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Full Time


Minimum: $40,000




United States


Founded initially after September 11th, 2001, the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) has grown into a national organization with more than 25,000 low-wage restaurant worker members in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Chicago, Michigan, New Orleans, Pennsylvania, Seattle, and Washington, DC. In California, we are organizing restaurant workers, employers, and consumers to win ‘One Fair Wage’ (OFW) legislation that will raise wages for restaurant workers and eradicate occupational segregation (based on race and gender) in the restaurant industry. We are also opening COLORS Oakland, a restaurant that will serve as a home base for our workforce-development training, re-entry program, and organizing campaigns. ABOUT ROC THE BAY The Restaurant Opportunities Center of the Bay Area (ROC-The Bay) is an affiliate worker center of ROC-United that was founded in 2013 in Oakland, California. We have over 300 worker members and dozens of restaurant employers throughout the Bay Area. We operate a hospitality job training program with an advanced curriculum that trains over 100 workers annually. Our mission is to promote and ensure a just and dignified workplace in restaurants throughout the Bay Area and to build a strong and unified community of restaurant workers. ROC-The Bay is currently: (1) organizing low-wage immigrant restaurant workers of color in advocacy campaigns and (2) operating an advanced and community based hospitality job training program. We are also piloting a racial equity project that seeks to desegregate the local restaurant industry by providing worker and management training, employer and consumer de-biasing strategies. In addition, we are opening COLORS Oakland in 2018, a regional training center anchored in a fine dining restaurant that will train hundreds of Bay Area residents and will place them in higher paying jobs in the industry. We are looking for a dedicated employee who will help advance ROC–CA’s “One Fair Wage 2.0” Campaign. The Lead Organizer will direct the rapidly evolving CHOW training program at ROC the Bay; supervise at least 3 ROC the Bay organizers, and develop membership engagement pipelines through strategic organizing campaigns that advance the rights of restaurant workers in California. RESPONSIBILITIES: ● Grow and develop ROC-the Bay’s worker membership and leadership significantly, creating a large and active enough worker base to advance CA’s One Fair Wage 2.0 campaign. This includes: directing the weekly outreach to restaurant workers, and engaging worker leaders in doing the same; conducting political education with workers going through ROC’s CHOW job training program; identifying and developing worker leaders; and collecting dues from worker leaders. ● Supervise a team of organizers and interns in their work related to advancing organizing campaigns by developing comprehensive workplans and managing sustainable workloads. ● Find creative and strategic ways to fundraise for ROC-the Bay (including applying to grants, etc.). ● Work with the National Director, worker and employer members of ROC CA, and local allies to advance the mission of ROC the Bay and to advance the OFW 2.0 campaign. ● Responsible for the programmatic and administrative operations of ROC the Bay, including the Racial Equity Project, local minimum wage outreach and education, and RAISE employer organizing. ● Oversee the coordination of ROC-the Bay’s programs and campaigns with the COLORS Restore Oakland project. ● Develop leadership, membership engagement and political consciousness among restaurant workers through training, relationship building, and shared experiences. ● Motivate individual workers and groups of workers to take action. ● Strategically identify and engage local community allies. The Lead Organizer position is a senior-level, experienced position. The Lead Organizer will report to the ROC-United Affiliate Director, and share staff supervision responsibilities. QUALIFICATIONS: ● At least 5-7 years labor/community organizing and base-building experience; ● Experience coalition building, and understanding of member leadership development; ● Experience running a job training program for low-wage workers; ● Experience organizing policy campaigns; ● Maintenance of a professional attitude and strong ethical practice and a willingness to learn and grow; ● Strong communication, leadership, and management skills; ● Willingness to travel; ● Demonstrated commitment to racial, social, and economic justice; and significant experience working collaboratively with persons of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, ages, and sexual orientations; and ● Restaurant work experience strongly preferred


Generous benefits, including health and dental coverage, paid vacation, personal days, and holidays.

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None specified

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No requirement