Financial Assistance Coordinator (20 hours/week)

Job Type

Part Time




8305 Richmond Hwy
Suite 17B
United States


The Financial Assistance Coordinator (FAC) position administers the direct financial assistance program within Good Shepherd Housing. The direct financial assistance program provides support to families and individuals undergoing a short-term crisis that is affecting their ability to pay their rent or utilities. The assistance will help bridge the recipient through the short-term crisis, returning them to housing stability.

A nonexempt hourly position, with 20 hours/week work requirements, and reporting to the Vice President/COO, the following responsibilities and duties pertain to this position:   

  • Assessing applicants, and determining the scope and depth of their short-term housing crisis, and evaluating the amount of one-time emergency financial assistance needed to maintain their housing;

  • Coordinating packages of assistance with other agencies, particularly Fairfax County’s Coordinated Services Planning, to reduce duplication and optimize the amount of assistance;

  • Completing in-take and assessment within the electronic, in-house online client management services platform called Apricot and the County-sponsored Homeless Management Information System (HMIS);

  • Verifying applicable information, obtaining approval for expenditures and submitting check requests;

  • Connecting clients to other agencies or community-based resources — such as other nonprofit programs, food banks, basic needs provider, health, educational or vocational programs— which will assist and support them in sustaining their housing;

  • Maintaining confidential client files in hard copies, computer databases, and in our online services platform (Apricot) and HMIS;

  • Providing reports to track trends and measure program outcomes;

  • Working with other staff to ensure that applicants who need more than emergency assistance can apply for other housing programs or services at GSH and at other human services agencies;

  • Meeting workplans and goals developed with the supervisor for performance and delivery of services;

  • Coordinating the delivery of service with other staff in biweekly service team meetings.

Requirements for this positions are:

  • Excellent knowledge of the local community, resources and issues, as well as landlord-tenant law and related regulations. 

  • Ability to assess potential clients’ financial situations.

  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

  • Comfortable with short deadlines.

  • Comfortable working with data entry projects. 

  • College degree preferred.

Level of Language Proficiency

English is required, bilingual in Spanish would be a plus

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply, please respond with a letter of interest, your resume and salary requirements via email at On all email submissions, please include “GSH Financial Assistance Coordinator” in the subject line.

Please do not phone the office with inquiries.