Program Coordinator/LGBT Cultural Competency Training for Religious Leaders and Parents

Job Type

Part Time


Minimum: $24,336.00
Maximum: $28,080.00
Details: $26-30 per hour, 18 hours per week




1818 15th Avenue
United States


Job Opening: Program Coordinator/LGBT Cultural Competency Training for Religious Leaders and Parents

18 hours per week through December 2020

Lambert House LGBT Youth Center, Seattle, Washington

Reports to Lambert House Executive Director

Compensation: $26 - $30/hour; no benefits

Open until filled

Position Summary

Lambert House LGBT Youth Center in Seattle, Washington, is hiring a part-time Program Coordinator/LGBT Cultural Competency Training for Religious Leaders and Parents (in short, Program Coordinator/LGBT & Religion), to work 18 hours weekly, through December 2020, to implement a transformative new program. The program goal is to minimize conflict between LGBT youth and their religious parents. The successful applicant will deliver LGBT cultural competency training that you develop specifically for religious leaders, religious school staff, and parents of faith that request such training.


When parents kick out their LGBT child they almost always cite their religious beliefs as the so-called “reason.” While respecting all religious faiths, Lambert House intends to address this problem where we can do the most good: By helping interested religious leaders and devout parents that ask us to help them develop positive responses when an LGBT youth comes out.

Lambert House is sometimes asked by religious leaders to train them on how to be more effective in responding to parents of LGBT youth that seek guidance when their child comes out. The Program Coordinator/LGBT & Religion will meet this emerging need. Parents also frequently ask Lambert House staff for guidance, information, and resources to help them support, or come to terms with having, an LGBT child. The program coordinator will also meet this need.

The Program Coordinator/LGBT & Religion will speak to congregations about how best to support LGBT youth. You will educate religious leaders and families about community resources for LGBT youth and their parents. You will compile, vet, and recommend books and websites for devoutly religious parents with LGBT children. You will recommend LGBT-affirming mental health and medical resources for families with LGBT children, and will recommend churches and other faith organizations with LGBT-positive teen youth groups.

Responsibilities and Requisite Knowledge/Skills

You must have in-depth knowledge of LGBT youth issues and of parenting an LGBT youth in a religious home; an understanding of how religion plays a role in disproportionate LGBT youth homelessness, depression and suicide, knowledge of family dynamics, and a well-informed conviction that religiously devout parents can reconcile their commitment to God with their love for their LGBT child. Personal experience reconciling religious belief with love for an LGBT child, or helping others to do so, will be an asset.

You must be knowledgeable about community-based supports for religious parents of LGBT youth and for the youth themselves, including Open and Affirming, or Reconciling, Christian Congregations, support groups and LGBT-affirming religious communities for people of various Non-Christian faiths, and relevant, LGBT-affirming medical and mental health resources.

You must be able to procure well-targeted mailing and email lists for religious leaders in Greater Seattle and use them successfully to elicit invitations to deliver cultural competency training in religious schools, churches, and other faith and community settings.

You will follow up to schedule meetings with interested religious leaders and/or with congregation members.

You will deliver targeted cultural competency trainings about LGBT youth and coming out in religious families while being culturally competent yourself. Your training will take into account the race, ethnicity, class, education, and other characteristics of the religious leaders, families, and communities that you address and work with.

You must enjoy – and have demonstrated success – working comfortably with families and religious leaders of any and every community that express interest, including, but not limited to, African-Americans, African immigrants such as Eritreans and Ethiopians, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian immigrants, South Asian immigrants, conservative evangelical whites, Latinx, Jews, Muslims, and others.

The trainings you deliver will occur either once or during a series of visits to a school or religious institution, or in meetings with religious leaders and/or parents.

In 2019 and 2020 you will also produce a one-day, regional, conference for religious leaders on Supporting Families with LGBT Children in the Faith Setting. With oversight from the Lambert House Executive Director, you will: Establish the conference curriculum; identify, contract, and schedule presenters; choose and contract the conference facility; manage the conference budget; set the conference fee schedule; successfully advertise the conference to meet attendance and fiscal goals; and coordinate all aspects of the conference.

You will develop a one-page, post-training, survey for the religious leaders and parents that receive your cultural competency trainings or attend one of the conferences.

You will compile the survey data and write brief, two-to-four page intermediate (2019) and final (2020) reports summarizing program outcomes and findings.


In 2018, you will: Assess existing efforts in the Greater Seattle Region to train religious leaders on supporting parents with LGBT children; develop training curricula; procure direct mail and email lists for religious leaders and parent organizations; produce mailings; follow-up by phone or email, and; respond to inquiries and training requests. You will schedule trainings and conduct church and other outreach visits. In 2019, you will: Continue outreach to elicit invitations; conduct trainings; administer surveys to participants; plan and produce a one-day conference; and write a brief intermediate report of two to three pages. In 2020, you will: Continue outreach; deliver trainings; collect and compile data; produce a second, similarly themed, one-day conference and; write a brief final report of two to four pages.


The ideal candidate will:

●      Have a deeply informed understanding of the challenges sometimes experienced by religiously devout parents when an LGBT child comes out

●      Hold the conviction that religious belief can be fully compatible with homosexuality and/or transgender identity

●      Personally understand the journey that parents go on when they have to reconcile their faith with their love for an LGBT child

●      Be fully accepting and able to work well with religious leaders, parents, and youth of all faiths and belief systems, including all branches of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and other faiths, as well as atheism, agnosticism, and secular humanism

●      Be very knowledgeable, and have extensive experience communicating in detail with religious leaders, about the intersections of homosexuality, gender identity, and religion; formal knowledge in this field, even if it was acquired through extensive self-education, is essential

●      Be able to convey hope and LGBT-affirming guidance to devoutly religious parents of LGBT youth

●      Be able to write, design, and conduct direct mail, social media, telephone, email, and other outreach to religious leaders in order to elicit invitations to work with them

●      Be able to drive your own vehicle to meet with religious leaders and other program constituents within an approximately 50-mile radius of Seattle dozens of times annually. (Mileage will be reimbursed)

●      Have experience organizing professional continuing education conferences, or equivalent events, including: Social media, print, email, and direct mail outreach; registration; electronic fee processing setup using tablets and card readers (but not the back-end accounting); contracting of speakers/presenters; facility selection and contracting; and on-site event coordination

●      Be experienced in developing continuing education (or other educational) conference curricula

●      Be able to work collaboratively on a busy team with the Lambert House executive director, program manager, accountant and other staff

●      Also be able to work independently

●      Be able to work happily with limited organizational resources and almost no administrative support; be willing to carry out most of the administrative tasks necessary to implement this program, as well as the higher-level program development and implementation

●      Enjoy being part of a small, potent, well-established social justice non-profit

●      Be able to provide one-page written status reports periodically to the executive director

●      Be absolutely delighted to help religious leaders to support parents who are trying to reconcile their faith with their love for their LGBT child; this job requires both passion for the mission and an array of skills and knowledge to successfully carry it out.

●      Have a minimum of a four-year bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree is preferred. Retired religious leaders and graduate students or others who can consistently work half-time are encouraged to apply.

●      Own a reliable vehicle that you can use routinely in the course of this work. Have current license and personal auto insurance.

●       Understand that this is a new program and there will be surprises, happy moments,and unforeseen challenges during implementation.

●       Be a creative problem solver.

●       Be open to taking on other responsibilities related to the program as they become apparent.

To Apply

Email or mail a resume and cover letter to:

or to

Ken Shulman

Executive Director

Lambert House LGBT Youth Center

P.O. Box 23111

Seattle, WA 98102-0411

Questions about the position can also be emailed to


Not benefits eligible.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Email or mail a resume and cover letter to:

or to

Ken Shulman

Executive Director

Lambert House LGBT Youth Center

P.O. Box 23111

Seattle, WA 98102-0411

Questions about the position can also be emailed to