Development and Marketing Associate

Job Type

Part Time


Minimum: $20,000.00
Details: The listed salary is for a half time position




186 Main Street
United States


About Kestrel: Kestrel Educational Adventures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. We offer place-based natural science adventures for schools, camps, and the general public. Our participants learn through direct experiences in the local natural world, guided by qualified instructors with flexible plans. We believe in building a better and more sustainable world through excellent, student – centered natural science education. Our program instructors guide children in developing their abilities to make and share original discoveries and understand complex natural systems. We believe that everyone should develop their own values through experience, and that this is the most powerful route to sustainability and conservation action. We teach everyone that they should wander, explore, touch, imagine, and live in the natural world. Silliness, muddiness, and storytelling are as much a part of our day as collecting and analyzing data. In addition to our school programs, we operate a simple public facility called the Get Outside Center, designed to engage everyone in the many ways they can connect with the natural world right around them. Kestrel is a very small organization with an excellent and dedicated group of staff and volunteers.

Thanks to a grant from the Brace Cove Foundation, we have a new position available. From our recent strategic planning process emerged a need for a staff member who will will help elevate Kestrel’s visibility in the community, and work with the rest of our team to achieve greater financial sustainability. We are seeking someone with strong skills and a dedication to our mission and work.


  • In conjunction with the Program Director and the Board, oversee development and fundraising for Kestrel
  • Collaborate with stakeholders on the initiation and implementation of a development plan
  • Collaborate with the board and volunteers on event planning and management
  • Work with the Board to track strategic plan
  • Convene and meet with development committee including members of the board as well as interested community members; meetings will be held outside of business hours
  • Assist in the development of a stable base of individual and corporate donors through outreach and coordination of meetings and events, as well as maintaining a sponsorship program. Facilitate cultivation and appreciation of existing donors
  • Enhance and maintain a donor database to track and communicate with donors and potential donors regularly
  • Research, write and manage up to 8 small grants (each $3,000-$9,999) per year, in partnership with Program Director
  • Create a marketing plan leading to increased web presence, marketing pieces, and press, to improve the community visibility of Kestrel and our work
  • In partnership with the bookkeeper, maintain familiarity with the budget through the production and sharing of regular budget reports and cash flow tracking


The successful candidate will have at least two years of relevant professional experience, and:

  • Interest in and commitment to Kestrel’s mission and work
  • Familiarity with small nonprofits and their strengths and challenges
  • Experience in development -- donor cultivation and grant tracking
  • Experience with grant writing
  • Experience and comfort networking in person and by telephone
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ideal candidate will be familiar with the local North Shore business and/or nonprofit scene
  • Flexibility and adaptability; a willingness to change plans and mode in response to feedback and obstacles as encountered
  • Collaborative working style: A willingness to communicate frequently with others at our small organization, and an openness to making informed decisions based on input collected from a variety of staff and volunteers
  • Ability to work independently when needed, to complete tasks


Hours: This position is 50% of full time. Hours are to be arranged with the successful candidate. While they have some flexibility, most work must be completed during normal business hours.

Compensation: $20,000 annually for half time, with pro rated holidays and vacation, and pro rated insurance coverage.

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply, please send a resume and job - specific cover letter. We can only consider applications that include a detailed cover letter specific to this position and to Kestrel Educational Adventures