Teacher (Math/Science)

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Full Time Contract


Minimum: $45,360.00
Maximum: $88,499.00
Details: This is a School District of Philadelphia teaching position, with salaries set by the collective bargaining agreement with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.



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221 S. Hanson Street
United States


The Workshop School is a project-based, public high school in West Philadelphia. Our goal is to equip students with the skills and experience they need to succeed in college, career and community. We design learning experiences that develop and demand those skills.

The Workshop School is currently seeking teachers who love students, appreciate project based education and are certified in either Secondary Mathematics or Secondary Science (preferably Biology). All teachers serve as “Advisors” and teach interdisciplinary projects in the morning and then teach their content specific classes in the afternoon.

The Workshop School has created an amazing community of learners where students and adults are valued and work together to create projects that are engaging, rigorous and meaningful. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Simon Hauger at simon.hauger@workshopschool.org.

More about our approach:

Literacy, numeracy, and other content knowledge are but one ingredient in the recipe for success. Equally important elements include the ability to think creatively and solve problems, work with others, plan (and follow through), network, and work independently and responsibly. If students can get good at these skills, they have a much greater likelihood of succeeding in college or the workplace. Most schools spend very little time cultivating these capabilities. At the Workshop, they are central to our work as educators.

Our school is built on three design principles:

  1. Community first. Our life together begins with the community we build. We trust each other, we believe in each other, we seek and expect the best in each other.  
  2. The work is the work. Real-world questions and problems are our curriculum. Just like in real life, there are no “make-up packets.”
  3. Persist and improve. A first draft is never a final draft and a prototype is never a finished product. To improve our work, we have to want to make it the best it can be, seek, give and use feedback, and learn from failure.

We aren’t the only school out there built around these ideas. But we are one of the few schools committed to this approach that serves disadvantaged students and communities. We are a non-selective school and many of our students have experienced real challenges in their lives. We deeply believe that all children deserve a school experience that is rich and meaningful, and that all young people are capable of doing high-level, authentic work.

You can learn more about our school in this video and at our website.

Teaching at the Workshop:

First and foremost, Workshop teachers build relationships and community. Without that, we can’t create safe spaces, support students, or do high level work.

Second, as a Workshop teacher, you will lead projects across all subject areas. Real world work is interdisciplinary. Why should school be different?

Finally, being a teacher here is like being a coach. There is a lot of challenge and struggle. All of this helps us get better, but it’s not easy.

We are a vibrant professional community, and adult learning in our school looks a lot like student learning. Teachers are co-designers and co-creators of the school - it is our project. As a Workshop teacher, you will have a lot of freedom to follow your passions and interests and to take risks. You will not be asked to teach to tests or checked in on to make sure you have objectives written on the board each morning. In short, we recognize our staff for the talented, committed professionals that they are, and we treat them as such.

What does it take to do this work well?

Projects are a very important part of what we do. But you can learn how to design a killer project or how to give effective feedback. People who succeed here have other qualities that are harder to teach, like toughness, adaptability, and a strengths-based view of young people who are far too often judged and dismissed by society and schools alike.

So here’s what we’re looking for in a Workshop School teacher:

  • A deep commitment to working with those students who are most often overlooked and undervalued.
  • A strong desire to help create a different kind of high school for these students.
  • Experience in secondary education and/or youth work, preferably in schools or programs employing a student-centered approach.
  • Secondary teaching certification in math and/or science.

If this sounds like you, we need to hear from you! Please send letters of inquiry and resumes to Workshop School principal Simon Hauger at simon.hauger@workshopschool.org.


The detailed salary schedule for Philadelphia teachers can be viewed here:


Like salary, all benefits (including health insurance, paid time off, pension etc.) are defined in the collective bargaining agreement. Details of the benefit plan can be viewed here:


Level of Language Proficiency

All instruction will be in English. A handful of our students speak Spanish at home, so proficiency is helpful but not necessary.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required


How To Apply



To apply for this position, first contact Workshop School principal Simon Hauger at the email address above with your resume and cover letter.

The formal hiring process will be conducting through School District of Philadelphia's online application system, which can be accessed at the address above.