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Promundo is a global leader in advancing gender equality and preventing violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women, girls, and individuals of all gender identities.


We believe that working with men and boys to transform harmful gender norms and unequal power dynamics is a critical part of the solution to achieving gender equality. For transformative, sustainable change, men and boys must see themselves as partners in the process. Men and boys also benefit when harmful norms are challenged.


Our research, programs, and advocacy efforts show that exploring positive models of “what it means to be a man” and promoting healthy, respectful masculinity leads to improvements in the lives of women and girls, as well as in men’s own lives, and the lives of individuals of all gender identities.


Promundo works to advance gender equality and create a world free from violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women, girls, and individuals of all gender identities.


We envision a world where all people work to create a nonviolent, caring, and gender-equitable future for themselves and for their children.

Our Work

Our initiatives, informed and driven by evidence, strive to create change at multiple levels: in addition to working with individual men and women, we use campaigns and local activism to build community support, and we advocate with institutions and governments to adopt policies and scale up programs that reinforce personal and social change.


Our work creates safe spaces for youth to question harmful gender norms, and for men around the world to discuss the benefits of involved fatherhood and shared decision-making, and the costs of violence and exploitation; in post-conflict and high-violence settings this supports a process formen and women to heal from trauma.

Our Impact

As of 2017, we have reached nearly 10 million individuals. This includes over 4,500 health professionals, over 22,000 education professionals, over 1,400 members of the police and military, and nearly 300 government officials.  Behind these numbers is our work at the institutional level to change how government- and public institutions, corporate partners and workplaces, and the media, discuss, engage and bring concrete actions to advance healthy and equitable masculinities into their spaces.


Major organizations including the United Nations, World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Health Organization, and national governments have supported our cause by working jointly on our initiatives or by adopting our programs and rolling them out in other communities around the world.  We have impacted national and global level policies to engage men and boys through our advocacy and research, ranging from changes in parental leave policies to new governmental programs to engage men via health, education and early childhood sectors in several countries.


Promundo is funded by national and local governments, foundations, bilateral and multilateral aid organizations, major nongovernmental agencies, major companies, and individual donors.

In order to deliver on our mission, Promundo recognizes the value of developing a strategic plan to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our approach and to consider the internal and external factors that influence the trajectory of our work. Promundo plans to develop a five year strategic plan for 2022-2027, to reconfirm the Organization’s vision and to establish a design process and approach for the effective implementation and sustainability of its mandate over the next five years. Promundo firmly believes that its staff members, board, fellows, partners, and key stakeholders are valuable drivers of this strategic planning effort, helping to assess ways in which to strengthen the impact of the organization, and providing direct input into consultations. 

Purpose of the consultancy 

The strategic planning consultant will facilitate a directional analysis of Promundo and a communications, monitoring, and evaluation plan. This includes assessing the Theories of Change employed by Promundo and examining how they serve to deliver Promundo’s mission. The purpose of this consultancy is to support and lead Promundo staff, partners, and board in a participatory planning process, ensuring a sense of ownership, engaging meaningfully with key partners, funders, and other stakeholders. The substantive outcome is a five year strategic plan for the period 2022-2027

Scope of Work

The plan must address, among other things, development of strong partnerships and resource mobilization initiatives, how to strategically engage fellows and partner organizations, including our affiliated organizations in Latin America, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, and how to approach expansion of the organization’s direct work in the United States, in addition to our international work, in the realization of Promundo’s mission and vision. The consultant will draw from any best practices within similar strategic plans for other non-governmental organizations with similar modus operandi as Promundo. 

Elements of the plan will include but not limited to: 

1. Develop a sound methodology that grounds the strategic plan and facilitates a directional analysis for Promundo’s current operations.

2. Conduct a needs assessment of the Organization including consideration of situation analysis and identification of constraints and opportunities for growth and development. 

3. Guide stakeholder mapping and consultations and understand, obtain, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data relevant to stakeholders and partners. 

4. Develop a plan that includes a clear strategy or roadmap to reach the organization’s goals through programs, research and advocacy with clear deliverables, indicators and tools that address the constraints and create the needed support systems and incentives. 

5. Development, validation, finalization and costing of the strategic plan 2022-2027, including outcome mapping for monitoring and evaluation, detailed implementation for 2022-2023, and general activities for 2024-2027. 

6. Recommend methodology and tools for evaluating outcomes and develop monitoring and communication strategy. 

7. The Consultant will collect, evaluate and lead in the presentation and validation process. Some of these elements may be included in the final document, as an appendix or cited as separate literature. 

Specific Task 

The Consultant will: 

1. Carry out a desk review of documents relevant to an understanding of the mandate, legal framework and context of the work Promundo undertakes. 

2. Assess existing Theories of Change employed by Promundo and support the Promundo team in establishing an Organizational Theory of Change for 2022-2027, including the goals identified to achieve the organizational mission through programs, research and advocacy . This exercise should include facilitating a process through which the organization can reassess and confirm its mission and determine specific goals it will center its efforts in the subsequent 5 year period. 

3. Conduct needs assessment of Promundo, which shall include a review of the existing structure, financial strategy and sustainability and engagement with a view for potential future expansion to be components of the final strategy. 

4. Develop a comprehensive methodology and work plan for a participatory process with a view of achieving support from members and partners, which includes holding consultations and facilitating interviews with relevant stakeholders including, but not limited to, donor and development partners, private sector and civil society NGOs. 

5. Together, with the executive team, lead a program of wider consultations to receive feedback on the draft strategic plan. 

6. Finalize the strategic plan, including the log frame and detailed implementation plan, for 2022-2023 and provide general activities for 2024-2027. The plan should include the organizational goals, expected results for each, the priority programs and strategies to achieve them, and and performance metrics (i.e: indicators with baselines and targets), timelines and resource allocations required to accomplish them, as well as a monitoring and evaluation plan and a communication plan. The strategic plan will identify synergies between key research, programs and advocacy activities to advance the organizational goals.

9. Include a plan to align actions with existing relevant sectors’ strategies informed by best practices internationally and within the U.S. 

Deliverable Outputs 

Based on the above, the Consultant shall prepare and complete the five year strategic plan. This shall entail, among other things the following: 

1. A five year strategy with clear deliverables, key milestones, and direct guidance on implementation to strengthen Promundo’s mission and vision (including an organizational monitoring and evaluation plan). 

2. External environment assessment and internal environment assessment of the stakeholders/SWOT analysis. 

3. Establish specific objectives for the communication strategy and implement tools for evaluation of the communication strategy. 

4. Present the draft strategic plan to stakeholders to validate

Commitment to Work Quality

The consultant shall use an evidence-based approach and ensure the highest standards of work and timely deliverables at every stage of this assignment. The consultant shall ensure clarity of objectives and process during the consultations, counter check all facts and figures cited, ensure that the content and format of the draft strategic plan meets a high standard for such documents, including proper editing, clarity, and use of design and graphics. 

The consultant shall, at the onset of the planning process, work with Promundo to identify all stakeholders having a direct and indirect interest in the strategic plan. Listing people, groups and institutions that influence the work of Promundo. All stakeholders must be able to make inputs into the strategic plan to promote ownership of the plan. 


The consultant shall obtain disaggregated data, review relevant literature, interviews, and undertake field visits in selected areas. 

Qualifications/Competencies/ Experience 

Promundo is seeking the services of a professional or a consultancy firm to develop a five year strategic plan. The firm/individual must possess the following: 

1. Relevant US and international work experience in strategic planning and development 

2. Excellent and proven analytical skills 

3. Excellent organizational and communication skills, ability to prioritize and work with minimum supervision 

4. Possess knowledge in the general social, economic and political environment that informs the advancement of gender equality globally and in the United States and internationally, and ideally an understanding of healthy masculinities

5. Understanding of participatory approaches to management and operations 


The consultancy shall be for a period no longer than two months, beginning on September 1st, 2021. Details: 

● Remuneration and Method of Payment: $50,000 via check or bank transfer 

● The consultancy costs for travel and meetings should not exceed USD $1,500

● The Consultant shall receive 20% of the final cost after delivery and acceptance of the work plan, 40% of the final cost after the delivery and acceptance of a satisfactory report based on the terms of reference, and 40% of the final cost after meeting all deliverable outputs

● Penalty: Non delivery of any task shall lead to withholding of the final payment (40%) until receipt and approval of all deliverables agreed to by both parties in writing


Promundo is a global leader in advancing gender equality and preventing violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women, girls, and individuals of all gender identities.


We believe that working with men and…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Job Type
  • Start Date
    September 1, 2021
  • Application Deadline
    August 15, 2021
  • Professional Level


$50,000 - $50,000

Level of Language Proficiency




Temporarily Remote
Work may be performed anywhere in the world
Associated Location
1367 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States
Suite 310

How to Apply

Application materials:

Interested parties should submit a concise proposal for how the work will be carried out. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their bids alongside detailed proposals, indicating their work schedule from the commencement to the end of the consultancy. To apply, please send all application materials as one single PDF file labeled FirstNameLastName_Strategic Planning.

Included should be

● Technical approach and suggested timeline (maximum 5 pages) 

● Case studies of previous experience of strategic development planning (maximum 2 pages) 

● Budget for work to be undertaken (submitted in a single Excel worksheet and broken down into personnel, fees, travel and other) 

● Any restrictions on consultant availability to begin work on 1st September 2021

Application timeline

Proposals should be submitted to:, with the subject line ‘Promundo Strategic Planning Consultancy’ 

Application deadline: August 15, 2021 

● Short-listed applicants may be invited to attend an video conference interview and an in-person interview. 

● Any questions should be sent to the email address above with “Promundo Strategic Planning Consultancy” in the subject line.

Application materials:

Interested parties should submit a concise proposal for how the work will be carried out. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their bids…

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