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To be an effective leader at the Bishop Walker School, the Principal must possess the following Key Attributes:  


·      Belief in Children: Believes all children can achieve

·      The Ability to Build Relationships and Influence Others: Influences and motivates others to get results. Actively listens to others and creates team-oriented, cooperative and engaged culture. Effectively manages conflict. Possesses excellent communication skills

·      The Ability to Establish a Culture of High Expectations: Sets ambitious goals and continually monitors progress towards goals. Holds others accountable to expectations.

·      Instructional Leadership: Understands research-based instructional school practices for boys and focuses attention on teaching and learning. Uses observation and student performance data to accurately assess student learning. Effectively facilitates professional learning communities to promote increased achievement.

·      Integrity: Aligns actions with beliefs. Promotes, models and exhibits high standards of honesty, integrity, fairness, good stewardship, trust, respect and confidentiality. Exhibits ethical and moral behavior in everyday activities and relationships. Is self-reflective and open to feedback.

·      Stamina, Initiative, Persistence: Persists to overcome challenges. Goes above and beyond what is expected to achieve the desired result. Responds calmly and rationally in high-stress situations.

·      Strategic Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills: Develops clear vision and logical priorities. Is adept at problem-solving, choosing the best course of action among options. Makes sound and timely decisions.

·      Faculty Management and Development Skills: Accurately assesses the effectiveness of the faculty and effectively coaches the staff to improve performance.

·      Communication Skills: Effectively conveys the school’s mission, vision and philosophy to all constituents in a persuasive and professional manner.





As the school’s academic leader, the Principal’s key duties include the following:


General Institutional Leadership

·      Oversees the effective implementation of the school’s mission and academic programs

·      Effectively supports and promotes the school’s Episcopal identity

·      Oversees the development of curricula, selection of teaching materials, supplies and classroom furnishings

·      Collaboratively develops the master schedule of classes and the yearly school calendar

·      Develops and maintains a vibrant yet orderly environment within which effective learning can take place and a school climate that is supportive and reflects high morale 

·      Provides substantive input to the Executive Director/President in support of the development of the school’s operating budget

·      Manages the established budget

·      Supports the school’s on-going fundraising efforts

·      Presents a report on the state of the school’s academic programs, progress and challenges during BWS Governing Board meetings

·      Regularly and effectively communicates to faculty, staff and parents about school activities, events and philosophy through newsletters, memos and other necessary correspondence 

·      Serves as both a resource and staff support to the Governing Board’s Education Committee

·      Effectively represents BWS with the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and its parishes and affiliated institutions as required    

·      Embraces the networking and professional development opportunities afforded by membership in AISGW, NAES, NAIS and other such educational associations

·      Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Executive Director/President


Regarding Faculty and Staff

·      Provides instructional leadership and support to the faculty and staff

·      Makes recommendations to the Executive Director/President regarding the hiring, retention and assignment of faculty

·      Observes, supervises and supports the faculty with respect to their development and implementation of the curriculum 

·      Supervises the teaching process and reviews and evaluates academic programs 

·      Conducts regular faculty meetings that deal both with routine school matters and with the stimulating exchange of ideas on issues of educational/philosophical interest and concern

·      Establishes programs for orientation of teachers to ensure that they are familiar with and adhere to school policies in all areas of the school’s operation. 

·      Coordinates ongoing faculty  training and professional development programs aimed at strengthening the faculty’s professional capacity

·      Evaluates faculty and staff members’ performance 

·      Creates and supports development plans with individual faculty members to remedy any identified deficiencies/need for growth

·      Creates and maintains a culture of collaboration, collegiality and partnership between and among faculty, staff and administrators

Regarding Students

·      Oversees the administration of formal student assessments

·      Ensures the confidentiality of all student records and information

·      Ensures a safe and orderly school environment utilizing principles of Responsive Classroom

·      Ensures that students are properly supported, supervised and monitored while at school and during activities such as lunch, assemblies, extra-curricular activities and field trips 

·      Develops strong, supportive relationships with students and their families

Regarding the Parent Partnership

·      Facilitates the timely resolution of parent issues, disputes and concerns 

·      Ensures that student progress is regularly communicated to parents 

·      Implements disciplinary procedures as outlined in the BWS Faculty and Staff and Family handbooks

·      Maintains open communication with parents in support of their students’ success and well-being 

·      Supports and encourages parent education opportunities

Regarding Admissions and Outplacement

·      In coordination with the Admissions Director, facilitates and oversees the admissions process, including student recruitment 

·      Coordinates and supports the school’s outplacement process including preparing families and students for the transition and developing meaningful relationships with the range of schools that will best fit our students’ future educational needs

·      Facilitates regular reports on the admissions and outplacement processes

Regarding the Greater Community 

·      Represents BWS at select community and professional meetings, workshops and conferences

·      Facilitates the effective integration of partner organizations and programs that are aligned with the BWS mission

·      Ensures that volunteers are properly supported and effectively integrated into the school’s programs and activities

·      Serves as a positive ambassador for the Bishop Walker School in the larger community


ABOUT THE BISHOP JOHN T. WALKER SCHOOL FOR BOYS (BWS): Sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys is a tuition-free Episcopal school for children from traditionally underserved communities. The School nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, social-emotional, artistic and physical development of its students in a Christian community of learners that welcomes boys of all faiths and beliefs. Working in close partnership with students and families, the School strives to create an environment where each boy is challenged to reach his full academic potential and receives the structured support necessary to develop his unique gifts. The Bishop Walker School seeks to foster a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, spiritual foundation, and moral character that each boy will need as a student, as a citizen and as a child of God.

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