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Program and Operations Associate


Kindred is a relatively new organization that builds relationships among parents of diverse backgrounds in elementary schools in Washington DC. Our vision is a society where communities care for all children as if they were their own. Grounded in participatory action, we support parents in working collectively toward educational equity in their children’s school through the lens of racial justice. We seek an organized, self-directed, detail-oriented and technologically savvy program and operations associate to oversee all logistics, develop and manage systems to ensure the successful implementation of our program, and lead our external communications and marketing work. This role includes competitive pay and benefits.

More about Kindred and the Program and Operations Associate Role

In today’s segregated society, there are few opportunities for parents to connect meaningfully with one another across racial and socioeconomic difference. This leads to families having inequitable access to resources and networks of people, which contributes to the persistent opportunity gap across the city.

Washington DC is home to approximately 45 elementary schools with diverse student bodies where developing connections across difference is possible, but does not tend to happen on its own. Parents need safe and brave spaces with skilled facilitation to build trust and relationships with one another. Kindred strives to establish these spaces by facilitating dialogues among families of diverse backgrounds that culminate in parents taking collective action to advance racial justice and educational equity in their school, and, over time, more widely.

The program and operations associate will serve as a lynchpin of our organization. This role requires both systems-level thinking and the tendency to sweat the small stuff and understand that the devil is sometimes in the details. Therefore, we seek someone who will keep the trains running while developing, executing, and refining systematic ways to ensure our program is meeting its outcomes. Responsibilities include:

Logistics and Systems

File Maintenance

  • Maintain filing system for the organization using Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Electronically file all records, including photos, consent forms, financial documents, etc.

Customer Relationship Database Management

  • Maintain and continue to refine Salesforce as Kindred’s core database for contacts, content, communications and outcomes-tracking; maintain linkages of all other contact systems (e.g., newsletter recipients, donors, event attendees) to Salesforce
  • Train staff members in how to use platform
  • Maintain records and quality-control record keeping in Salesforce

Supplies and Program Support

  • Organize, order, and process expenses for all materials and services required to run dialogue groups and other Kindred events, including food and caregivers for each dialogue session
  • Establish relationships with local vendors and develop efficient system for ordering food and supplies
  • Ensure all supplies are ready and stored for use in dialogue groups and related celebrations
  • Maintain accurate inventory of all supplies
  • Finance, Scheduling and Office Maintenance
  • Keep the office space neat and organized
  • Manage relationships and billing with vendors who support the functioning of our office, such as the cleaning company, electrical company and water company
  • Process receipts for executive director and program director using Expensify
  • Process donation receipts
  • Support executive director’s scheduling needs, including setting up conference calls and in-person meetings

Research and General Administrative Support

  • Perform research projects as-needed to help the team achieve programmatic outcomes
  • Support additional administrative needs as they arise

Communications and Marketing

  • Regularly update content on website using Wordpress, including creating new content; manage back-end organization and plug-ins for the website
  • Support development of content for social media sites
  • Develop content for and design Kindred’s monthly parent newsletter
  • Create visual assets (e.g., basic infographics, flyers, invitations) to support program team and executive director
  • Create and/or amend PowerPoint presentations for external meetings

Special Projects (as assigned)

  • Process quickly the goals of discrete projects, develop action plans for achieving them, and execute upon those plans to reach desired outcomes

Desired Attributes, Experience, and Skills

If you possess an unwavering commitment to the advancement of educational equity and racial justice, you love accomplishing tasks quickly with high attention to detail, you are a quick learner, and you are a self-starter, this is the role for you. Because we are a start-up, we are looking for someone who wants to be part of creating something exciting and new and someone for whom this work is much more than a job; it’s your calling. We are seeking candidates with the following competencies:

Exceptional organizational skills

  • You accomplish many tasks in a short amount of time with few to no mistakes
  • You know how to prioritize – you pay attention to getting the most important things done first without getting distracted or overwhelmed

Critical thinking skills

  • You independently think through how to set up systems that are intuitive and support the achievement of our outcomes
  • You manage independent research projects by working backwards from the question being asked to develop a thoughtful answer

Excellent communication skills

  • You are a clear writer with strong command over standard grammar and punctuation
  • You are adept at explaining processes to all types of people – you are not afraid to explain to a manager where they may have made a mistake
  • You demonstrate patience in walking others through tasks that may seem simple to you

Strong intuition for visually appealing design

  • You have created Powerpoint presentations, flyers and invitations that are attractive and demonstrate basic visual design principles
  • You are comfortable working as a basic level to edit photos, videos and have a sense for what looks good and is compelling to various audiences
  • You can complete basic graphic design tasks using programs like Canva

Technology savvy

  • You are an expert in Microsoft Office suite, particularly Excel
  • You have knowledge of (or can self-teach) how to set calendar appointments
  • You are comfortable learning online apps, such as Doodle and Expensify
  • You are well-versed in Wordpress or could learn it quickly

Self-motivated and responsible

  • You produce results without a lot of supervision
  • You love setting concrete goals and achieving them
  • You thrive in new environments without a lot of guidelines (we are a start up!)
  • You are timely and prepared, and you developed the skill of being organized long ago—this is second nature to you

Additional desired attributes, experience, and skills

  • Experience with traditionally marginalized populations – You have experience working with and valuing people who our system historically has not and whose communities continue to experience systematic oppression in our nation
  • Self- and cross-cultural awareness – An essential part of this role is to be able to engage productively in courageous conversations about identity, race and equity
  • Education and years of experience – We envision successful candidates having real-world experience practicing elements of what we have listed above. This is more important to us than any specific degree
  • Fluency in Spanish is desired by not required

Timing, Location, and Compensation

This role begins as soon as possible and is located in Washington DC. We offer a very competitive benefits package including health, retirement matching, flexible work location (within DC area) and paid leave.

Equal Opportunity

Kindred provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics. This role requires physical activity in the form of moving among schools, among rooms in schools (some of which requires climbing stairs, bending and crouching) and carrying approximately 20 pounds of materials.

To Apply

Please send a 1-page cover letter describing why this job is the right fit for you, together with your CV, to


We offer a very competitive benefits package including health, retirement matching, flexible work location (within DC area) and paid leave. 

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How To Apply

Please send a 1-page cover letter describing why this job is the right fit for you, together with your CV, to