Child Care Providers and Classroom Leaders

Job Type

Part Time


Details: Multiple level positions with a range beginning at $60 for a 4-hour shift on Sundays



Start Date


Application Deadline



New York
New York
United States


General Summary

Based on age group, responsibilities include basic care of young children, supporting elementary-aged children in Sunday School and Choir and leading free time activities.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Based on age group, Child Care Providers are asked to:

  1. Infants: Feed, change diapers, soothe when child is upset, fully interact
  2. Toddlers: Change diapers/help with toileting needs; fix small snacks; help children through separation anxiety; support children’s participation in music circle and story time; fully engage through conversation, play, structured activities
  3. Children in Sunday School: Support the teachers, support children’s participation in structured lessons and activities, manage the class for brief periods, clean-up the classroom after class ends
  4. All age groups require warm and professional interactions with our children, parents and staff

Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Our ideal candidate must:

  1. Love and honor children of all ages
  2. Have a positive attitude
  3. Be energetic, flexible, a team player and work well independently
  4. Clearly and warmly communicate with children, parents and staff
  5. Have experience working with children
  6. Work Sundays. Regular shifts are 9:00am to 1:00pm with occasional extra hours


NYC Earned Sick Leave

Level of Language Proficiency

Enough proficiency in English to communicate with parents and children.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume to the Director of Children's Ministry, Jessica Scovel, at