Case Planner

Job Type

Full Time


Details: competitive




New York
United States




  • Establish and maintain respectful professional boundaries with coworkers and medically fragile and intellectually impaired individuals and families.
  • Manage cases and maintain on-going contacts with those served in accordance with regulatory mandates.
  • Engage in home, school, and medical visits in various areas of New York City.
  • Escort individuals and families to appointments when needed.
  • Evaluate risk of harm, including investigation and reporting of accidents, injuries and allegations of child abuse or neglect; and, assist such families with developing and implementing preventive goals.
  • Prepare cases for presentations and interdisciplinary case reviews and participate actively in the development of comprehensive service planning.
  • Document observations of familial and guest interactions, nutritional behaviors, physical and mental health, educational, housing, social, and, economical statuses within the community and family structures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of diverse cultural norms and traditions to enhance assessment and engagement processes.
  • Complete and maintain accurate and up-to-date case records.
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance with city and state standards of practice; submit all necessary reports and documentation within governmental and agency timeframes.
  • Ensure confidentiality and compliance with audits.
  • All other work as assigned by Case Planner Supervisors and Program Director.




  • Demonstrate a desire to positively influence the lives of others.
  • Possess a strong belief in people’s ability to change and grow.
  • Dedication to establishing and maintaining respectful relationships with persons served to help foster skills and confidence.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a helping profession. Master’s Degree preferred.
  • Related work or field experience is necessary.
  • Strong advocacy, written, verbal, and organizational skills are mandatory.

·    Proven ability to set and maintain appropriate and respectful boundaries with clients and coworkers.

·    Must exhibit the ability to self-monitor and perform reliably at all times.

·    Work collaboratively and respectfully with other personnel, funders, and service providers.

·    Maintain a professional helping role and intervene appropriately to meet families’ service goals.

·    Must possess and demonstrate a non-biased and positive approach toward working with others with differing skills, beliefs, attitudes, races, orientations, abilities, cultural backgrounds, or other differences.

·    Exhibit a strong sensitivity to and respect for cultural differences present among staff and clients within our organization.

·    Ability to set limits and maintain the role of professional practitioner.

·    Submit appropriate reports when necessary to ensure the safety of children in each family.

·    Be flexible regarding work schedule to accommodate office responsibilities and families’ availability.

·    Bi-lingual ability is a plus and will be compensated.

·    NYS Driver License preferred.

·    Acceptable background clearance, including fingerprinting.




  • Work collaboratively with other intensive case management staff to secure services to facilitate appropriate familial and medical interactions.
  • Engage with other agencies to bridge service delivery to fragile family systems.
  • Develop and maintain compassionate, dignified, professional, and mutually respectful relationships with clients, co-workers, and collaterals; while adhering to appropriate boundaries and guidelines outlined by the agency.




  • Work in an office setting when not working remotely or conducting field visits.




  • Responsible for the comprehensive intensive case management of all cases assigned. 



  • Report directly to the Case Planner Supervisor.
  • Report directly to the Program Director in the absence of the Case Planner Supervisor.



SCO Family of Services is an equal employment opportunity employer



Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree