Senior Manager of Online Program Development

Job Type

Full Time



Start Date:



1001 G Street Northwest
Suite 300W
District of Columbia
United States


Job Summary:

This position manages development and delivery of ACC’s online programming, designed to educate, develop, and connect in-house counsel at every stage of their career. Primary responsibilities will relate to learning technology, product development, marketing, revenue generation, and content licensing. Senior Manager also manages CLE/CPD accreditation for all ACC Education programs, and provides other support for the Legal Services Division of the Association of Corporate Counsel.


Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Manage strategy for developing and delivering online program offerings that position ACC as the worldwide leader in corporate counsel-driven and -focused online education. 
  2. Manage ACC’s Learning Management System and delivery platforms, member and prospect marketing, and production to ensure delivery and awareness of the level-appropriate, high-quality online educational opportunities for corporate counsel at every stage of their career. 
  3. Proactively identify trends in innovative online adult learning techniques and implement new offerings and technology to enhance the delivery and competitive positioning of ACC’s online education programs. 
  4. Collaborate with Assistant General Counsel & Senior Manager of Program Development to form and implement the substantive online curriculum, and establish related goals and processes. 
  5. Cross-train teams, ACC Chapters, and ACC Networks as needed to develop and execute successful online programs and support their efforts to develop such programs. 
  6. Assume lead responsibility for all proactive and responsive reporting related ACC online education performance. 
  7. Manage revitalization and execution of a comprehensive online programming revenue generation model. Collaborate with Sponsorship Marketing to create a viable sponsorship model(s) that focuses on facilitating high-volume commitments and fast turnaround of high-priority topics. 
  8. In collaboration with Associate General Counsel & Director of Program Development, set and implement the continuing education unit (CLE/CPD/CBE/CPE/etc.) strategy for ACC Education in-person and online programs. As the CLE/CPD subject matter expert, provide strategic guidance on governing laws regarding filing, reporting, status renewals, etc.
  9. Manage external relationships and contracts for Learning Management Systems, content distribution, and contractors/consultants.
  10. Collaborate with the Director of Committees and Director of Chapters to host virtual training programs on online programming best practices and expand online education reach through joint chapter-HQ hybrid events. 
  11. Develop and manage the ACC Online Programming Team’s annual budget and meet or exceed all targets. Adhere to ACC’s business expense policy and parameters.
  12. Establish and maintain an exhaustive library of usable process documents and other project management tools related to online programming. Tailor documents and tools by project to support implementation of defined processes that ensure compliance and successful job completion.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

One (1) Program Development Specialist


Minimum Requirements:


  • Bachelors degree or higher

Work Experience:

  • Five or more years in a learning, continuing education, or technology role with relevant practical experience. Supervisory/management experience strongly preferred.


  • Proven ability to manage online learning platforms and other excellent computer skills (applicants lacking above-average MS Office Suite skills need not apply). Excellent oral and written communication skills. Superb customer service skills. Precise attention to detail. Demonstrable project management experience and/or commitment to being highly organized.


  • Ability to handle multiple tasks, autonomously, and under pressure. Strong sense of self awareness. Commitment to ongoing improvement (of yourself and your function). Sense of humor. Desire to be a part of a team that’s building something awesome. Desire and ability to work with volunteers effectively and representing ACC well.


  • Fluent in English and either German, French, Mandarin, or Arabic.


Environmental and Physical Conditions:

  1. Indoors in an open office environment with little exposure to dust, fumes vibrations, and temperature changes.
  2. Frequent computer use at desk.
  3. Frequently works at fast pace with unscheduled interruptions.
  4. Moves frequently around office to supervise work.

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluent in English and either German, French, Mandarin, or Arabic.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply