Campaign & Program Organizer, East Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles and Long Beach

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Full Time Temporary


Details: EYCEJ has a flat pay structure with all employees receiving the same level wages, equivalent to $20.79/hour



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East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice


Job Description: Campaign & Program Organizer, East Los Angele, Southeast Los Angeles and Long Beach

Title: Full Time Temporary Campaign & Program Organizer

Application Deadline: April 19, 2018 (followed by 1-2 week hiring process)

Start Date: As soon as possible after hiring process is complete.

End Date: March 31, 2019 (may be extended depending on campaign development & availability of resources)


About Organization:

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ) is an environmental health and justice non-profit organization working towards a safe and healthy environment for communities that are disproportionately suffering negative impacts of industrial pollution.

We recognize and promote full and authentic community participation in influencing policies that affect us directly. We are committed to doing this work through direct democratic decision-making and are dedicated to taking collective action to ensure our communities are co-powered to practice self-determination.


EYCEJ focuses grassroots community building in East Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles, and Long Beach, utilizing the following approaches:


Base Building – to build a base of active community members and leaders to be self-advocates and build community power to reach self-determination among those severely affected by industrial pollution


Policy Change – to change policy and influence land-use decisions, ensuring they are community centered, health protective and justice focused


Movement Building- to work in collaboration with all stakeholders and influencers to build a local, statewide, national and global movement for environmental health and justice


La Cosecha Colectiva, a program of East Yard, is a decentralized community garden project based in the homes of East Yard members. The program was member initiated as a response to the food apartheid that exists in our communities and as a defense against the threat of the construction of a Wal-mart in the City of Commerce. After understanding that we face some of the harshest impacts of goods movement and, because of how food is graded based on quality and distributed in communities according the quality, we receive the rotten leftovers, East Yard members decided we needed to work towards divesting from these systems and feed ourselves. With empty lots posing the threat of toxic contamination, we took the project into the homes of our members, where food is grown and distributed amongst our members in East LA, Southeast LA and Long Beach. 


About Position:

Objective: To build community awareness and power with East Yard members focused on addressing toxics manufacturing affecting East LA and Southeast LA, and coordinate East Yard’s decentralized community garden program, La Cosecha Colectiva, across East LA, Southeast LA and Long Beach.

Salary: EYCEJ has a flat pay structure with all full-time employees receiving $43,250.00 annual salary with paid vacation and some medical benefits. Given this position is less than a full year, the wages paid will be equivalent to $20.79/hour for 40 hours a week to ensure flat pay structure is adhered to.


Hours: It is expected that the Campaign & Program Organizer will work 40 hours per week. Weekends and frequent evening hours are required. Weekly work schedule to be agreed upon with the Executive Director.

Job Duties: Outreach, Organizing & Program Coordination


Organize around toxics manufacturing environmental racism/environmental white supremacy issues facing East LA and Southeast LA, and coordinate La Cosecha Colectiva across East LA, Southeast LA and Long Beach. Activities will include:


·  Conduct direct outreach in designated areas of East LA and Southeast LA for toxics manufacturing campaign

·  Conduct quarterly community informational meetings

·  Identify East Yard Members to participate in a series of health talks with campaign partners

·  Prepare East Yard Members to participate in two in-person regional narrative exchanges to connect urban and rural communities

·  Assist with logistics for in-person exchange to take place in the City of Commerce as needed

·  Participate in biweekly check-ins with campaign partners

·  Document development of La Cosecha Colectiva over the last 7 years

·  Assess the current status of La Cosecha Colectiva and guide East Yard Members through a program plan to meet the future goals of East Yard Members

·  Coordinate Seasoning the Seasons cooking demonstration workshops quarterly

·  Outreach to increase La Cosecha Colectiva grower base amongst East Yard Members, coordinate garden build work days, and coordinate produce harvesting and distribution

·  Other responsibilities as they may arise



·     Create flyers and promotional materials, including social media.

·     Help to maintain the East Yard database of contacts and resources

·     Maintain protocols for processing approved expenses and mileage reimbursement

·     Work with Executive Director to ensure that work plan is successful.


Preferred Qualifications:

·  Strong commitment to social justice

·  Integrity and a strong work ethic

·  Bilingual (Spanish/English)

·  Excellent written and oral communication in both Spanish and English

·  Organizing experience with demonstrated results

·  Experience working the land

·  Experience working with or on behalf of working families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

·  Experience motivating, directing and organizing people and projects.

·  Demonstrated networking skills and ability to sustain and build partnerships and collaborations with diverse constituencies.

·  A team leader who can also work collegially as a member of a team.

·  Capable of working in environments where there are competing needs and limited resources.

·  A sense of humor and the desire to work in a positive and supportive environment.

·  Thoughtful and creative problem-solving skills.

·  Current driver’s license, good driving record, and valid auto insurance coverage.

·  Good computer and administrative skills

·  Meeting facilitation & presentation experience

·  Knowledge of local (East LA, Southeast LA, Long Beach) environmental health issues

·  Experience organizing and/or participating in direct actions

Level of Language Proficiency

English & Spanish

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To Apply: Email a cover letter and resume to