauffman School is an Equal Opportunity Employer, welcoming people to flourish in an open and inclusive work environment. A diverse pool of candidates is welcomed and encouraged.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree