Health Educator

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Full Time




3166 Mount Pleasant Street Northwest
District of Columbia
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This position will develop and implement health education / promotion strategies with a focus on mitigating barriers to healthy behavioral change and access to health care services. The Health Educator will work with direct service providers to link patients with an array of education and health promotion services focused on chronic disease management and prevention including but not limited to: weight reduction, improving nutritional literacy, promoting active lifestyles and stress management.


·      Associates degree in a health field, or related discipline, or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills may be obtained.

·      Bilingual Spanish/ English; fluent spoken and written Spanish, bicultural.

·      Previous experience with community educational campaigns, including leading groups, trainings and one on one education.

·      Experience in using Electronic Medical Records or similar software.

·      Literate in health strategies around chronic disease management and prevention.

·      Proficient use of Microsoft Office and familiarity with data base management.  

Duties & Responsibilities

1.    Collaborate with direct service providers to link patients to available one-on-one and group health education and health promotion activities.

2.    Coordinate activities and serve as the lead Health Educator in the implementation of chronic disease management and prevention interventions including: 8 week Medical Group Visits and 6 Week Diabetes Management Program.

3. Support direct service providers to identify patients and community members eligible for education/ support groups, system navigations around the areas of Access to Healthy Food, Access to Infrastructure for recreation and physical activity .

4.    Track, monitor and record the delivery of health education services at La Clinica Del Pueblo using Electronic Medical Records.

5.    Conduct “charlas” (educational sessions) as needed.

6.    Identify and/ or create culturally appropriate audiovisual education and informational materials and disseminate within La Clinica.

7.    Assist Health Promotion Manager in maintaining program inventory.

8.    Assist in preparing reports about health education as required by grantors.

9.    Monitor and record expenditures relating to health education services.

10. Represent the Clinic with your supervisor to the public, official organizations and other groups by attending conferences, meetings, etc., as designated by your supervisor and as related to your duties.

11. Participate in Health Promoter trainings.

12. Develop training material for Health Promoter trainings.

13. Lead capacity building modules during training for Health Promoters.

14. Supervise and monitor activities of Health Promoters.

15. Have regular debrief sessions with Promoters.

16. Participate regularly in medical and patient support services team meetings.

17. Support supervisor in advocacy efforts with local and national coalitions.

18. Collaborate with other health educators within La Clinica.

19. Meet monthly with your supervisor to report and review your work plan.

20. Attend required trainings to increase and maintain skills.

21. Attend department and all staff meetings and all mandatory La Clinica activities.

22. Perform other duties as assigned.

Level of Language Proficiency

·      Bilingual Spanish/ English; fluent spoken and written Spanish, bicultural.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

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