Bilingual Benefit Enrollment Specialist

Job Type

Full Time




New York
United States



Acacia Network is the leading Latino integrated care nonprofit in the nation, and offers children to seniors a pathway to behavioral and primary healthcare, housing and empowerment. Acacia Network will launch the Bronx Health and Benefits Initiative (BHBI), in partnership with Seedco, a national non-profit that created EarnBenefits Online (EBO) and an Acacia Network affiliate. Since 2005, EBO has helped 130,000 households across the country access $307 million in income-enhancing benefits.

The Benefit Enrollment Specialist will connect Bronx based clients and their families to a wide range of income-enhancing benefits that have a proven impact on maintaining employment and helping families build assets. Utilizing Seedco’s EarnBenefits Online (EBO), the Benefit Enrollment Specialist will provide in-person education, benefits screening and eligibility information and public benefits application assistance to clients and their families. The Benefit Enrollment Specialist will also conduct outreach, follow up with clients to document receipt of benefits, and troubleshoot problems clients encounter while applying for benefits.

The Benefit Enrollment Specialist will work out of multiple Acacia program sites in the Bronx and is responsible for outreach to potential clients and traveling between different locations.



1) Work with clients to identify public benefits and community resources available to them utilizing Seedco’s EarnBenefits technology.

2) Provide in-person benefits enrollment counseling services to potential clients.

3) Assist in the completion of new and renewal benefits applications on behalf of clients.

4) Provide light case management for all applications, following up with clients to ensure that respective applications and required documentation is submitted and informing clients about their application status.

5) Assist clients to resolve any problems and answer questions about their benefits.

6) Educate eligible partner staff and prospective clients about public benefits and community resources, and how to access those benefits.

7) Ensure that all program outcomes are properly documented in an accurate and timely manner through program reporting systems.

8) Provide a weekly report, on program activities and individual targets to date.

9) Ensure that Seedco’s programmatic goals and individual targets, as they relate to outreach and application completion, are achieved.

10) Work with leadership staff to use program performance data to drive improvements to the program design and implementation.

11) Participate in all required trainings and meetings; maintain a strong and current expertise in public benefits eligibility, application and enrollment, as well as community resources.


1) Bilingual, Spanish and English

2) Ability to work independently

3) Familiarity with databases and case noting


  • Transporting laptop and materials between sites is required.
  • Benefit Enrollment Specialist will be mobile and service different community-based organizations.



The Benefit Enrollment Specialist is supervised by the Program Coordinator. Supervisor is offsite, but provides daily virtual supervision.

Level of Language Proficiency

Bilingual Spanish and English

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to the Program Coordinator, Sophie Kaufman: