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Ecuador Country Director

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Manna Project International | Orlando, FL

Manna Project International

Published 19 days ago

April 16, 2020
March 7, 2020
$21,600 - $26,000

Job Description

Manna Project International, an Orlando-based nonprofit operating in Ecuador, and the USA, fosters communities of talented young leaders to become the next generation of social change agents by engaging in collaborative, on-the-ground service with international communities in need. At our international site, groups of 3 to 7-month volunteers live and work together implementing a range of health, education, and economic livelihood community development projects in geographically defined areas. These volunteers also help manage summer intern volunteers (5-10 weeks) and short-term groups (1-week volunteers, typically for Spring Break). For more background on MPI, please visit our website,

The Ecuador Country Director (CD) leads the team of one other permanent employee (Site Coordinator) and several 3-9 month volunteers on the ground in the realization of MPI’s mission, vision and goals. In practice, he/she serves as executive director of the organization in Ecuador, and is responsible for both the daily management and long-term planning of the organization there. As MPI is a small organization in Ecuador, the CD role ranges widely, from grassroots hustle and menial tasks, to high level strategy and personnel/legal judgments. The CD is directly accountable to and reports to MPI’s Executive Director.

We’re looking for someone with: 

  • Strong relationship-building skills
  • Fluency in English and Spanish
  • A minimum of two years' experience in Latin America (preferably Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru or Bolivia) 
  • Experience in and a passion for community development and/or community organizing
  • A passion for and experience in working with volunteers, college students or in leading young people
  • A visionary mind and an entrepreneurial initiative
  • A strong ability to multi-task and balance short- and long-term goals
  • Personal experience as an international volunteer (preferred)
  • Experience in the classroom (preferred)
  • A willingness to commit and contribute to MPI’s collaborative, community-based, holistic approach to community development 
  • A minimum two and a half-year commitment
  • A Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s preferred

The CD’s daily responsibilities include any and all tasks necessary to maintaining and improving the operations of the organization in Ecuador, including but not limited to:

Description of Responsibilities

1. Overseeing community development programs that benefit underserved locals

Leading community program development and overseeing program implementation, while ensuring that these programs align with MPI’s holistic approach and development goals.

The CD oversees the planning, implementation and consistent monitoring of programs to make sure they are impactful, adequately resourced, and aligned with the needs of underserved communities, and with MPI’s holistic mix of education, health and economic livelihood goals. The CD uses program and volunteer metrics to help monitor programs. The CD builds relationships with many local participants of MPI’s programs & community, and helps the volunteers connect with locals as well.

Building and deepening local and international partnerships.

As the foremost representative of the organization in Ecuador, the CD is the public face of MPI to local and international organizations. The CD builds new relationships and deepens existing ones, leveraging the knowledge, expertise and experience they provide into MPI’s programs and projects. The CD manages and creates contracts and agreements with partner organizations in Ecuador.

Overseeing management of Manna’s Community Center (Centro), including maintenance issues as they correspond to budget and program effectiveness, and ensuring safety of these areas, etc.

2. Managing & supporting international volunteers

Ensuring that volunteers conduct community programs, both MPI-operated & community partner ones, in a goal-oriented, culturally sensitive way, and that those programs are in line with the mission of MPI.

The CD plays an active role in the implementation of community programs and projects. They regularly visit each of the programs in operation, measuring their performance, impact and long-term development. Each program should be visited at least once every month, and depending on circumstances and current need, the CD may be called upon to lead programs. For volunteers, the CD serves as a constant coach & mentor, continually discussing with them the goals of each program and how to achieve those goals. The CD is the key reference point for community members, meeting with key stakeholders from the community who oversee or participate in the program in order to understand community needs and assess the success of the program from the community’s point of view. In order to measure each program’s performance, and to keep record of the program’s history, volunteers submit quarterly program updates and weekly metrics to the CD.

Communicating regularly with volunteers to ensure their well-being, safety, effectiveness in projects and overall volunteer experience.

As leader of MPI’s in-country team, the CD stays in constant contact with volunteers. This includes attending and leading weekly meetings with volunteers, serving both as team leader and as a representative of the organization at large. This dual role means both communicating relevant information from the volunteers on to the rest of the staff, and representing the organization’s policies and decisions to volunteers. The Director will also serve as a resource who can seek out and present fresh perspectives on issues and ideas, founded in MPI’s experience, partner organizations, and community development best practices. The CD oversees, and facilitates some trainings and professional development/mentoring, for volunteers in accordance with our Leadership & Community Development plan.

On a personal level, the CD conducts regular one-on-one coaching meetings with volunteers to address their needs, personal & emotional well-being, and performance in programs. These meetings serve to support each volunteer’s achievements, encourage improvement and guarantee that volunteers have a rewarding experience with MPI.

Compile and manage visa applications, accompany volunteers through entire visa process from pre-departure documents, to on-site translations and office visits with government authorities.

The CD is responsible for overseeing MPI’s 24/7 emergency response, which shouldn’t require many hours per year. This duty does require the CD to rotate shifts with other staff to be on-call during evenings and weekends, in the rare event of serious illness, injury, crime or natural disaster faced by volunteers.

Navigating the transition between groups of long-term volunteers, with an eye toward efficient, effective, and sustainable progress in programming;

As one of two members of the MPI team whose presence in Ecuador spans MPI’s seasonal transitions from one group of long-term volunteers to the next, the CD oversees the continuity of the organization from year to year. This is crucial to ensuring that programs and projects stay consistent over time. The CD leads orientation & onboarding activities for new volunteers who in turn lead such activities for summer volunteers and visiting teams, and the CD spearheads the recruitment of future volunteers to the site. 

In partnership with MPI’s Development Director, maximizing recruitment of volunteers to support our community program and recruitment goals. 

Oversee interviews with volunteer applicants, update & send out pre-departure materials, respond to email inquiries from prospective applicants, and coordinate arrival for 3-9 month volunteers, Spring Break groups, and Summer Interns. Oversee planning and on-site management of short-term groups, interns, and skill-based volunteers.

3. Managing all organizational, legal & administrative operations

Managing on-site finances, reporting regularly to the Executive Director and volunteers.

As the effective executive director of the organization in Ecuador, the CD manages the finances of MPI in-country. This includes ensuring compliance with Ecuadorian tax law along with local accountant, maintenance of the organization’s bank accounts in-country, and the dispersal of funding from those accounts to support volunteers’ living situation and the operation of programs, as well as the maintenance of organizational resources.

The CD is ultimately responsible for the program and living budgets within the country and is entrusted to make well-reasoned decisions about the distribution of these funds in accordance with both the needs of the programs and the mission, vision, and goals of the organization.

The CD records and regularly reports on the status of accounts and expenses to the Executive Director and volunteers as appropriate, by overseeing the use of expense reports, banking records, and accounting records (with local accountant).

Reporting regularly and thoroughly to the Executive Director on the condition and quality of MPI programs and resources in the country for which the director is responsible.

The CD reports on the state of programs and volunteers in Ecuador to the Executive Director, and serves as the primary channel between volunteers and the ED for questions, concerns, and ideas. The CD is in regular contact with the Executive Director regarding finances, programs, policies, and the needs of the organization in Ecuador.


Each year, the CD is responsible for raising a minimum amount of $5000 designated to on-site program development and general operating expenses. This requirement may be fulfilled through grants received, individual or corporate donations made to programs from current volunteer’s donors, hosted events, and/or the CD’s connections. Time spent on fundraising, either on-site or in the U.S., is considered work time. The CD may lead or support grant applications, and may lead growth in MPI’s earned income from local programs like English courses.

Maintaining legal operation of the organization in Ecuador, along with local attorneys.

The CD keeps the organization in good legal standing within Ecuador. This means maintaining the legal status and operation of the organization and its volunteers. The CD must have a familiarity with local laws regarding service/non-profit organizations and foreign visitors/workers and record both the general understanding of these laws and the organization’s compliance with them. This will likely involve consultation with other organizations for guidance, the organization’s attorney in Ecuador, and potentially in the United States, as well as government bodies regulating the activities of foreign persons or organizations. The CD prepares & submits MPI’s annual report and other required documentation to government agencies for legal compliance.

Participating in organization-wide planning and development

As a member of MPI’s staff team, the CD actively participates in MPI’s staff calls, organization-wide vision and strategy planning, resource development, and operational assessment. This includes but is not limited to involvement in publicity, volunteer recruitment, curriculum development, metrics management, grant writing, and fundraising.

The CD may delegate responsibilities and tasks to trusted volunteers and staff in order to best realize these goals, as is appropriate and as the CD sees fit. 

Additional Information: 

Salary: $21,600 to $26,000, depending on experience


  • Four weeks paid vacation
  • International travel insurance
  • A visa to live/work in Ecuador for the duration of employment with MPI

Start Date: During April-May 2020

How to apply:

Send a resume and cover letter describing your fit with MPI and this position to

Please Note: Only short-listed applicants will be notified.

Job Description

Manna Project International, an Orlando-based nonprofit operating in Ecuador, and the USA, fosters communities of talented young leaders to become the next generation of social change agents by engaging in…

Details at a glance

  • On-site Location
  • Full Time Schedule
  • 4-Year Degree Required
  • Managerial



  • Four weeks paid vacation
  • International travel insurance
  • A visa to live/work in Ecuador for the duration of employment with MPI


  • Four weeks paid vacation
  • International travel insurance
  • A visa to live/work in Ecuador for the duration of employment with MPI

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluent in English and Spanish

Fluent in English and Spanish

How to Apply

How to apply: Send a resume and cover letter describing your fit with MPI and this position to

How to apply: Send a resume and cover letter describing your fit with MPI and this position to


P.O. Box 536144, Orlando, FL 32853

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