Office Manager

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $50,000
Maximum: $55,000



Application Deadline



948 Hollister Avenue
San Francisco
United States


OnePurpose School (OP) is a TK-5 school in southeast San Francisco. We are a free, open-enrollment, college-prep, public charter school. OP’s model brings together four major educational advances: project-based learning, STEM, socio-emotional learning and support, and a keen focus on fostering student agency. Historically, fewer than 10% of children from southwest San Francisco attend and graduate from college. OP is committed to changing this trajectory. To learn more about OP please visit:


Why Join Our Team?


OnePurpose is a great place to work if you:


● Exhibit professionalism, treat people with respect, and are compassionate in addressing the day-to-day challenges of a rigorous and purposeful public charter school

● Thrive in an ever-changing environment where creative thinking and leadership are encouraged

● Prize collaboration with an experienced team with a multi-year track record of outstanding academic achievement with low-income students of color

● Believe in the school’s values and its commitment to set students on a path towards success


What Makes the Right Fit? 


OnePurpose seeks an Office Manager who:


● Possesses an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree and is proficient in Microsoft and Google Suites. 

● Demonstrates written and verbal proficiency in Spanish and English, and is a quick learner

● Ensures the front office is a welcoming space and possesses the professionalism and enthusiasm to serve as the first point of contact for parents, students, and the school community

● Believes in the mission of the school and only speaks kind words to all stakeholders in support of OP’s commitment to do what’s best for the students

● Possesses excellent interpersonal skills and is a highly-effective communicator with parents, students, and faculty. The ability to speak Spanish is critical.

● Demonstrates excellent organization, time management and follow-up skills, a high sense of urgency, and is capable of successfully handling multiple projects concurrently

● Possesses a robust work ethic, the ability to be flexible, and a willingness to maintain an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach when necessary

What Will You Do?



● Welcome visitors, families, and staff and provide them with strong customer service

● Perform general clerical duties including answering phones, distributing messages, sorting mail, replenishing office supplies, distributing school information to parents, and translating documents from English to Spanish

● Facilitate arrangements for school activities, logistics, teacher and parent development

● Provide support to the Principal, Assistant Principal, and teachers as needed


Enrollment & Student Files


● Enter and update student information into school system, maintain regular student enrollment counts, and manage enrollment and registration forms

● Manage the attendance process including contacting parents on a daily basis as needed, and coordinate the school’s truancy process

● Administer Independent Study program for students with planned absences, collect doctor and parent absence notes


Family Engagement


● Build strong partnerships with families, and encourage parents to participate in school events, community meetings, field trips, and volunteering

● Provide families with weekly and daily text updates about events and deadlines

● Provide Spanish translation for parent meetings and events


Health, Safety & Discipline

● Maintain emergency medical contact information, and current immunization records for all students

● Administer basic first aid, distribute medicine, and maintain injury reports. Be knowledgeable about the content in the school safety binder including emergency procedures

● Supervise students sent to the office for discipline and health reasons


Meals, Finance, & Facilities

● Manage the collection of free & reduced-lunch application forms

● Manage parent live scans, and field trip support including transportation and lunches in advance of trips

● Assist in the managing and reporting of day-to-day facilities problems

Special Education

● Maintain confidentiality of students receiving special educational services, and serve as the communications intermediary between parents and the Special Ed team.


Salary and Benefits:

OnePurpose School offers a competitive salary ($50,000 - $55,000) and generous benefits. This 12-month, non-exempt position reports to the Principal and the Business Manager.


Generous benefits.

Level of Language Proficiency

English and Spanish

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

Please e-mail your cover letter and resume to: In your cover letter, please address why you believe you are a good match for OnePurpose School.