Managing Director

Job Type

Full Time




United States


Job Title:      Managing Director

Position:       Full-Time

Reports To:  Executive Director

Salary:        Commensurate with experience

Organizational Overview:

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) is a racial justice and migrant rights organization which engages in education, advocacy, and cross-cultural alliance-building in order to strengthen a national movement to end racism, criminalization, and economic disenfranchisement in Black immigrant and African American communities. 

BAJI strongly believes that those most impacted by injustice are best positioned to lead social movements. For this reason, we engage in organizing and leadership development in order to me empower Black immigrants and refugees to effectuate change. To implement this strategy, we host BAJI organizing committees (BOC’s) in 5 metropolitan regions – New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and the Bay Area. We also anchor the Black Immigration Network (BIN), an alliance of nearly 60 Black-led organizations and over 50 individuals serving Black communities who are focused on supporting fair and just immigration, and economic and social policies that benefit these communities. In addition, BAJI engages in several strategic initiatives targeting particularly vulnerable groups, including Black immigrant and refugee women and youth. Each of these programs are staffed by an organizer who supports local outreach initiatives, leadership development, and campaigns.

Managing Director Role:

As a member of BAJI’s senior leadership team and in consultation with the Executive Director, the Managing Director will play a critically important role, enabling the Executive Director to work most effectively with internal and external stakeholders and fulfill commitments to BAJI partners, funders, and the Board of Directors.

This is not an administrative role; it is highly strategic and facilitative one that requires a combination of focus and flexibility, as well as a willingness to play an active, internal role. The ideal candidate is able to assess risk, while being agile, creative and flexible in a rapidly growing organization. As the Managyou will serve as Director Executive Director’s ‘trusted counsel’, the role requires a highly resourceful individual with strong emotional intelligence, self-motivation, and strong analytical skills.

This senior director-level, full-time position reports directly to BAJI’s Executive Director to:

  •    Ensure BAJI’s programs, activities and policy work are aligned with the mission
  •    Co-Facilitate strategic visioning and planning
  •    Coordinate strategic initiatives and guide to completion
  •    Supervise daily operations and help oversee projects of high importance
  •    Oversee organizational financials, protocols and periodic audits.
  •   Develop and maintain an inventory of critical path projects in which the CEO is especially interested and/or for which her awareness and involvement is essential
  •    Act as a main consultant to the Executive Director
  •    Manage company calendar and ensure deadlines are being met
  •    Work with and/or lead cross-functional teams
  •    Be a go between for staff, chief executives, department leaders and Executive Director
  •   Assist with internal communication, meeting with HR leaders and attending to staff needs, ensuring any problems are resolved
  •   Keep Executive Director abreast on current company climate (employee wellbeing, project statuses, new proposals etc.)
  •   Work with team leaders and present to senior executives
  •    Direct, maintain and update human resources, including personnel policies, compliance and hiring, benefits and more.
  •    Build strong relationships with employees and oversee their progress, noting any issues or successes
  •   Help coordinate organizational-wide procedures and work to improve existing processes for maximum clarity, efficiency and success
  •    Attend executive meetings and deliver progress reports to CEO
  •    Organize and coordinate staff functions and activities

Critical core competencies for successful performance in this role are:

  •    An energetic leader with excellent communication skills, a positive attitude and a go-getter drive
  •    Highly-developed writing skills and interpersonal savvy
  •    Results/action-orientation; project management skills
  •    Organizational and political agility; developed negotiation skills
  •    Unquestionable personal code of ethics, integrity, diversity and trust
  •    Able to successfully navigate within varying degrees of ambiguity in a fast-paced environment
  •    Strong strategic/financial analysis skills

Required Qualifications

  •    At least seven years’ relevant work experience
  •    Can successfully organize and direct large teams of people
  •    Impeccable time management and multi-tasking skills
  •    Strategic planner
  •    Excellent communication skills
  •    Team builder, motivator, task master
  •    Experience and interest in organizational development
  •    Top notch organizational skills, detail oriented
  •    Ability to work remotely
  •    Strong knowledge of organizational development
  •    Knowledge of BAJI’s mission and commitment to issues
  •    Detail oriented and data driven
  •    Proven problem solver who can make clear-headed decisions while under pressure
  •    Ability to analyze and compile large swaths of data and present effective reports
  •    Highly experienced with project coordinating and management
  •    Self-motivated and self sufficient


BAJI offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package including: health, dental and vision insurance, paid vacations and holidays, and a 401K package.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To apply submit cover letter, resume and references to and

Individuals of color, LGBTQ identified individuals, individuals with past involvement in the justice system or who have loved ones currently or formerly in the justice system are strongly encouraged to apply.