Country Manager

Job Type

Full Time Contract


Details: Compensation will be commensurate with experience.






Miracle Corners - Zambia is a community-focused non-governmental organization offering programs in Chanyanya, Zambia. MC-Zambia is the local affiliate of MCW (Miracle Corners of the World) a U.S. based non-profit organization founded in 1999 with the vision that communities throughout the world achieve greater levels of education, improved health and increased economic security.

We are seeking a dynamic and creative Country Manager with a wide range of skills in order to oversee a small team with many diverse projects across areas of leadership, skills development and literacy.

The Country Manager will report to the MCZ Board of Directors, oversee staff and projects, and work closely with the MCW Regional Director of Africa Programs, Regional Finance and Administration Officer and other MCW and MCZ stakeholders.

This is a fixed 12-month position with a 3-month probation period.



The MCZ Country Manager of Zambia is responsible for executing the mission, goals and objectives of MCZ and its programs and activities. Based on strategic guidance provided by the MCZ Board of Directors, (s)he manages the MCZ Community Center and is primarily responsible for:

developing and implementing programs,

tracking performance,

identifying best practices and lessons learned,

developing partnerships and leading team building,

external relations (e.g. with neighborhood, MCW NY, donors, etc.),

ensuring compliance with local and donor requirements


 Organizational Leadership:

•      Develop organizational strategy and ensure execution of a diverse portfolio of programs and projects;

•      Advance MCZ’s mission through rigorous, ethical financial and contractual practices, and lead staff to ensure behavioral competencies;

•      Bring strategic, visionary, entrepreneurial and collaborative thinking to the operations and country management function;

•      Develop and implement innovative strategic initiatives in direct support of MCZ’s mission, goals and objectives;

•      Demonstrate stewardship in ensuring the organization meets and exceeds compliance standards of country regulations, organizational policies, and donor requirements;

•      Identify, report and address risk to the organization in a timely manner;

•      Develop, manage (i.e., coordinate) relationships with project funder(s) and other key stakeholders, including producing periodic progress reports and other materials requested by funders;

•      Identify, pursue and manage strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders including project partners, key experts, and in-country contacts.


·      Coordinate and facilitate regular board communications and activity.

·      Work closely with the MCZ Board of Directors to execute strategic plans, policies, and goals.


·      Develop a fundraising plan for the organization to support growth and continuity of programs

·      Serve as one of three bank account signatories for the MCZ account.

·      Review and approve funds for expenditures for approved program areas pursuant to set finance policies.

·      Develop and monitor the annual budget for submission to the Board.

Human Resources

·        Recruit staff as needed based on recommendations from the MCZ Board and MCW.

·        Manage, mentor, motivate, and encourage staff to set and achieve individual and shared goals; to develop, plan and implement their ideas; and to fulfill their roles

·        Work with staff to develop annual work plans and review progress;

·        Set performance targets and conduct annual performance reviews for all staff members.

Administration, Monitoring and Reporting

·        Ensure MCZ maintains registration as a non-profit organization with the Zambia Governance Board.

·        Handle district/government inquiries and communications.

·        Ensure all returns to the government and regulatory institutions are filed accurately and in a timely manner

·        Submit monthly reports to the Board of Directors and MCW

Program Development, Monitoring and Reporting

·      Develop monitoring and evaluation plans for each program including the collection of baseline data, setting targets, data collection methods, etc.

·      Track, record and monitor program participants and beneficiary data to build a strong alumni base.

·      Oversee programmatic staff to:

o  identify areas for improvement and expansion

o  develop concept notes, project charters and plans to set objectives, outcomes, activities and stakeholders, etc.

o  develop accurate corresponding budgets

·      Conduct needs assessments at regular intervals to ensure programs are relevant and meeting community needs

·      Work with programmatic staff to create an annual impact report assessing project impact

·      Manage and build strategic partnerships to advance mutual interest and drive collective impact

Stakeholder Communication


·      Represent MCZ to key stakeholders, including donors, political figures and others


·      Provide logistical support to MCW New York and MCW friends and Partners in country on certain occasions


The requirements listed below are representative of the professional qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience and/or abilities required to successfully perform this job:

•      Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; Master’s degree in Development Studies or related field preferred;

•      Minimum of 5 to 10 years in the field of not-for-profit market, with progressively increasing experience managing complex programs in Zambia;

•      Experience working with the Ministry of Youth;

•      Experience working with local government and regulatory authorities in Zambia;

•      Experience working with and between multi-country non-profits and with multiple funding sources, including foundations, corporations and USG funding;

•      Demonstrated ability to anticipate problems, assess situations quickly and implement appropriate policies and procedures in response;

•      Strong diplomatic and political skills, and excellent written and oral communication skills;

•      Demonstrated ability to plan and develop programs for, and manage, large, complex, multi-disciplinary, geographically-dispersed programs/initiatives;

•      Proven ability to manage, motivate, coach, and develop staff;

•      Ability to gather, evaluate and present information effectively to employees, management and a Board of Directors and make actionable recommendations; strong written and oral presentation skills;

•      Ability to think conceptually and deal decisively with practical matters in a proactive manner that reduces financial risk to the organization;

•      Proven ability and willingness to work independently, prioritize and hold oneself accountable;

•      Strong mastery of Google Drive and Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel;

•      Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of Bembe, Nyanja and other Zambian languages is favorable.

This position is based in Kafue or Chanyanya, Zambia with frequent travel between the two places

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of Bembe, Nyanja and other Zambian languages is favorable.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply, please email by May 25th the following to

1.    Letter of interest;

2.    CV/Resume; and

3.    3 References.