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About the Hunts Point Alliance for Children

The Hunts Point Alliance for Children (HPAC) is a collaborative of the schools and community-based organizations operating in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the Bronx, zip code 10474. HPAC's mission HPAC’s mission is to expand the hopes and potential of Hunts Point children—nurturing our neighborhood youth along their path to college or career by unifying our diverse alliance of community organizations to connect every family with the resources they deserve. Since 2007, HPAC has provided opportunities for over 300 children annually to engage in programming that sparks their interest in learning, engages them creatively, and allows them to look forward to the future.

About the Graduate Hunts Point - Community College Advisor

HPAC and partners were one of four recipients of Graduate NYC’s 2018 College Completion Innovation Fund. CCIF seeks innovative strategies to identify and overcome barriers to college completion, and HPAC will lead the work to create a community culture of college completion, in concert with two Alliance members, Saint Ignatius School and Rocking the Boat. All three programs currently work with students and alumni on college access and maintain ongoing contact with program alumni. Collectively, we hope to expand our collaboration with additional partners in future years.

As part of deepening our neighborhood-wide collaborative work to raise achievement for all Hunts Point students, the Graduate Hunts Point College Advisor will play a driving role in creating a college-going culture in Hunts Point.

Hunts Point students are often the first in their families to attend college. Lack of experience, reluctance to access support services, financial stress, and other similar reasons can contribute to college students’ inability to complete the coursework necessary for a college degree.

The Community College Advisor will execute a three-prong strategy to increase college success:

1)    Work directly with HPAC’s rising college students to help prepare them to gain acceptance to appropriate school and succeed in a college setting.

2)    Create a peer-mentor training and model for current Hunts Point college students who are alum of the three programs to serve as non-judgmental resource for each other in navigating the challenges of college;

3)    hold open ‘office hours’ at a community coffee shop to foster a community-wide college culture and provide college students from a range of schools with a single neighborhood-defined space of their own to meet up, learn from each other, get direct support for the advisor, and succeed in school;

Primary Responsibilities

HPAC’s Community College Advisor is a key part in educating the whole child, both academically and social-emotionally. S/he will be responsible for providing support to students in their final year of high school, and then building on that relationship to support them through college. In addition, the Community College Advisor will play an integral role in building out the community college hub for Hunts Point college students. For each student, the Community College Advisor will ensure that they successfully graduate from high school, identify next steps in their educational paths, and are supported through their college careers.

Responsibilities include:

Hunts Point College Network (70%)

  • Develop strong partnership with Rocking the Boat and St. Ignatius college programming staff; Establish a system of communication with current college programs across three organizations to connect with college students; Lead monthly inter-organization meetings to build resource and best practice sharing, as well as share student updates. 
  • Leverage the collaborative’s community relationships to reach Hunts Point college students currently not connected to broader support systems.
  • Develop student peer mentoring program for Hunts Point college students; includes identification and training of peer leaders each semester and supporting them as peer leaders; develop and promote relevant workshops for college students over the academic, i.e. FAFSA Renewal workshops, Resume Building, Career-Oriented Workshops, etc.
  • Host evening hours 2-3x per week from designated college community hub, accessible to commuter college students, to provide guidance and safe space for students to convene. Manage logistics of space usage and coffee certificates for students.
  • Track college students in accordance with perseverance metrics and resources accessed; assess success of Graduate Hunts Point via focus groups and college retention rates.
  • Develop reports to share with Graduate NYC, HPAC Leadership and Board of Directors, and throughout the wider Hunts Point community.

HPAC College Access Advisement (30%)

  • Work with HPAC Scholars in 11th and 12th grade and their families through college preparation: review student profiles and assist with planning and application process. Successfully assist scholars and families complete all financial aid applications, inquiries, and make an informed decision regarding which college to attend.
  • Build and maintain relationships with colleges and universities to create partnerships
  • Plan, coordinate, and deliver signature college counseling events
  • Update HPAC directors regularly on student progress, successes, and challenges. Track admissions decisions, statistics, scholarship awards, and generate reports for leadership and Board of Director meetings.

Core Qualifications 

·      Passionate about education and creating pathways through college.

·      Bachelor’s degree in education counseling or related degree; masters degree in education, counseling, or related degree preferred.

·      At least 3-4 years’ experience working with youth 16-24; specifically with either college access programming or college completion guidance or support.

·      Strong builder of meaningful relationships with various stakeholders such as parents, school administrators, and community members

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please send a resume and thoughtful cover letter to describing your commitment to college persistence and demonstrating experience moving students towards graduation. Make sure to include "Hunts Point College Advisor" in the subject line.