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Asian University for Women (AUW): International US-style liberal arts and sciences institution dedicated to women's empowerment and leadership

Located in Chittagong, Bangladesh

The AUW Fellows Program

Our students have incredible stories to tell and dreams to achieve. It is imperative that they are equipped to express themselves creatively and clearly—excellent writing, quantitative and communication skills are essential to achieving both personal and professional empowerment.

The AUW Fellows serve as volunteers in a number of pre-college and Undergraduate academic support programs:

English Language Instructors in Pathways for Promise Program

English Language, Math, Science Instructors in Access Academy

Undergraduate Program Teaching Assistants

Online Courses/Blended Learning Facilitators and Tutors

Writing Center Tutors

GRE Tutors

Volunteers with a Master’s Degree are also invited to teach at the Undergraduate Program as Instructors.

Program Details:

The AUW Fellows Program is a 10-month placement in Chittagong from August 2018-May 2019. The first two weeks of the program are dedicated to an orientation and intensive training in cultural, administrative, and pedagogical aspects relevant to the Volunteers’ activities. Volunteers receive a monthly stipend, accommodation in shared housing, meals at the AUW cafeteria, free local transportation to and from the University, and regional health insurance (excluding coverage in the USA). Travel on arrival and departure will be covered by AUW, in the most direct and economic route.

Interested individuals may apply for:

English Language Instructors in Pathways for Promise Program, teaching two courses per semester and engaging in group and individual student advising (Accredited TESOL qualification desirable)

English Language, Math, Natural Science & Social Science Instructors in Access Academy, teaching two courses per semester and engaging in group and individual student advising (Accredited TESOL or other subject qualification required; preferably a Master's Degree)

Writing Center Tutors (TESOL qualification required)

GRE Tutors

Online Courses Facilitators and Tutors (e.g. CS50x, Evolution, Understanding of the Universe, and other science courses)

Undergraduate Program Teaching Assistants (Master’s required)

Qualifications and Experience:

AUW seeks motivated individuals interested in acquiring experience in an international academic environment. A Bachelor or a Master’s Degree from a US (or US-style) college or university, at least 1 year of working experience in teaching or tutoring, preferably in an international environment. Fellows likely to succeed in this assignment will have:

Sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socio-economic, religious and cultural backgrounds of an international community;

Ability to be flexible with work assignments and work in a highly dynamic environment;

Understanding of the challenges of working in a developing region.

To Apply:

Please send a 1-page letter of interest and a short CV (max 3 pages) to Mr Rafiqul Haque, Human Resources Office, at Indicate your specific area of interest in the subject field. Applications will be considered on a continuous basis until May 5, 2018.

About Asian University for Women

The University

Located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, the Asian University for Women (AUW) is a regional center of excellence with a mission of educating a new generation of ethical, innovative, and service-oriented leaders in Asia. AUW opened its doors in 2008 and now educates approximately 700 students from 15 countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, and Vietnam.

AUW is rooted in the belief that background does not indicate potential, and therefore is committed to admitting any student who shows talent and drive—regardless of their ability to pay tuition. Almost 98% of its student body is on scholarship. AUW students are refugees, former garment factory workers, and daughters of micro-finance borrowers; they have survived life under the Taliban, civil wars, and natural disasters; they are almost always the first in their family to attend university.

During the admissions process, AUW students are judged on their capacity for empathy, outrage at injustice, and courage. While at AUW, these characteristics are tested, as women from deeply diverse, and often conflicting, communities live and study together in an atmosphere of mutual discovery and collaborative exchanges.

Preparatory Programs

To increase access to university education for women who were denied high-quality secondary schooling, AUW offers two flexible pre-university programs to prepare them for success in the AUW Undergraduate Program.

In Pathways for Promise, women who have not previously had access to high-quality English-language or mathematics training are offered an additional year of pre-university preparation in advance of the one-year Access Academy and three-year Undergraduate Program. Pathways for Promise specifically targets communities of women who are first in their family to enter university and otherwise represent adverse backgrounds, including: daughters of microfinance borrowers; historically neglected ethnic minorities, particularly from highland areas of South and Southeast Asia; ready-made garment factory workers; workers from tea estates; refugees and internally displaced persons; and women from extremely poor socio-economic strata. Every year at least one-third of all students entering AUW enter through Pathways for Promise.

Access Academy is a flagship year of pre-collegiate courses focused on English communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategies for life-long learning. The program is designed to help students overcome prior deficits in their educational background and prepare for success in AUW’s liberal arts and sciences Undergraduate Program.

The Undergraduate Program

AUW’s liberal arts and sciences undergraduate program draws upon the best practices of Asian and Western education models and is taught entirely in English. AUW offers five majors:

·        Bioinformatics

·        Economics

·        Environmental Sciences

·        Politics, Philosophy, & Economics

·        Public Health Studies

Students also have a choice of various minors, including Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Gender Studies, Psychology, Development Studies, and other subjects.

Information about the academic programs is available at

As part of their education, AUW students also participate in applied research projects, study abroad programs, and internships. A typical sequence of summers might include an applied research project during the first summer that is meant to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and local practice and understanding, an international study program or internship during the second summer, and an internship during the third summer. For students interested in internships, the World Bank, L’Oréal, Tory Burch, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are among the many possibilities open to AUW students. 

The Academic Year consists of three semesters:

·        Fall Semester from mid-August to end of December

·        Spring Semester from January to end of April

·        Summer Semester from mid-May to mid-July

Information about the academic calendar is available at

AUW attracts international and regional faculty who share the mission of the University to graduate women who will be skilled and innovative professionals, service-oriented leaders in the businesses and communities in which they will work and live, and promoters of intercultural understanding and sustainable human and economic development in Asia and throughout the world; and are atuned to the challenges of developing economies across the Asian continent which they will integrate in the content of their teaching and research.

Information about the faculty is available at

About Chittagong

The Campus

AUW is based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Chittagong is a major port city that is well-connected to other major cities via air, road, and rail.AUW is a short walk or ride away from many shops, cafes, restaurants, parks, and places of worship including mosques, temples, and churches.

The permanent campus of AUW is planned for a beautiful 125-acre site within the Chittagong city limits, just north of the Foy’s Lake recreational area. The site consists of rolling hills, deep valleys, permanent and intermittent streams, and spectacular views toward the Bay of Bengal and the city. The site lies 6 km north of the commercial center, approximately 8 km from Chittagong University, 15 km from the city’s new international airport, and is immediately adjacent to the Foy’s Lake recreational area. The land surrounding the AUW site represents one of the last undeveloped areas of Chittagong’s unique hilly landscape.

The City

Chittagong, Bangladesh is coastal city in Southeast Bangladesh that has a heritage of Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions. Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh with a population of approximately four and a half million. It is also the international port of Bangladesh, and as such, it has historically served as a principal center of cultural, social, and commercial exchange between this part of South Asia and the outside world.

Chittagong lies 264 kilometers Southeast of the nation’s capital, Dhaka, to which it is well connected by air, road and rail. In addition to linking to major centers within Bangladesh, Chittagong’s international airport offers direct connections to many major cities: Kolkata, India (40 minutes); Bangkok, Thailand (2.5 hours); Chiang Mai, Thailand (1.5 hours); Yangon, Myanmar (2 hours); Dubai (4.5 hours); Singapore (3.5 hours).


Chittagong has a thriving international community as well as culturally rich and diverse local population. Chittagong has a far less dense urban environment than Dhaka, which is a city of 12 million. It offers a less chaotic urban experience, a unique and still largely unspoiled landscape of rolling hills, and a large lake and recreational area—all within the city limits. Regionally, recreational areas abound with the beaches of Cox’s Bazaar 152 kilometers to the south and Rangamati and Kaptai Lake to the east in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

The city of Chittagong, itself, straddles the divide between the low flat coastal plain of the Bay of Bengal and the Chittagong Hill Tracts whose peaks, near the Myanmar border, reach heights of 300 meters. Within Chittagong, the average elevation is only 10 meters above sea level. The undeveloped hilly region in the northern part of the city reaches maximum elevations of 75 meters above sea level. The climate of the region is pleasant year-round with little humidity in summer (highs 85° F/29° C) and moderate temperatures in winter (lows 58-60° F/14-15° C). The city receives 2400 mm of rain per year. As elsewhere in Bangladesh, flooding from monsoon rains and cyclones can impact the lower lying regions of the city. The hilly parts of the city are little impacted by flooding, the exception being the potential for localized flooding when water run-off is restricted. 

Level of Language Proficiency

Native English Speaker

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To Apply:

Please send a 1-page letter of interest and a short CV (max 3 pages) to Mr Rafiqul Haque, Human Resources Office, at Indicate your specific area of interest in the subject field. Applications will be considered on a continuous basis until May 5, 2018.