Dean of Student Support

Job Type

Full Time




950 Longfellow Ave
United States



  • Maintain a safe and secure environment conducive to learning. 
  • Counsel students with counter productive attitudes. 
  • Address complaints and resolve behavioral problems. 
  • Assist teachers with classroom management and modification vis-à-vis discipline 
  • Train teachers on how to deal with “difficult or defiant” students. 
  • Liaison between school and home re student discipline problems, conducting meetings as necessary. 
  • Analyze reports of repeat offenders and create/administer disciplinary actions. 
  • Monitor behavior of students consistently in detention and prepare evaluation reports re same. 
  • Determine/issue suspensions. 
  • Make recommendations regarding expulsions to the Director and Head of School.   
  • Conduct busts and school-wide cleanups. 
  • Mediate sessions between parents and teachers, as necessary. 
  • Issue and manage afternoon detention. 
  • Issue and manage Saturday detention and twilight school. 
  • Prepare monthly reports regarding Dean’s area activity and submit to school Director. 
  • Assist with the development and implementation of the Character curriculum. 
  • Manage Failure Intervention academic program. 

Student Support/RTI Coordination 

  • Maintain and update databases 
  • Create, monitor, and document behavior interventions, behavior contracts, instructional plans and clinical interventions 
  • Links 504 goals and modifications to curriculum standards  
  • Create a draft 504 prior to 504 meetings that will be finalized at the meeting 
  • Schedule and facilitate 504 meetings 
  • Develop and implement 504 plans 
  • Prepare packets for 504 meetings including observations, grades, attendance, and incident reports as well as teacher referrals and work samples 
  • Hold annual 504 meetings where parents, teachers and other stakeholders play an active role 
  • Monitor student progress towards meeting 504 goals 
  • Submit weekly contact logs 
  • Review and document student goals, modifications and services with general education teachers quarterly 
  • Collaborate with general education teachers to provide student access to the general education curriculum 
  • Communicate and consult with teachers to implement instruction in a non-threatening manner 
  • Monitors and supports implementation of goals and objectives  
  • Hold weekly meetings in order consult with school leaders, deans, grade level chairs, and teachers about students of concern  
  • Prepare instructional/behavioral strategies 
  • Prepare cognitive and social development phases of students from early childhood through adolescents  
  • Understanding clinical service delivery and appropriate use of clinical technical assistance with support from school psychologist 
  • Collaborate with various teachers, administrators, and parents 
  • Assess student’s current level of performance 
  • Develop instructional interventions for multi-grade levels of divers learners based on actual classroom experience and knowledge of best practices 
  • Maintain organized and thorough meeting notes and records 
  • Communicate effectively with parent and outside community providers 
  • Encourage students to participate in interventions and monitor their progress 
  • Is knowledgeable of, and adheres to, Hyde Policies and Procedures. 


Education and Experience 


  • Master’s Degree in Educational Administration or related field 
  • Minimum three years’ experience as a teacher 
  • Experience in an urban school setting preferred.   

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

Send cover letter and resume to Tyrell Roddey, Director of Operations, at with the subject, "Dean of Student Support".